Misplaced Innocence - Part Three

The darkness in the tunnel felt almost tangible, a musky fowl stench filling the air. Charlie slowly edged his way through the pipe, his feet already...

Misplaced Innocence - Part Two

The river viciously spat its white foam up onto the fallen tree that lay in front of the boys, the brittle bark on the underside already worn and...


Smaller and smaller walking away yellow dress blowing freely in the wind You said – (my mama ) that dignity is not to be found in fear. Words that...

An Englishman's Castle

Trick or treat?

Misplaced Innocence - Part 1

Charlie crawled under his sheet, the thin fabric enough to block the smallest remanence of light from the night filled bedroom. Fumbling for the...

A Little More

The heavy thrum, thrum, thrum of the rain against the window is hypnotic. I’m staring at the paper on the desk and nothing is coming to me. The...

Presidential Crime

Soon all the trees will be fallen - scorched to sterile, by a distant blinding light. Activated by the darkness, of man's own irrational mind as you...


He wandered the streets Clothed in tattered rags

Truth That Is

The Truth That Is - By Paul McCann In cities around the world innocent people are being killed in random attacks . Guns and knives taking lives ...
Gold cherry


With a cross-nibbed pen, in blobby black ink, I scratch my message in prescription script on the back of a supermarket till-receipt (Image from my own camera).