Need To Survive

Beneath the Glitz And glam Is a world Where poverty And crime Walk hand In hand, Where Forced Copulation Screams out In the Night... But nobody Comes...

Andy Taylor and Barney Fife Become Criminals

One day Barney Fife was practicing his quick draw. He accidentally shot Thelma Lou, he broke the law. Andy had no choice but to put Barney in jail...

The Tornado Sojourns (4) – Chapter 22 – All Square

After dropping Coll at his house Lyris and Zerrad Skeet found themselves a comfortable hotel on the classier side of town.

The Tornado Sojourns (4) – Chapter 21 – Entrapment

It was the day after the chance meeting with the Skeet brothers that Coll put the plan, meant to cleanse his shame, into action, and it was a plan hatched when he got his first diagnosis at the Mission Clinic.

The Tornado Sojourns (4) – Chapter 20 – An Old Comrade

Zerrad Skeet brought the Runabout to a halt parallel to the Tram Stop and his brother Lyris leant out of the window and shouted “Captain Musak! Is that you? My God it is! As I live and breathe” The sound of the shouting brought Coll back from his self-pitying reflections and he looked up to see a Runabout parked in front of him with the passenger window down and a familiar face looking down at him from the window.

The Tornado Sojourns (4) – Chapter 19 – Coll Musak

Coll Musak stepped out of the run-down Mission Clinic and tried to think of a time when he had left that dreary building with good news, but he couldn’t, so he proceeded to the tram stop through the mist, murk and smog.

The Tornado Sojourns (4) – Chapter 18 – A Friend in Need

With the Tornado grounded at Cranack port on Eirkos for repairs and Captain Merionwen Strong two systems away from the Eikon Cluster in the Messengis System visiting Andraxis with her newly acquainted cousin Dwynwen, they were at a loose end after completing their share of the chores.

Under Suspicion

Under Suspicion By Paul McCann I’ve been accused . Some strong arm tactics around town . Lots of grieving going down . . Someone’s going down for a...

Snippets of Downshire Life – Holocaust Memorial Day

Downshire is a relatively small English county but like a pocket battleship it packs a lot in, a short but beautiful coastline, a channel port, the Ancient forests of Dancingdean and Pepperstock, the craggy ridges and manmade lakes of the Pepperstock Hills National Park, the rolling hills of the Downshire Downs, the beautiful Finchbottom Vale and farm land as far as the eye can see from the Trotwood’s and the Grace’s in the south to the home of the Downshire Light infantry, Nettlefield, and their affluent neighbour’s, Roespring and Tipton in the north but our story takes place in the southern town off Abbottsford which was the biggest in Downshire, its administrative capital and the seat of the Downshire government.

Snippets of Downshire Life – Australia Day

Emma Harding had enjoyed a successful career in the Downshire Constabulary, due to her diligence and hard work and she had reached the rank of Detective Sergeant. And she had done so largely without regrets, but she had arrived in the middle of her thirties with her integrity, looks and figure intact, but she still lived the existence of a singleton.