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I have 72 stories published in 0 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 15481 times and 9 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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John Jones

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King of the jungle

I wonder where I will go. Where haven’t I been? I’ve crossed the deserts of the world and made many friends. I’ve explored the icy frozen lands at...

World peace

When a bullet struck the side of Erast Urbansky’s knee, on the 24th of October, 302 years from your present, shot by Yevgein Garin from a sidearm, as...

Rosalyn Tempest

This had never happened before. He had always caught the last train home from Halewood, but now all was silent at 23.46pm as he stood alone on the...

Room for rent

The Cuban capital wasn’t immediately obvious to her, pen poised over the crossword, sat in the small lounge of her house, a half-drunk cup of milky...


She drew back the bedroom curtain to see what the weather was like. Grey clouds slowly roiled above, threatening rain. She was about to turn away...