Fantasy Versus Reality

“I’m innocent!” Jason screamed across the courtroom. He collapsed in his chair from exhaustion. The jury barely moved. They just looked at Jason’s...

A Tempered Gun

Tempered Gun By Paul Mc Cann I’ve got some serious news and it’s long overdue You better get on your knees , hear me talking to you . Can’t you see...

Rich Mrs Griffin

The Citroen relay van pulled up outside a white-painted semi-detached house, outside a flaking yellow wooden gate, and the driver glared at the...

The Tornado Sojourns (3) – Chapter 15 – End Game

Supreme Commander Emad Salmin and Captain Kolan Nulak were greeted on the ramp of the Tornado by Bagg and Merri and then were given the news that Duff had regained consciousness.
Gold cherry

Unknown Girl

A true story...

The Tornado Sojourns (3) – Chapter 14 – Healer

Sciberran Healer Terrell Vorton had spent five years working his way from moon to moon, planet to planet and system to system, on ships of every shape and size, in search of something, though he didn’t know what that something was, he just knew that it was not on his home planet of Sciberras in the Hennis system.

The Tornado Sojourns (3) – Chapter 13 – Reprisal

Duff Tarver was primarily a raconteur, his office was a bar or tavern and his audience were his fellow patrons. But he didn’t merely tell stories he also collected them from his loose tongued admirers, and he always got stories of worth.

The Tornado Sojourns (3) – Chapter 12 – Escaping Reknar 5

In high orbit above the moon the Skeets were waiting anxiously for the Blue Marlin to leave the surface and navigate its way back through the Proximity Sensor Field when they picked up another vessel on their long-range sensors.

The Tornado Sojourns (3) – Chapter 11 – Relay Station, Reknar 5

After entering the relay station and the door closed behind them and the lights came on they were confronted by web of tightly packed multi-coloured lasers stretching the full length of the inner sanctum to within a metre of their objective.

The Tornado Sojourns (3) – Chapter 10 – Objective Reknar 5

The Tempest Class Freighter Tornado was making good time and were less than half a day from their destination when Shiyne said “I’m picking up something”