10.23.2016 You're the light and I'm the dark You’re my road, the chosen path The night sky My evening star

Charcoals in the Basement

Parallel lines cut running tracks through the hay. He pony vaulted into mine, infront of me. I wanted to sprint, to do it myself, so I sliced across...

direcct thoughts.

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hobby notes

Im.not really sure if this is creative writing per se or me just driviling on. Like I can do. Getting the correct cut of point seems to be the...


A quick jot covering issues that should be dealt with in a pro-active manner during the post-holiday regroup. Need to actively scan range top during...


A warning

Forever Yours

Forever Yours By Paul McCann I’m going to find a way , a very special way to tell you how much I love you . For you’re all mine and I’m forever yours...

Please allow me to introduce myself

My name is Jem Masters. I’ve kept silent watching all this furious sound goin' down. Here’s some things you should know about me before you decide...

Lima (before or after the jungle)

Here are two unrelated bits that seem to fit in to the overall piece. The first is about, and at, the ayahuasca retreat. The second is a set of memories triggered by the weather. I hope that you like them!