The Picture Ranch 40

They say life begins at forty, will some kind of plot development begin here? Image source tumbler

Higher Authorities

Higher Authorities We want our children to be free! Free to choose what they want to be Free to be able to develop their own career Free to take off...

pens and paper- chapter 2

Pain. Agony. Misery. Suffering. Torment. Torture. These are the words that I would use to describe the one-sided boxing match that would happen...

pens and paper- chapter 1

Damn it was cold. I never understood English weather, the day summer was announced over by some weather reporter on TV, Jack frost would have a field...

pens and paper- introduction

No one needs TV when you have a constant loop of uncensored traumatic memories going around and around in your head 24/7 to keep you entertained. No...

The Picture Ranch 39

Up at Bill Hearst's place... Image was PD, treated with Photofunia...

The Picture Ranch 38

"Just Drive She Said" And just to be all "meta" check out the link at the end... Image created by author from PD elements and word art.

The Picture Ranch 37

Short and bitter... like most of these... Picture is in the public domain, an old movie still of Noble Johnson.

The Picture Ranch 36

Fisher and Miss G converse pool-side... That's the real Ginger in the picture. Maybe Fred was hoping she'd drop by. The picture was PD and I put the lettering on it, so I could claim copyright, but I'm not.