A Lick of the Cat and the Muck of a Duck

India is trying to snooze but her rather damp companion has other ideas!

Ukulele Lesson 5

The Tiger Mother softens, I get to play my first tune, and a cat gets to surrender one of its eight lives, apparently.

A Place for Everything

‘Good morning, Sir, may I be of some assistance?’ The voice was clear, and yet weighty, as if it had been doing little else but accreting gravitas...

Ukulele Lesson 4

The one where I mistake the Tiger Mother's offer for an act of generosity and I learn the meaning of the word maladroit.

Craven Gets Flashed 30

At the coffee shop counter Detective Raven Stranger poked his egg yolks with a fork and screamed. “Aaarrggh!” “You sure are mad at those eggs,” said...
Gold cherry


This is the fourth entry in the satirical series at It had been a long, old Pandemic...

Ukulele Lesson 3

In which the Tiger Mother Ukulele and I agree to differ and I add another name to my list of annoying relatives.

The Art Critic

An art critic struggles to tell an artist her painting is not a good as she thinks...

Ukulele Lesson 2

WARNING! There is one instance of adult language in this piece (due to my lack of tolerance with artificial intelligence) . Did I say even the longest journey begins with the smallest step? I was wrong. The second step can be even smaller. My unrelenting Tiger Mother ukulele bends my fingers back until I squeal and insists on perfection.

Ukulele Lesson 1

The longest journey must begin with a single step. Me and my new ukulele friend have a long way to go. We have a relationship to build, a trust to develop, unknown experiences to go through together, and I'm sure some disagreements. But if we can learn from each other, what better journey is there to embark upon. This is that first, tiny step...