Young Writers


curtain call

applause. the curtain is closed on a performance i long to reprise i wish to reprise so, please do not sigh when i cut myself off i don’t want to lie...


dirty socks, tangled headphones, silent whisperer my miniature sleeping on the sofa till she tackles and i tickle her my sister tries to act...

golden (part two)

gold used to scare me intimidate me and for a long time i thought gold was you gold bounced off of your skin and paved a path for me shattered glass...

an old cliche

either way, I will blame myself either way, I will hate myself for not doing more for not doing less for doing nothing so I understand, I’m listening...


what i thought i saw in your eyes when we were together were really lies of ‘i’m okay’ a surprise to see you joke and laugh away the golden the...

belonging - in conversation with my girlfriend

being able to hold your hand without our palms slipping skin to skin pulse to pulse sometimes my fingers linger too long and they’re caught in the...

Stuck 2

I really don't know why I hated those athletes. I really don't know what I expected of those girls who hung around them. I don't think they would...

Stuck 1

I don't seem to be able to go anywhere. Anywhere I go, I return to the same place. It's horrible. I think I am progressing, but I am just going round...

A Jumble [of words]

Fast forward through decades of talking but saying nothing to those who sing along with the expired split, crack, crunch of an autumn leaf without actually having felt it.


That first dawn in New York was a bust Street meter stole her coins, so she fought it. The tourists' widened eyes when she fussed, " How can I write when it's so friggin' chaotic? "