Beginning to Fill Fuller

It'a officially under way. Today I started the work on my next book which I am calling Fill Fuller. I'm choosing my favorite ABC posts and trying to...

Soap Opera Comeback

Since the day my father took me to ringside seats to watch a professional wrestling match, I've always loved wrestling. It brings back wonderful...

Shakespeare Must Die Act 5

Act 5 scene 1 1619. Whitehall. The gardens. Bacon and Buckingham are alone. Buck – Francis, it's the only way. Bacon – Perchance the only way for you...

Shakespeare Must Die Act 4 scs 3 & 4

Act 4 sc 3 1613. The Globe has burnt to the ground. King James and Ben Jonson walk in Whitehall. Jonson - If it were done, it was best it were done...

New Health Kick

I'm on a new health kick. I'm gonna kick back on my reading. I read while reclining on my couch, holding my head up with my right hand. I keep my...

Shakespeare Must Die Act 4 scs 1-3

Act 4 – 1606. Dr Faustus has just been published. Sc 1 The upstairs of the inn. Bacon, Donne and Jonson await the arrival of James. Jonson – And I...

Shakespeare Must Die Act 3

Act 3 – 1603. Elizabeth is dead. She is succeeded on the throne by James VI of Scotland. Lady Herbert and Ben Jonson are upstairs at the inn. Lady...


Image: Wikimedia Commons

Brexit Benefit Breakfast

I revisited a town yesterday for the first time in a while, and felt very much an outsider. All I needed I felt, was a horse, a black hat and the...

The Marked Man

still at large from Isis, Daesh, Mossad, Boko Harum, Al-Shabaab, Holy child-predators, quasi-tolerant populists, self-righteous, disrespectful Christians, miltant Evangelists, et al.!