Why I Stopped Watching Family Guy

I used to enjoy watching Family Guy. It was entertaining and funny. But Seth Macfarlane and the other people who make Family Guy went too far. They...

Meeting The Bishop

For many of us, we don't know where we're going until we get there. Take this word journey right here. The first sentence is the first step which...

Creation of the Divine

Pick a God. Any God. Go on: pull one out of the drifting white lace. Or catch at everything cosmic that’s floated in through the cracks in the back...

Deadly Forces Of Nature

we should not conspire to hide - a love poem: pic my own

Marriage and mirage

Marriage is a fantastic and unfathomable institution. Fantasy is built upon illusion. Fantasy is as real as illusion. Illuison wears off eventually...


High tech firms are apparently running out of 'chips'. So ....let them eat phish. Marie Aunt Hairnet

Mr Alfred Muggins' Small Melodrama In The Kitchen

Muggins came into the kitchen. Chaos!! He could see at least two tops off things (and that was just at first glance!) The milk was still out on the...


I says to thee, "one, two, three!" And I says again, "one, two, three!" I've seen the office go from 'reference' to 're'. I've used the staff toilet...