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I have 1352 stories published in 19 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 677329 times and 14 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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Paul McCann

I like writing songs and won first prize in the Billboard music song awards in 2008 for a song I co-wrote with Robert and Wendy O'Hearn .
The song is called Lost Sons Of Erin and is on a CD called Sonicarious by Robert O'Hearn .
I present and produce a radio program each week .
I have worked in aged care and community health since 2005 .
Soccer ,Writing Songs , Playing my guitar , Going to church , photography , Art ,Writing Plays and short stories ,

My stories

The Big Mouth Bully

The Big Mouth Bully -By Paul McCann. Those who humiliate and intimidate with words written or spoken are bullies and here are some of the things a...

The Grace Of Sight

The Grace Of Sight By Paul McCann Ears that hear and eyes that see , are what God has given me . Without them I would be blind and it would be hard...

Bo Bo's School Days

Bo Bo’s School Days By Paul McCann It was Bo Bo and Charlies last year at school and all the teachers often reminded them to be mindful of the...

Prisoner Of The Mind

Prisoner Of The Mind - By Paul McCann . The prisoner of the mind , doing time in a cell , Some days he says living is five footsteps from hell . No...

If You're Not Sure

If You're Not Sure By Paul McCann Seems like it's six of one or a half a dozen of the other to me . So it doesn't really matter which way I go , it's...