I Just Can't Get Him Out Of My Head.

It has been a few days now since he died, and yet I still can’t get him out of my head. Around the world thousands die each day in various, ways be...

The Thrilling Adventures of Snotman AD2089

"Help! Help!" The young women cringed before a threatening thug. His black ski mask, horizontally striped sweatshirt, lead shot filled sock and...

19 paper cranes

19 paper cranes (origami) remembering 19 deaths by a deceived and distorted mind determined the disabled must find unhappiness and prefer to die, no...

The Picture Ranch 68

Joe Ardizzone was the head of the LA Crime Family until 1931, when he disappeared... Makes no difference to the plot, just thought you might want to know. Explicit violence. (That should boost the number of reads!) Image created by author from PD elements.

The Picture Ranch 67

I hope you'll welcome Micawber Fisher, Miss G and all the gang back. I've the glimmer of an ending in sight. You'll know when I know. image created from PD elements.

Fighting the Apathy. Parts 1,2,&3

1. Nothing. Nothing is worth anything No rope no swing No bell no ring Silence is servile Whispers are puerile Politicians are imposters Their greed...