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Strike A Light

Round The Turf Fire


A Nurses Shift

Strike A Light - Part 1

A small family become effected by many issues and continue to live an odd but complex lifestyle through hard times and a miners strike .

A Christmas Escape

Sketch about two people in love but for different reasons

A Nurses Shift

These are just some of the events that might occur during a nurses shift in a dementia specific nursing home .

A Silent Rose

Short Skit - Product of "Share a Sentence" collaboration

Christmas Cheer

Story about two work colleagues who take time out for a Christmas drink .

Christmas On A Rope

The play is set in a refuge shelter in Belfast City in the nineteen twenties .

Confronting The Truth

A Short Sketch that digs a dramatic conversation about verity and society

Walking Wounded

Basically a comedy this play is hoping to portray life inside an understaffed institution where the sick are trying to recover from their sickness and injuries pains and depression ..

The Edge Of Forks Tongue

The Edge of Forks Tongue Play by Paul McCann Introduction: An 82 year old woman is being discharged after 5 days in hospital for hypertension Setting...

An Awful Inconvenience

An Awful Inconvenience by Paul McCann . Its early Sunday morning and the bells of the Church are ringing...

The Right Combination

The Right Combination By Paul McCann Introduction : A nurse carrying out her duties notices there are two patients with the same name and date of...

Round The Turf Fire

Round The Turf Fire - Part 1 Setting ' The Meehan family home in rural Ireland . There is no escape from hard work unless you choose to leave the...

Round The Turf Fire - Part 2

Round The Turf Fire continued - Part 2 Paddy '" Da . I'm old enough now to marry ." Barney ' " You are son ." Paddy - I'm old enough now to have a...

Strike A Light - Part 2

Strike A Light - Part 2 (Pitch continues to groom Mr French in conversation) Pitch-"Are those still your own teeth ?" (Winding him up like an old...

Strike A Light - Part 3

Strike A light - Part 3 Pitch turns off the radio . There is a silence in the Davis home . A silence that has been in place for a long time now in...

Strike A Light - Part 4

Strike A Light - a play by Paul McCann Part 4 . Alice and Mr French still locked in converation . Mr French -"Alice I loved you even before you...