Flash Fiction Friday - Stay With Me

A piece written for a Flash Fiction Friday prompt on Tumblr, with the theme of "Stay With Me", and inspired by my collection "Grimm Truths". Even fairytales have their fair share of heartbreak, betrayal and abandonment. (Image from Wikimedia Commons - in public domain)


Murderous methods of medieval minds Continue to pollute the political landscape of our planet Vitriol nests in the heart’s of greedy politicians Keep...


Hello! My name is Dolynette, also known as Dolynette darling to my family and close friends. I am a golden labrador and I live with Tom, Jerry and...

Over the Sea to Skye : Moffat Aboard a Puffer (Excerpt from Moffat III)

What it says, an excerpt from volume III of The Misadventures of Moffat. (As yet untitled, as Alan Davies would have it). If you can't be bothered to read it, I've recorded a reading of it and posted a link at the bottom of the excerpt. Image source is pinterest.nz. No known copyright issues
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A Few Polite Ordeals

IMOGEN (to camera): Here at the Kindred Eye, we aspire to longevity, for long life, through right-minded pursuits. We work. From the plentiful lands...

I'll Have No Doom

It was midday but if you hadn’t been informed of it beforehand, there would have been no way of telling. Dark clouds were on widespread creep,...
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Every Mourning Has A New Dawn

The beauty of natural healing - an analogy. Pic no © issues

Falling in love

When a man and a woman fall in love Instructions STEPS Say a prayer 1. Say your final prayer 2. Mumble your last words 3. Put your head between your...

Meeting The Bishop

For many of us, we don't know where we're going until we get there. Take this word journey right here. The first sentence is the first step which...