Argibel The Orc : The Bitter Romantic Chapter 3

The elf female ate the porridge she was given with relish. Argibel noticed this and wondered whether perhaps Gruby had not been feeding her enough...

Not Fair!

So, I was in my favourite shop on Earth. TKMaxx I had just arrived at this particular one, and I noticed a man near the door, by the men’s perfume...

Argibel The Orc : The Bitter Romantic Chapter 2

Mannioch, the King of the Orcs in the mountains at that time, was trying to force the Elves to stay in their fortresses at that time. He did not want...

Argibel The Orc : The Bitter Romantic Chapter 1

He felt the cold breeze of the early morning stirring through the caverns, despite it being summer. ‘Oh curses, I need another pee,’ he swore under...

Spook Dog (next bit)

The htis hits the proverbial

The Spook Dog (first bit)

I've been working on a crime piece for a while, but since I know very little about police procedures this is more of a crime writing exercise. A second bit will follow in a day or so.

The Press.

I decided to write today, I was going to write yesterday, but I had walked to the Town to buy a Christmas gift for my grandson, it was going to be a...

She's Paying The Price

An intoxicated man hit a woman's car when he decided to drive. She didn't die when her car was struck but her son didn't survive. She couldn't even...

A Christmas Carol : Conclusion

Back home Uncle Tony was there again, helping the boys unwrap all their presents. He was incorrigible; he was almost like a boy himself. At Eliot's...

A Christmas Carol

It had been bitterly cold these last few days, but Eliot was warm inside the church. He was doing his practise for his spot at the morning mass...