Meet Me On The Corner

Dear diary...1977 holds a big sack of memories for me, not only was I a part time vegetarian, that is to say that throughout the working week I'd be...


Dagny had everyone out of the pub by eleven. She nearly had to take a broom to one of the big drunks at the bar who declined to move on account of...

A Stillness Of Trees

It might surprise the under-tutored to discover how faithless the faithful could in actual fact be. Oh, some may have been up to the test, ready to...

Snippets 135b

What are we but broken and flawed souls dumped into a squalid existence without the right to know why? How can we ever make anything good of such a...

Cancel The Apocalypse

This is not an attack on faith or people's beliefs, but a satirical attempt to point out what a good job some are doing to make the Horsemen's jobs redundant.


Catching words


Katrine grabbed her glass and only when it reached her lips did she realise it was empty. So she got to her feet (all the five feet of her) but was...


I thought I had it all worked out. Oblivion. It had to be. There’s no other way. Even with the shadow that passed from hall to kitchen; the keys...

Freshwater Hedonism

‘How many languages do you speak, Grimur?’ ‘Three of them very well. Faroese, English, Danish. But I speak also a little fish -Swedish, fish -...