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I have 1206 stories published in 19 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 610944 times and 10 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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Paul McCann

I like writing songs and won first prize in the Billboard music song awards in 2008 for a song I co-wrote with Robert and Wendy O'Hearn .
The song is called Lost Sons Of Erin and is on a CD called Sonicarious by Robert O'Hearn .
I present and produce a radio program each week .
I have worked in aged care and community health since 2005 .
Soccer ,Writing Songs , Playing my guitar , Going to church , photography , Art ,Writing Plays and short stories ,

My stories

Intimidation Of The Working Class

Intimidation Of The Working Class By Paul McCann Workers who have been bullied are reluctant to trust , they have been used and abused by those who...

The Ratbag Boss

The Ratbag Boss - By Paul McCann It's another day at work , here we go again , the ratbag's starts playing her cruel bully game .Harassing ,...

Hi-Jacked By Harassment

Hi-Jacked By Harrassmen t By Paul McCann Abuse is a green eyed monster covered up with black slime and those who have created it are guily of a crime...

Face The Facts It's Work Place Abuse

Face The Facts It's Work Place Abuse By Paul McCann Sticks and stones may break my bones and that is physical abuse . Harassment in the work place is...

Open It Up

Open It Up By Paul McCann Why do you do those kind of things you know its just ain’t right . Why do you...