I am not a Germaphobe, but cleanliness

Pens and Paper- Chapter 7

Defening silence. As I had sat there with Charlie by my side this expression had captured my brain in a trance as i thought about it over and over;...

pens and paper- chapter 6

I need to get him out. Yeah, how are you going to do that, genius? Huh? You gonna tell child services? They going to believe you this time? Are you...

A Day of English Law.

Fag gaspers lurk at the entrance bin, security scanned each time they come in. Detector gate wand alert! Give up your stuff, aggro-avert. Pull out...
Gold cherry
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How many new cousins have you got? Four. Three with scars and sallow eyes. How many new sisters today? Dad's brought six. Four speak French and...

Inspector Kelly And The Robber's Widow

Inspector Kelly sat in an interview room at Scotland Yard and looked across the table at Henry Biggs widow who was staring worriedly at a watch upon...

The Tornado Sojourns (2) – Chapter 14 – A Joint Operation

The Tornado wasn’t a huge ship as freighters go but pound for pound the Tempests had the highest freight to fuel ratio yield of their class.

The Rattrap

The Rattrap - By Paul McCann .. He sat on the edge of his mattress as Digby walked into the room with a...

Barcelona Attacks 17/8/17

Barcelona Attacks 17/8/17 What would it be like if they came here? Islamic State, Al Qaeda, the Taliban, Al Shabbab, or Boko Haram? Decapitations in...