An Unwelcome Visitor

An old lag and not "The Saint"

Depraved Drug Smugglers

Before you continue to read this article, I feel that I must warn you. If you are faint of heart, please don't continue to read. This article is...

Mr Alfred Muggins' Small Melodrama In The Kitchen

Muggins came into the kitchen. Chaos!! He could see at least two tops off things (and that was just at first glance!) The milk was still out on the...

My Father's Daughter (Part 2/2)

Christmas morning, or closer to afternoon by the time I woke up, was usually a pretty lowkey affair in my house. Neither of my parents were religious...

My Father's Daughter (Part 1/2)

My father taught me everything I know. Well, maybe not everything . He wasn’t the parent who taught me how to write my name in cursive, or the 8 th...

The Fez (A Mystery)

A large man wearing a Safari suit In the lobby of the Savoy Reading `The Telegraph` and sitting in one of the high backed cane chairs He’s European...