The Want - The Instructor

December 1942 - Central Division Shooting Gallery. Officer Jake Lacey learns a lesson in humility from a weapon's master: in order to overcome one's fears, one must first learn to trust himself.

Carolina Cromwell and The Mystery of the Grand Duchess (Part Two)

Dinner with the Vanderbilts. How absolutely wonderful. Picture: Pixabay Creative Commons
Gold cherry

Carolina Cromwell and The Mystery of the Grand Duchess (Part One)

New York, September 1930, A PI, an aristocrat, and a young woman who doesn't want to be the Grand Duchess Anastasia. What could possibly go wrong? Picture: Pixabay Creative Commomns.

The Three Gardens. Part Four.

The skip that Tony had hired wasn’t outside my home as the Company don’t have a permit to be on the road, so it is 50 yards away in a cul-de-sac...

The Three Gardens. Part Three.

I live in a terraced house; we share the entry and have our own gate into our own back garden. Both gates are always shut, the entry gate is always...

The Three Gardens. Part Two.

Tony was not impressed with the garden on the right. He opened his mouth to say something, but he didn’t. Now that we had a fabulous lawn our cat or...

The Patrolman (2) - Chapter I: The Patrolman (Part IV)

Second draft of first completed novel - The Patrolman. "Three bullets had passed cleanly through the door."

A Premeditated Risk

at entry-level Hollywood

The Hitman - Chapter 6

THE HITMAN Chapter Six Clearing The Air The police searched everywhere looking for those responsible for the bomb blast in London and foot patrols...

The Hitman -Chapter 5

The Hitman Chapter 5 A Picking Of Victims The corrugated ripples on the water reflected the blue sky up above. Harry and Jo sat in the boat as it...