The Tornado Sojourns (3) – Chapter 08 – Snagging

After spending the weekend on Achrem at the agrarian settlement of Montrose they took off from Odekka and headed for Eikon Minor, where they had to return Wisma to Gipki before picking up their cargo.

The Tornado Sojourns (3) – Chapter 07 – Duff Tarver

The moment that Supreme Commander Emad Salmin handed over the data tablet they knew precisely who to hand it on to, and who should hand it to him. Duff Tarver was primarily a raconteur, his office was a bar or tavern and his audience were his fellow patrons.

The Tornado Sojourns (3) – Chapter 06 – Favors

The Tempest Class Freighter, Tornado, reached the Eikon Cluster with a full complement aboard, funds in the coffers and three pods of Thermalium mineral ore for delivery to Eikon Major. The system was known as the Eikon Cluster, so called due to the high number of M class planets and moons in the Eikon solar system, they quickly found an abundance of work with Golbolt Interstellar, based on the moon Somar.

Life and Times of a Priestess: Ch.3: New Life In Dalos (Part 3: Rape By Soldiers : Section 1)

Danella and the Priestesses await their fate as the foreigners enter the surrendered city. Their ordeal begins. This is Section 1 of this Part 3 of the Chapter. It appears this section was not successfully posted in May 2016, although Section 2, which follows on was. This section is necessary for proper understanding of the story.

The Tornado Sojourns (3) – Chapter 05 – Unwelcome Attention

O n Thursday night there were two additions to the staff behind the bar assisting Wisma, one was the redheaded Captain of the Tornado, Merionwen Strong, who was a forthright, volatile and feisty personality who liked a scrap, and the second was the Shape Shifting navigator Malena Endia, who had abandoned her favoured form, tall, slim, brunette hair, olive skin and hazel eyes, to take the appearance of Zydia.

The Tornado Sojourns (3) – Chapter 04 – Protection

So with Merri piloting and Lyris in the co-pilot seat she used the Tornado’s four vertical take-off jumper engines, which were engaged, and the Tempest class freighter landed softly in the space dock.

The Tornado Sojourns (3) – Chapter 03 – Picnic

It was a bright summer morning as the Tornado’s APMTV, (All Purpose Multi Terrain Vehicle) turned off the main road onto a quiet lane lined with age-old trees that formed a canopy above them.

The Tornado Sojourns (3) – Chapter 02 – The Visitors Rest

Visitors were a Christian sect who took to the stars with the first migrants to visit new worlds, spreading the word while seeking enlightenment, and they had established Visitor enclaves in every corner of the known universe, they even thrived in Mehreen space and they were the least spiritual beings to ever draw breath.

The Tornado Sojourns (3) – Chapter 01 – Cruising the Cluster

The Tempest Class Freighter was powered by 4 Plasma Turbine Pyroclast Engines, which allowed for a very quick turn of speed once airborne, and four vertical take-off jumper engines, whose purpose is self-explanatory, they could also be used independently to provide auxiliary power on board while they were on the surface for periods when the solar converters were inadequate.