Boris Johnstone

They want blood. Ma heid oan a platter. And nuttin ah say, or dae, will appease the bastards, either. The Great British public jist dinnae gee a fuck...

Alfred Muggins Ponders The Royal Wives (Again)

Mr Muggins and his wife were in their (royal – he liked to think of it!) bed. It was not a four poster bed unfortunately, like Henry and his wives,...

Craven on Patrol - Part II

“Okay, Craven. We got off to a poor start yesterday.” “I’ll say we did. I can’t believe you made me walk home.“ “Sorry, dear boy. It isn’t everyday...

A Sign of the Times

In which Josiah sees a sign, and Archibald wishes he hadn't! This story was inspired by an allegedly real photograph of precisely this sign being displayed in a Funeral Director's window, which gives me hope that Josiah and Archibald really are out there, somewhere :-)

Getting Too Old To Get Up For Work

. Getting Too Old To Get Up For Work By Paul McCann The alarm clock went off I shuddered from sleep, then I fell out of bed landing in a heap...

How to become a Rock Star

It's actually quite easy to become a modern rock star. Firstly, you need a junk food diet, supplemented by zero exercise. This is sometimes called...

A Woman of the Swamp 2-2 [2 of 2]

Continued from here When everything was settled, the four of them met in a cramped hallway next to the bar’s bathroom. There were only two rooms, and...

A Woman of the Swamp 2-2 [1 of 2]

Apologies, had to split this one in two again because it went over the word limit! Previous Chapter 2. An Ordinary Dive Bar It was summer in the city...

Craven on Patrol

“Hey, Craven!” Detective Sergeant Dowd pulled his patrol car to the curb and signaled for Craven to get in. “No, not in the back. You’re sitting up...
Gold cherry

Craven Unraveled

“What’s with the limp, Mr. Danger?” Craven stopped at Betty’s desk and yelped into his closed fist. “That rotten McDougall kid kicked me in the shin...