Life and Times of a Priestess: Ch.6: The Priestess Meets Another General (Part 2: Ravelleon -Section 3)

The General asks Danella about her past and the choices she has made. They debate the role of the Priestess in the Empire of the Goddess, and in the new regime of the conquerors. She anticipates a more physical outcome to the evening.

The Toad Trump

Snakes may fool the tender heart but cold hearts let you in, venomous toad; squatting upon power; hate and fear let you in, leaping from the ballot...


Now - by Paul McCann https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7URScEREMJg&feature=youtu.be Now you’re so much nicer now you’re going away Somehow I don’t...

In The Closet

As an exercise in ongoing dissatisfaction, we are constantly in the market for a new home. We retain the faiithful enablement of our real estate...

The Interdependence of Errors: man, animal and nature

Most survival battles in the animal world are fought inter-species (except for one-off territorial clashes); pre-historic humans followed the same thumb rules but today, the bitterest human wars are being fought within our kind. It will be interesting to see where evolution will lead us and our animal peers in the future, if (and most probably) this war continues.


Although Religion and Materialism are considered to be poles apart, both are necessary to maintain balance in the world order and the 14 th Dalai Lama is one of the few (and definitely the only religious head) who is trying to find convergences between the two

Life and Times of a Priestess: Ch.6: The Priestess Meets Another General (Part 2: Ravelleon -Section 2)

Danella and General Ravelleon continue their dinner conversations, displaying the disagreements between their cultures and nations. Knowing he is fascinated by her she expects him to demand her services.

This Song Is Dangerous

1. At those people he took aim but we know what is to blame; its violent video games; games are dangerous. 'Course he killed people for kicks. He was...

An Argument Against Sam Harris's Assertion That Islamic Terrorism Is Motivated Solely By Religion

If the Qur'an alone is responsible for turning people into terrorists and suicide bombers one has to wonder how Sam Harris managed to read it without...

Life and Times of a Priestess: Ch.6: The Priestess Meets Another General (Part 2: Ravelleon -Section 1)

Danella is welcomed by the General, but conversation soon turns to the serious issues between their nations. Ravelleon reveals his attitudes and prejudices, and the Priestess queries the conquerors' treatment of the captive Pirionite soldiers.