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The Answer (II)

True story of a night out with an addict. Second and final part.


Backtracking. By Salim Shahbudeen Meghani. Suppose in a worksheet, you have the numbers 1,2,3 in cells a1,a2,a3. In cell a5 you have the formula =a1+...

The Answer (I)

A true story about a night out with an addict.

Christmas Spell

All the hopes of the year Looked forward to this time Gathering at the end, To finish the year in style. Never enough time to be ourselves, Shops all...

Welcome 2019

I welcome 2019, I'm glad it's here. I hope it will be an excellent year. Many years ago on every New Year's Day, Mom cooked hog jowls and black eyed...

The Ending of 2018

The end of 2018 is very near. In just a matter of hours, 2019 will become the new year. 2018 was a sad year because my aunt died. After 43 years of...


Sounds from the past can be heard from afar, waking a memory from its sleep.

The Death of Chad Sheets

When I learned about his death, it was hard to believe. An actor died twenty years ago today on Christmas Eve. Sadly, he died at the young age of...


Neither Sauron nor Saruman can touch us here. Syria is a ruin, Populations displaced and killed. Yemen is dying, Its people tortured and ignored...

Billy And Me

Billy And Me By Paul McCann Billy and me, see, we knocked about , that was our way . When I’d chant Billy would shout , Yeah I guess that was our way...