Boys Night Out

A few friends who come from the ghetto go out looking for some fun on a Friday night and end up meeting some tricky situations .

The booze and The blues

I met Brian in East London . A talented musician and a stranger who became a friend . Brian and I busked and bumped into each other by chance . This is the story of what happened .

Til Death Us Do Part

A who done it story set in a manor home

"Crimes Of Past Times?

Lookong back at crime and how the world was marked by its escalation at various times in history .


A look back over a century in a small village in North Belfast . How vast the change of lifestyle often goes unseen until we remember how it was and see how it is .

A Troubled Runaway

Freedom is more than being away from a place , Peace is escaping and accepting into the unknown .

Abuse - The Hidden Problem

Why do people get angry with eac hother. There are many reasons why people misbehave . This article presents a slant on abuse from at a different angle .

An Independence Flight

Some times we need to go back to see where we are and where to go from there .

Banker Beggins

People on the Streets Of London are not always what they seem .

Bare Trees

A magic presence had fallen over the band as the new female vocalist had her audition.

Belfast Rab

A rising number of people go through life with a tag put on them by others who unfairly robbed them of their individuality . This is one such case .

Bo-Bo And The Flight Down Under

There comes a time for every lad to leave the nest . Even for the very innocent far off fields are green .

Bo-Bo And The Rat Race Down Under

Story about two lads on their first ever adventure down under in Australia

Busker On Board

Every journey begins with taking the first sall step. Here is where the busker finds his feet .

Busker On The Bus

So many rivers to swim , miles to go and mounatins to climb until the busker can get where he is going .

Buskers Blessings

Blessed are the poor but even the poor felt sorry for the busker .

Busking For You

The story of the busker begins here in Australia .

Case Suspended

He briefly closed his eyes every five minutes . The final night would not bring sleep easy . Rain softly fell and outside the prison a small crowd...

Christmas And Curried Chips

No Matter how we celebrate Christmas , let's never forget what its all about .

Cold Old City Holes

The rich grow powerful on the poverty of others

Comedy Cops

Keeping a lid on crime in the city demands extreme measures .

Cork Screw Phil

A prison officer who is thrown into the lions den finds out some truths about life .

Teenage Nights

Its all about hanging with the boys and having a few drinks .

The Graffiti Gang

A new breed of youth fight fire with fire to regain control in the ghetto .

Gig Of His Life

Being in the right place at the right time, can make destiny .

Spring Clearance

The twisted hand of fate plays out both jokers in a game where nobody wins .

The Golden Key

The holder of a golden key can open many new doors in life provided the owner is honest and reliable .

See The Bigger Picture

A man who could see the stars found his dreams , by a simple twist of fate .

Music And Me

A personal story of the music that meant something to me in life.

The Busker Stranded

The travels of a busker and his string leaves him stranded for a while .

The Buskers Crossing

Through raging waters there is a way . Let the busker play .

The Weekly Wonder

There is goodness in everyone , it just takes s special person to bring that out.

Under The Surface

I wrote his story and somehow would like to pass on to others the place I was at and the kind of person Pat was .

Hugos Message

Another story of someone to be appreciated and in a compasionate way understood .

Steamboats For Company

Story of a few men I met in London . Steamboats as I've tagged them .Hopefully their stories will in some way reflect the hardships and struggle they went through

Rab's Remedy

Rab’s Remedy By Paul McCann Rab had been struggling financially for many years before...

Bo-Bo Has A Barbecue

Bo-Bo Has A Barbecue By Paul McCann . . It’s a long way from Belfast City to the place where the Brumbies...

The Girl With The World At Her Feet

The Girl With The world At Her Feet By Paul McCann . . Hanna Howard was born in a...

The Rattrap

The Rattrap - By Paul McCann .. He sat on the edge of his mattress as Digby walked into the room with a...

A Holiday For Hyman - Part 1

A Holiday For Hyman - Part 1 By Paul McCann The work of a private detective is very demanding . It drains mentally and physically making you dreary...

A Holiday For Hyman - Part 2

Part 2 A Holiday For Hyman by Paul McCann The maid turned off the water taps and put the shaving mirror back in the position where it had been on the...

A Holiday For Hyman - Part 3

Part 3 - A Holiday For Hyman by Paul McCann Hyman walked down through town and on the way he met Dapper in a clothes shop looking at some clothes and...

The Beggar

The Beggar By Paul McCann Digby woke up and put the begging jacket on his back and off he went down to...

Bo Bo And The Rat Race Down Under

Bo Bo And The Rat Race Down Under By Paul McCann Bo-Bo and Charlie sat in the four wheel drive at the reception of the caravan park . Danno had gone...

Tinker Greenwood

Tinker Greenwood By Paul Mc Cann Jimmy was a tinker who roamed around from pillar to post in city and country alike . He had a horse and cart from...

Jeremiah's Fortune

Jeremiah’s Fortune - By Paul McCann I sat at the bar in Sean O’Caseys one evening with Brian . Before us were two dark pint glasses half filled with...

Dublin Jack

Dublin Jack By Paul McCann Brought up in poverty and kept ignorant was the only way to remain healthy back then in the hungry years . The hardest...

An Open Door

Chancer was in his early fifties when he decided to revisit Belfast , and his village of Ardoyne where he grew up . With some time to spare nothing...

Hang On Enjoy The Ride

Ken was the bus driver for Autumn Hall , the most affordable retirement village in Caterville . Apart from driving the bus it was Ken’s job to find a...

Holy Joe’s

Holy Joe's Short Story by Paul McCann . It was in 1967 when the riots first started . At first rocks and petrol bombs were thrown from both sides of...

Getting Out Of The Gunfire

Getting Out Of The Gunfire A short story by Paul McCann It was a warm summer evening in 1969 . Belfast was burning . A blanket of thick black smoke...

The Bad Notes

The Bad Notes By Paul McCann Aidan and I had a duo . We called ourselves the Bad Notes . After a week in London we managed to get a gig one night in...

Its All Fair In The End Game

Its All Fair In The End Game By Paul McCann I first met Firbog on a Belfast back street during a riot in 1968. The British Army had rounded up about...

Christmas At Willies

Christmas At Willies By Paul McCann I walked into the city centre with my six string under my arm . I hoped being Christmas Eve people would be...

Getting Out Of The Gunfire

Getting Out Of The Gunfire A short story by Paul McCann It was a warm summer evening in 1969 . Belfast was burning . A blanket of thick black smoke...

After The Blame

With the second war over and the soldiers back home things were resuming back to normal . That is what ever normal was and ever could be again . The...

Irish Emon

It was late in 88 when I first met Emon in Bishopsgate . Its no me backwards he said . Emon was just like that . The hard times had brought us...

Lucky To Be Alive

Lucky To Be Alive By Paul McCann Lying on the corner was a dirty unshavewn man with a bottle of Vodka in his hand . As people stepped over him he...

The All Night Cafe

The All Night Café by Paul McCann Grindlewizers café was a popular spot in the city . It was open all night and people came from everywhere to enjoy...

The Hungry Years

. The Hungry Years By Paul McCann Writing songs came to me as a gift in the beginning of the 1980’s . I could hear melodies in my head with lyrics...

The Angry Breed

The Angry Breed By Paul McCann Bad boys make noise , they’re always on the run Clenched fists , take risks , is their idea of fun . They’ll blue with...

New Year On The Streets Of New York

New Year On The Streets Of New York By Paul McCann The sun had set and it was a cold New years Eve . Around and around the town the little boy walked...

A Walk Through A Village From Another Time

A Walk Through A Village From Another Time By Paul McCann If you could paint you a picture of my village in North Belfast , from another day and...

An Ordinary Day At School

An Ordinary Day At School by Paul McCann I remember the days I’d come home from St Gabriel’s and Mammy would look at me and say “So tell me son ,...

Snowballed At The Mill

Snowballed At The Mill By Paul McCann It was 1947 when the bid freeze had come and on the streets of Ardoyne the first heavy snow fall landed .. A...

The Day Christies Went Up

The Day Christies Went Up By Paul McCann I was standing outside Stewarts supermarket the day Christies was blown up . A large crowd stood opposite...

Camping At Cavehill

Camping At Cavehill By Paul McCann Small groups of us used to leave Ardoyne for different reasons . To get branches up the Glen for Bonfire night or...

The Heart Of The Place We Call Home

The Heart Of The Place We Call Home By Paul McCann I grew up in Ireland and found a loving community who believed in God and we all lived together in...

Searching For Sailortown

Searching For Sailortown By Paul McCann In 1989 I went back to Ardoyne in Belfast in search of Sailortown . Daddy was born in Great Patrick street in...

Bedsit Days On The Cliftonville

Bedsit Days On The Cliftonville By Paul McCann Back in 1989 I was looking for a place to live and as a single person it was hard to find a place in...

Ardoyne Runaways

Ardoyne Runaways By Paul McCann At the onset of riots on the streets there were lots of great people who could maintain a sense of togetherness and...