Inspirational Thinking

Wealth Of The Written Word

Writers must recognise their is a need to be a witness to the world in the things they write today .

A Brief Visit

A look into the grief caused by Miscarriage and also the support of people who care and share that grief .

A Christmas Without Pain

Death is an appoinment we all must keep . It's the unavoidable journey from this life to the next . When that happens there may be some pain involved either emotionally or physically . Other people are part of that pain . Our loved ones and those who care for us . This story is an example of how pallative care is involved with the process of providing comfort in that speciafic area .

ABC Tales - Appalling or Appealing

Be it appalling or appealing , recalling or revealing I share my poetry , plays and stories for others to enjoy .

Abuse- The Hidden problem

For those who target innocent people your time is up

Banquet Of Blessings

Howe do we include God in what we do ? To give and recieve is a good place to start .

Blessed Be Mary

A Personal reflection about the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary and her image in the world .

Blessed Be Mary

A personal sharing of The Blessed Virgin Marys Image and life in the world


Putting in some boundaries so we can feel safe is part of protecting the very essence of who we are

Crossing Over

Introducing how death is part of life in a childs way.

New Light Through An Old Window

Hippies moved in to an abandoned church and heaven opened a door that had been shut too long .

Living With Faith

With God faith is the main event .

Famine Days

Nourishment is more than a word . It is a place of outreach between God and man .

Gods Cares

When you give your all , and all you get is trouble , God Cares

The Love Factor

What is love ? I am exploring that question .

The Roaming Nun

A voice in the wilderness needs an ear .This is the story of a nun who heard the call .

On A Park Bench Near Brixton

We are nevr alone in this journey through life .

On The Bus

Being On A Bus can be a life changing experioence .

Johnnys Journey

Within the sorms of life there is always an eye of inspiration where creativity happens .

Miss Murphy and God

We are all loved equally by God . If only people can understand that life could be so much easier .

Yes We Can

We are at the crossroads in a time where change can occur .Are you going my way ?

Semetric Poetry Form

The Mirror of life reflects many things depending on where you're at and how you see it .

The Body Of Christ

The body hhas different parts that all work together in order that the whole being can function properly .

On The Road With God

Faith is the presence between God and man . It grows with each step we take .

Through The Flames

The testing flames of life are what purifies and strengthens us .

The Gardener From Gethsemane

There are many untold stories from the events that surround Easter . This is an account of one that maybe might have happened .

Know Your Mother More

How well do you know your Mother ? Here are a few questions that may or may not have answers for you .

The Gift Of Music

The definition of music is a gift for us all . Be it in the listening or composing .

The Love Song

Some people love to sing while others sing of love .

Never Give Up

When lifes tries to swallow you up,squeeze on tight and never let go .

Tears At The Cross

What greater sacrafice could there ever be that the life that was shed on the cross

The Girl Who Spoke Like Thunder

The story of how justice and righting wrongs do happen when we least expect

For My Dad

Hey you know what I am lucky to have a Dad worth remembering .

Some Food For Thought

Food is part of life and love

The Love Of Irish Food

The connection between Irish Food and Music has always had a unique blend of flavour .

New Years Milestones

Life is a long road and there are many milestones to reach on the way .

Sunrise At Eden

Sunrise At Eden By Paul McCann Never before had it dawned on the earth . Never before had man seen the...

The Girl Who Could See Things

The Girl Who Could See Things By Paul McCann She grew up in a small room with eleven others in her family . Well she always thought there were eleven...

Sunken City

Sunken City By Paul McCann In Cooper Pedy in Australia towards the end of the...

Fibber And The After Life - Part 1

Fibber And The After Life Part 1 By Paul McCann It was a cold rainy afternoon and Fibber had just got...

Fibber And The Afterlife -Part 2

Fibber and the Afterlife By Paul McCann Part 2 . The three of them made there way to the lift and with the push of a button the door of the lift...

The Symphony Of Life

The Symphony Of Life . By Paul McCann Catharine or Kit as she was known left her home in Cork in 1850 for...

The Ideas Man

The Ideas Man By Paul McCann Carl was only an infant when his Father went to war and had to cope with...

Creative Writing Versus Critical Thinking

Creative Writing Versus Critical Thinking - By Paul McCann University should be a warm welcoming place with encouragement from teachers who...

The Search For Love

The Search For Love By Paul McCann Tom had been alone most of his life and never really knew what love...

Dusty Springs

Dusty Springs – A short story by Paul McCann . Life lay limpy all over dusty Derbyvale . Gone now the grind of tractor and harvester from the once...

The Vineyard

The Vineyard - A short story by Paul McCann. . Once there lived a kind called Francis. He was kind and lriled fairly over the kingdom he owned . The...

Last Of The Lonely Hearts

Last Of The Lonely Hearts By Paul McCann It was Friday night and he sat on the train thinking about growing old and living alone . It didn’t bother...

The Roaming Nun

She was known as the desert nun , an order of one . Sister Cathy was never content in a convent . The Bishop had many discussions with Cathy before...

A Generous God

In Ardslad an iron works was established and in the surrounding area houses were built to accommodate the workers who came to work on the site there...

New Light Through An Old Window

New Light Through An Old Window Short Story by Paul McCann went back to the place he grew up in .Checked out the town . The school had closed its...

The Girl From High Society

The Girl From High Society – By Paul McCann Christine was born rich and lived a very comfortable life . Anything she wanted she could have, but there...

Christmas Curfew

Just before Christmas a financial crisis presented itself on the stock exchange and investors were hit hard . Day by day the situation got worse . A...

Free From Fear

As he lay in a hospital bed he tried to recall the events that took place the week before . It all seemed so vague now . It was as if he had blocked...

Frank And Me

Frank And Me Shortm Story bn Paul McCann . It was just before noon when the car arrived . At first I never heard the knock Because I had the TV...

Victory In Your Name

Victory In Your Name By Paul McCann The prayers that You prayed in Gethsemane , You said for me , You are my claim to fame Jesus I’m so glad You came...

On The Road With God

On The Road With God By Paul McCann As a young lad Bill was very connected with the church . He loved to just sit there and look at the statues ...

Give Them Cake

Give The Cake By Paul McCann In the main street of town was the Dreamy Cream Cake Shop with windows agleam with iced favourites and small pastries ...