Srories About Everyday Life

Wedding Party Parade

This story is about a man who never give up and discovered love always has its way .

A Day AT The Races

An adventureous young lad with a spare dollar goes off to watch the horses run .

A Painful Christmas

A Christmas message of hardship with a moral of love and mystery .

About Ireland

A brief look at Ireland and her people

Back To School Time

A key to unlock your childhood memories

Banana Boat People

A young aboriginal girl abandoned by her tribe wins back her good name .

Belfast Pre-Interment Days

The Belfast That What Once Was When I Was Young

Beyond Magic And Wonder

A lonely girl finds the magic of a special friend .

Bo-Bo And The Barricades

A look at community life behind barricades that keep out danger .

Bo-Bo at the swimming pool

Bo-Bo takes a group of school kids to the pool . They encounter lots of fun on the way .

Bo-Bo And The Bus

Some members of a local community go on a mystery bus trip .

Bo-Bo And The Early Snow

Story of two boys having some innocent fun

Bo-Bo And The Orphans

A story about Bo-Bo who had to fight hard for things that mattered most .

Bo-Bo At The Zoo

Alls well thats ends well on an excursion full of incidents and mayhem.

Bo-Bo Goes Camping

A group of boys go camping for the first time with their Boxing Coach .

Bo-Bo Goes Fishing

Going fishing with Bo-Bo and Charlie means making fun .

Bo-Bo's Early Snow

Bo-Bo and Charlie make some innocent fun in a sudden cold snap .

Bo-Bo's On The Job

Success is two good friends working through hard times .

Bo-Bo's Goodwill

One kind action can create change that lasts forever .

Camping In Caves

You never know what can happen going away camping .

Christmas In The Clink

A comic tale on one mans celebration of Christmas

Life’s Little Sparkles

Between the struggle of street life and sickness a talented girl wins out in the end .

Irish Living

A look a life in Ireland

One Man Called My Father

Only one person can claim to be my Father . but how well do I know him . What are the things I want to remember . How would he like to be rmembered ?

Thicker In The Blood

Without love in a marriage, problems cannot be solved .

Thinking Of Halloween

Remembering Events In Ireland at Haloloween .

The Interview

Behind the walls of democracy there are many clouded visions of right and wrong .

Love Links

The story of two people who stepped out in faith,with hope and found love.

John’s Date

The story of a man who has a date with destiny .

The New School

Starting a new school is difficult but add to this a new country as well and it becomes almost traumatic .

The Community Role

Christmas is a time to reflect on what role we play in our community.

New Years Romance

Two strangers in a strange place with strange circumstanes come together and find love .

The Technicoloured Dream

Going to the movies is always a good way to escape from the black and white landscapes that surround us .

The Penny Lunch

Story about a man who lost his life and found it and how he gave and received help to many in need .

Abuse In The Work Place

Abuse in The Work Place - The Hidden Problem By Paul McCann Abuse can take many forms . It is a crime and often it goes unnoticed and unpunished . To...

Reporting The Truth

Reporting The Truth By Paul McCann Jesus died on the cross before journalism ever could report what happened and yet the story was told . Imagine how...

The Purpose Of Life

The Purpose Of Life By Paul McCann What makes me who I am in essence is a context of cultures in my own lifestyle . Other areas that could have an...

Charlie’s Tall Tale

Charlie’s Tall Tale By Paul McCann Evening came and the streets lights came on around the harbour . Rain...

Charlie's Retirment Struggle

Charlie At The Dole Office By Paul McCann Charlie - “Its only me . “ Midge - “Where have you been now Charlie ,.I’ve...

Bo Bo And The Roses

Bo Bo And The Roses - By Paul McCann It was early one August morning as Bo Bo...

The Woman With The World At Her Feet

The Woman With The world At Her Feet By Paul McCann . . Hanna had grown up a popular girl around the...

Bo-Bo Goes To College

Bo-Bo Goes To College By Paul McCann . . Bo-Bo was always as busy as a bee with running the show at...

Bo Bo's School Days

Bo Bo’s School Days By Paul McCann , It was Bo Bo and Charlies last year at school and all the teachers...

Jays Christmas Dinner

Jay’s Christmas Dinner By Paul McCann Jay dropped out of school when he was 16 . His Father had a few connections around town and he was able to...

Bo Bo And The Street Kid

Bo Bo And The Street Kid - By Paul McCann Once a year the local church hired Bo Bo and Charlie to help with the spring clean up . Bo Bo always gave...

The Girl They Couldn't Give Away

The Girl They Couldn’t Give Away – By Paul McCann Barbra was abandoned at birth and never knew her parents. She was brought up in a convent by nuns...

Mum Me And Mangos

Mum Me And Mangos By Paul McCann Chickie, otherwise Mum as I call her is the love of my life . Chickie and I were married young and had a large...

The Wedding Speech

The Wedding Speech By Paul McCann So I was walking out the door and the phone rang .It was one of those occasions when I was in two minds wondering...