Enough is enough

I hear people say they think enough is enough. Well I think so too. I think enough is enough of children, emaciated because their parents can't...


‘Hold out your hand! Take your punishment like a man… !’ She laughs and taps my hand with the laminated library card. ‘Don’t go losing this one, or I...

The Border-Watchers (A Parable)

Once upon a time, a clever thief came to a town and said to the people of that town. "You're town is under threat. An army is coming to attack you. I...

With Jeremy

1. The papers say that Love is Hate; TV that Truth is Lies but they don't know that its too late; we've opened up our eyes. 2. We know that they are...

Call Me Masterson

Not Even The Light She Said Part 11

Really -ambiguity is my God

Nothing dates more than comedy and fashion, except women, bloody sexual revolution!

god and mothers (a rambling)

I started going to church again when I was fifteen, mind you, it was the first time I’d gone with serious intention, not just as I had as a child,...


Not Even The Light She Said Part 10

The Answer, My Friend...

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