Corpse Candle (Part II)

“Don’t be. What I need is closure and maybe I’ll be more myself again.” Empty. “And the sooner I know what happened to Gunner the better I’ll be.”...
Gold cherry

'May I Use Your Bathroom?'

‘May I use your bathroom?’ I should have known better. I’ve watched enough crime dramas – from Midsummer Murders to Line of Duty . The ‘may I use...

Corpse Candle (Part I)

Chapter One Where there's a flame I see a corpse. Whereas I create a flame, say by lighting a candle, the flame draws a colour and depending on the...

Sing Singing the Blues

The world is always moving. We become so relatively used to planetary movement that only rarely do we become aware of our personal world moving...

Jeopardy in Beta Block

In a near-dystopian future, CID Inspector, Jeopardy Carter, stumbles on a conspiracy involving a leading construction tycoon and the privitization of council properties. If she doesn't pull the plug on her investigation, things could get worse for the residents of block beta.

A Serial Killer, A Spider and A Moth

He carried her down in the basement. The old wooden steps creaked as their weight bent the thin oak boards. He dumped her on a pile of past victim's...

Wildflowers in the Water

Sometimes events in our lives tend to haunt us for years. One such event has always came to the lights of memory with a glimpse like crossing a bridge, seeing a river or creek and even a wildflower on the side of the road. Two California girls drowned all those years ago and I still wonder to this day, had they lived, what would have they done in the world. Link to song:

Bunk Bark Grub

I got wool in my mystery meat. Big Sam yells out, "Mine musta been a blonde". We don't know what the hell it is we eat. I'm certain that it has been...

Big Cat

You're a Tiger and you need to make a kill. . . . A little something from the dark side of my mind written in 2nd person. Not sure at this point whether to write about what happens next ----- Image from Wiki commons