To Intentionally Split

What the hell, let's break some rules. We're told to never split infinitves. Most of us don't even know what an infinitve is so how would we know to...

The Right Combination

The Right Combination By Paul McCann Introduction : A nurse carrying out her duties notices there are two patients with the same name and date of...

Elvis, Poker Chips and Grapes

Now that I'm broke, I'm constantly thinking about money. This one of the great benefits of being broke or as we refer to it "vita derelictae est vita regi". The life of a derelict is the life of a king. I currently had 35 cents worth of discretionary cash to last me the next seven days. Thrre dimes and five pennies. As I looked at them a few moments ago, I realized what a thing of beauty is a dollar. Even more beautiful than a grape


We didn't get here by waiting for the bus. It's been a long swim to this shore only to discover that we lacked lungs...dammitt.

Taking the Fourth

Why I refuse to call my writing "humorous" except for this one which is the least humorous of all. Maybe this summary will clear matters up. Ha Ha Ha (sob)

War Won't Work

1. Get out the war engines they want some more vengeance for blood I hear them bay somebody's got to pay. 2. Believe what they've sold yer send in...

Let it be me.

Why do you do It baby? A million answers to that question. And when I say don't do it please, nothing to back me up. Even though I don't do it, I...

The legend of the one you love

We are not grim or melancholy about our famous men; our prophets or our kings though mortality has swept each one aside. We celebrate them all and...

Don't Let Her Get Away With It

Once there was a mountain called Mount Britain and at the top of the mountain lived all the rich and powerful while at the bottom lived all the poor...