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I have 79 stories published in 0 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 26210 times and 10 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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John Jones

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The artefact

He was one of those children who were ahead of their years mentally. For seven years of age, he displayed the intelligence of a nine year old, and it...

No entry

"Are you sure it's this way?" "Positive, I came this way the last time I visited," said Martin Randolf, climbing over the unsteady fence onto the...

Caiman's bazaar

A strong wind buffeted the Maroon 1994 Rover as it wound its way towards the small seaside town of Donregal where Hugh Adlington and his wife Miriam...

The trail

Looking out across the miles of ocean, Edmond Morgan breathed in the fresh air and sighed aloud, stood atop one of many sand dunes at the rear of...


Despite trying to think of anything else except his obsession, he found his thought patterns returning to the problem he faced. That problem was...