Childrens Animal Stories

The Stable Secret

Three kids find a good tip at the racetrack .

Bridle Talk -Part 1

Story of a girl who has a special gift with horses

Fluffee The Real Cool Cat

The kindness of a cat who really knew where it was at .

Ross The Ringer

Story of a kind man who worked with horses

Lets Call It A Day

Poem / Song about a ride on a horse called Bobby

Freedom Ride

Song / Poem about the freedom of riding a horse called Chap

My Sunshine

Song / Poem about this horse called Sunny an retired pacer who did well on the track and retired to a paddock in the country

Bridle Talk - Part 2

Bridle Talk Part 2 By Paul McCann continued ... Suzie had really made an impact at her debut on the track . Every one had just witnessed one of the...

Jimmy's Junkyard Dog

Jimmy's Junkyard Dog A short story by Paul McCann . It was a heavy snow that fell from a soggy sky and...

Pepper On The Mountain

Pepper On The Mountain By Paul McCann Pepper was a rescue dog who lived in a shed beside the mission hut at the Ski Lodge on Mount Nomad . His job...

Outside The Big Pond

Outside The Big Pond By Paul McCann On the top of Beacon Mountain black smoke had been billowing for a week from the mouth of Bluecaps volcano. Now...

The Giraffe With The Big Eyes

The Giraffe With The Big Eyes By Paul Mc Cann Some say the earthquake started the panic that began the stampede . It was awesome . A huge wave of...

The Octopus That Jumped

The Octopus That Jumped By Paul McCann Once upon a time long before there was a concrete jungle there was a huge block of ice that covered the most...

Friends Of The Forest

Friends Of The Forest - by Paul McCann . Perched high up on the bare branch of a tall oak tree was Twitch the wise old owl . There was no shelter...

Frenzy In The Forest

Silver and gold light splashed a colourless sky that hung itself over Blue hills forest . Tiny stars clung to the dark canopy of night . Mother...