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I have 2273 stories published in 19 collections on the site.
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Paul McCann

I like writing songs and won first prize in the Billboard music song awards in 2008 for a song I co-wrote with Robert and Wendy O'Hearn .
The song is called Lost Sons Of Erin and is on a CD called Sonicarious by Robert O'Hearn .
I present and produce a radio program each week .
I have worked in aged care and community health since 2005 .
Soccer ,Writing Songs , Playing my guitar , Going to church , photography , Art ,Writing Plays and short stories ,

My stories

The Final Exodus

The Final Exodus By Paul McCann . In the endless space above us there is an unexplored cosmos That awaits the earths exodus when that time has come...

In The Realms Of What Is

In The Relams Of What Is By Paul McCann . Tossed into the cosmos like comet with a tail , I sat upon the ocean in a boat with a sail . Below in the...

When We Said I Do

When We Said I Do By Paul McCann A wonderful thing happened to me so many years ago . It was called our wedding day , and God came down to say hello...

A Working Life

A Working Life by Paul McCann We work so hard all of our life to pay the bills and to provide . Somehow through the thick and thin , we always find a...


. Inspired By Paul McCann Inspired like the spark of the flame to a fire . Burning with desire, to reach higher and higher . Inspired just like a...


3 of my comments have received 3 Great Feedback votes

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Posted on Sun, 05 Jan 2020

WellI I have done what you asked and removed the link 

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Its great to know you know

Posted on Mon, 23 Dec 2019

Thanksfor the support  Celticman .

Wee Jimmy in the hands of Giants


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Lovely Work

Posted on Sun, 02 Dec 2018

The message of Paul's love for Jesus comes through and the mission he had achieved .

Lovely work , 

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