Playing Golf While Rome Catches The Virus

Rome was burning. Nero practised his violin to keep his mind off the ruin of his great city. Meanwhile Trump tried to cut taxes for the rich businessmen, desperately slashing Obamacare. Then the virus came.....!

Three is a Crowd

Flash fiction - 200 words

Diamonds Underground - The Chapters

Diamonds Underground A Novel by Paul McCann The Chapters Chapter One - A Holiday For Hyman Chapter Two – Stuck In A Hole Chapter Three - The Secret...

Bitch and Two-Faced Liar

I dumped my girlfriend when I learned I was being used. She decided to get revenge, I was falsely accused. She said that when she came to my house,...

Princil's Magic : Ch.10 : Festival At Bricas (Part 4: Aftermath: Section 1)

The Festival goers, led by Aribor the Sorceror, spill out of the Temple to find the other damage done to the Temple and to the City, and to its people, by the Black Sorcerors and their spells. Also a short explanation of the post of the Empress Of Shalirion.

Diamonds Underground - Chapter 7

Diamonds Underground Chapter 7 On The Right Track Hyman had a notion to go exploring and find that diamond mine . He began to search for some local...

Propaganda! Unprecedented! Surreal!

What a week It’s been! That’s an understatement!! All that is happening now is stranger than fiction, if anyone had said, last year, that in March...

Diamonds Underground - Chapter 6

Diamonds Underground Chapter 6 Wrong End Of The Stick Locked up like a criminal his head had fallen. The false charges that were fabricated by police...

Diamonds Underground - Chapter 5

Diamonds Underground Chapter 5 Far From The Truth The wind roared like a lion across the upper deck and cut deep valleys between huge waves that...

Sven Goes to War. Part 2. Private Life.

Private Life Back in those days, and once again much later as a contented old man with his collection of petrified camel toes, Azeri hats made of...