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Paul McCann

I like writing songs and won first prize in the Billboard music song awards in 2008 for a song I co-wrote with Robert and Wendy O'Hearn .
The song is called Lost Sons Of Erin and is on a CD called Sonicarious by Robert O'Hearn .
I present and produce a radio program each week .
I have worked in aged care and community health since 2005 .
Soccer ,Writing Songs , Playing my guitar , Going to church , photography , Art ,Writing Plays and short stories ,

My stories

Head Over Heels

Head Over Heels In Love by Paul McCann Baby I’ve been running around all over the place , searching for love , you keep hiding , I keep chasing you ,...

Mother Of Recognition

Mother of Recognition by Paul McCann Mother of recognition help me to acknowledge those who would betray me . Mother of recognition show me the...

The Door To Heaven

The Door To Paradise By Paul McCann At the end of a straight and long narrow road , there’s a golden haystack with a needle that once had sewed all...

Skin And Bone

Skin And Bone By Paul McCann He lay there in the shadows of a dirty street , with rats crawling around, gnawing at his feet , hungry and alone, no...

When God Gets Angry

When God Gets Angry By Paul McCann The angels came to earth one day with a message for us to pray but people refused to listen so there was nothing...


1 of my comments has received 1 Great Feedback vote

1 Vote

Lovely Work

Posted on Sun, 02 Dec 2018

The message of Paul's love for Jesus comes through and the mission he had achieved .

Lovely work , 

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