Foot or Dagger?

Better someone foolishly imprudent, foot in mouth, even impudent (though much trouble then consequent, and apologies should be frequent) but still an...

Sixteen Positive Things About Alcohol ;o)

Alcohol is expensive. Alcohol causes fights. Alcohol hurts others. Alcohol destroys the body. Alcohol says, “One more.” Alcohol numbs the mind...


there has been a spider for days now

A perfect Father?

[Continuing the hymn-for-Sundays series] Good fathers, bad fathers – can the ideal of fatherhood perfect be tasted for real? Compassionate, loving,...

Mama Said (plantation song)

Mama said don’t be dead To parts of the world you can’t see Mama said be well read And know the history of slavery Mama said keep in your head A...


I sometimes look at driftwood floating and wonder of the stories it could tell if it could speak.

Not fear, but love

[Continuing the hymn-for-Sundays series] The pattern of doctrine revealed in God’s Word is treasure essential to life in this world – a gospel to...

∫iv A perfect game of Chess

In principle finding a perfect chess game seems to be a reasonably straightforward formulated problem in discrete mathematics. To find a method and...

“good poetry objectifies feeling”

Comments welcomed as I’m not sure I’ve got this concept clear!

Why So Loud ?

Why So Loud? Silent night, creeping dark A wasteland of velvet black Duvet-shielded from reality Careening thoughts caress my soul Peace, peace...