Brother's Keeper

[Brother’s Keeper] In our streets, man! Massive blood stains our hands in a battle with no end. Useless death marked by someone else's plan. Family’s...

New Directions (17)

Tiny specks of light penetrated the darkness. Sitting on a dusty floor with my back against a rough wall, dust motes glittered in the narrow shafts...

Easter In The Holy Land by Alfred N.Muggins

31/3/24 The Holy Land has so many holes in it! How can it be Holy now? Do Israelis try to follow the Ten Commandments too? Thou shalt not Kill! Are...

Love Thy Neighbour.

Ukraine has been in the news for years now, at one point it was headline news every day, like that was the only war on in the world. There were lots...

New Directions (16)

Things get rough. I've not written much action stuff, I hope it makes sense

New Directions Part15

Been taking a bit of a Haitus on this, but I'm still working on it. Have included a link to pt 14 as a reminder

Planet Prison

“Death never scared me,” I say to an eagle. “Not until today.” It pays mind only to its decaying meal. “This was my favourite bench as a kid,” I add...

Holding The Country To Ransom.

Jane’s car failed its MOT, so it has been taxis to and from work. Her taxi is £12 to work and £12 back. Sadly her car has been in the garage for over...

In This House II

She needn’t search for a bump on her head this time. The aching pain let it be known. In the coolness of the room, she could feel a trickle of warm...

Destiny and Linnea Harrison.

Yesterday was my day off, I decided to go to my favourite shop, TKMaxx, to get to the one I wanted to go to, I only go by train. It is quick and when...