The Journey. Part Three.

Mum and Auntie had thought of everything, while they were living abroad, they had paid for their burial site and the whole funeral. Now they were...

Inside the Mind Of Vladimir Putin by Mr Alfred N.Muggins

16/3/22 (Potentate Putin, Comrade KGB, The Terrorist President, The Last Czar of Russia (who has now definitely superceded Nicholas Romanov II, who...

Have Keyboard Will Write.

I've always thought that somebody should write a history of television. Such an effort would be lifetime of work. Too much for me. I thought maybe I'd concentrate on one show and look at that show as a revisonist and historian. Have Gun Will Travel became my Choice. I'm not gonna do the whole thing....too many other projects pop into my mind and have to be captured when they emerge but I plan on spending more time with this "project" and I hope you'll ride along with me.

The Journey. Part Two.

Having just seen the text on the group chat that my beloved Auntie died in the wee small hours, we knew it was coming but it was still a shock. Mum...
Gold cherry

The Journey. Part One.

My Mum and Auntie they were like twins, except my Mum was one year older. They had ten brothers and sisters. Although my Auntie was younger than my...