The Kindred Eye

IMOGEN: But what is it you would have me do exactly? ELDER: Presentation to camera, more or less. I see you as an intermediary, a guiding light. You...

Let me Splain

Many people are confused about Trump’s impeachment. How can he be both impeached and acquitted? Impeachment is a political form of indictment. In the...


Even though I'm excommunicated from the Catholic Church, I still cling to some traditions while other traditions that I want to get rid of cling to...


Anyway when I was younger I looked like Harry Potter before Harry Potter existed, I've always looked young, mates used to call me Harry Potter when I...
Gold cherry

There You Are

Moloney set off northwards again, up Steever Hill, which was by all accounts a much easier hill to ascend, with numerous paths running down it like...


'It's All Greek To Me'


James is a monologue for an audition. James is a black man, who iis over seventy and has received a terminal prognosis. The brief is for him to be a be a family loving man who is trying to maintain his independence and not be a burden on ohers.


Anyway five star are doing well in Italy these days, I thought they were rubbish in the eighties, must be like the David hasselhoff thing in Germany.


Anyway a mate of mine got a job writing inspirational quotes, he got so depressed he eventually jumped off a bridge. In his hand they found a note...


Anyway, I haven't got the stomach for harakiri.