Tales About Mystery And Imagination


It’s a Bags Life

Life is full of surprises and like pulling tricks out of a bag destiny makes plans we are never in control of .

A Message From Audio-4

A Musician Discovers Another Dimension and learns about the threat to our existence .

Heavenly Home

Andy found a way to live in heaven and on earth

Abducted By Aliens

They came from another planet on a mission to save our world and its people .

An Open Door

The revisiting of old places often opens up some doors that we could have never imagined .

Ancient Visitors FromThe Timeless World

Strange Beings Journey To Earth Between The Begining Of Time To Our Present

Another Day

Imagine if we had a days notice before we died . What would you do with the time ?

Beyond Samhair

Good versus evil transcends both time and place .

Christmas Curfew

In the hard times we can often find a common ground .

Christmas On The Road

Short Sketch about two truck drivers on the road on Christmas Eve Night

Death In A Church

Self importance is like putting your hands in a bucket of water . If you take your hands out of the bucket the water never changes . It is still a bucket of water .

Magja’s Day Of Reckoning

For a world ruled by greed and cruelty a day of reckoning comes .

The Ethical Road

There are many paths but one road that leads us to where we are going . The Ethical Road has many twists and turns but the only way to go .

Hound Of The Heath

Sometimes builders have had to stop work for different reasons . This is one of those stories

Interview With God

God knows there are too many questions but not enougt answers .

House Of Rhyme

Story in verse about a house that recovers a debt .

The Killer Couch

Who has ever said I love my couch . Well here is a case of a couch that can kill you .

Mirror World

If there was life in a mirror world could we change what we see ?


Something sinister on the menu .

New intellect

New Intellect was found and plans to build future landscapes on the planet had begun long before the fragile earth was inhabitable .

Miracle Gift

A visible and unexplained event had occured . It was called a miracle .

The Empty Chair

Halloween they say is a time when the dead can revisit the earth . Here is a tale to grab your attention .


All kinds of weird people get around on Halloween

Without A Head At Halloween

One drink at Halloween brough a new menaing to the word hangover for Clancy .

Without A Trick Or Treat

A strange visit at Halloween changes ome mans life forever .

Jerusalem’s Welcome

This story is a behind the scene look at the arrival of Jesus in Jerusalem .

Table For One

One night in a restaurant can change the course of many lives .

Secret Sketches

Can you hear the call of an artists life ? Who has the answer ?

Troubadours At The 4th Of July

A musician who runs away from the world discovers more than the escape he had hoped to find .

Young Masters Music

The story of how music and a boy ran off into the world and made it together .

Fu And The Dragon

This tale is about a storyteller who lives down by the lagoon and about the gift he was given that would benefit all the world .

Love Pirates

In this story the pirates are interested in one treasure . Love .

Night Knocking

Pat's Silence

Silence are the spaces where teardrops cannot fall- Cry for those who suffer in there .

Treasure In A Tea Pot

The story of a man who after buying a teapot finds his life is turned around .

The Lady On A Tuesday

The journey of life is a bit like being on on a train . We don't choose the passengers and when they get on or off .

Dragon Time

Once upon a dragon time things were much different than now .


A shared Work in sentence collaboration

Saved By The Bell

. The dark cloak of night threw itself across the sky as I sat on the rooftop watching the missiles that flew overhead. There was nothing anyone...

Sunken City

Sunken City By Paul McCann . This story looks at sustaining life on the planet after a nuclear war . In Cooper Pedy in Australia the end of the...

The Stars That Fell From The Sky

The Stars That Fell From The Sky By Paul McCann Mick had just finished evening shift at the hospital and was on his way home . As he drove through...

The Bones Of Burriburn

The Bones Of Burriburn By Paul McCann Part 1 Ron had been a priest for over 40 years and had been to just as many parishes in that time . On request...

The Bones Of Burriburn - Part 2

The Bones Of Burriburn - Part 2 Then he went to his room and opened up the anthology of poems and started to read through page after page . He felt a...

Mother Lode

Mother Lode By Paul McCann She was born in a busy western Sydney hospitalan innocent little girl with no idea of what life was all about. Michelle...

The Man Who Lives Down The Track

The Man Who Lives Down The Track is By Paul McCann . Somewhere near West Virginia, down a windy track the mist lay thick over a little cabin in the...

The Long Lost Son

The Long Lost Son By Paul McCann .For most people it was a day like any other around Westmead by the banks of Parramatta River however for Chris...

Kellwicks Curse

Kellwick’s Curse By Paul McCann For one hundred years the people of Renmack were happy and content in a small rural community with a population of...

The Man In The Big Picture

The Man In The Big Picture - By Paul McCann Meth had no family or friends. He had been abandoned at birth by his parents and in his childhood years...

The Touch Stone- Part one

The Touch Stone By Paul McCann . It was a cold Saturday evening in the prison cell and morning was a long time off . The jingle of the prison guards...

The Touchstone - Part two

The Touchstone by Paul McCann Continued Part 2 . The man in the suit smiled and then he looked at the stone . ”How much do you want for that stone in...

The Mystery Of Hazel Maclean

The Mystery Of Hazel Maclean By Paul McCann Hazel was a hard working woman who owned and managed The Clean Plate Cafe , in Sydney City . She had...

Dennis And The Secret Door

Dennis And The Secret Door By Paul McCann Every day Dennis would leave school to have lunch at his Grandmothers house . He loved going there because...

The Others

The Others By Paul McCann Todd first noticed the others, by chance alone one day in a crowded restaurant. Maybe it was fate that chose him to see...

Secret Of The Forest

Secret Of The Forest By Paul McCann Megan and John had been in love for many years but when their love grew old they became cold and distant to each...

The Doomsday Train

The Doomsday Train - By Paul McCann . Collectors freeway as it was known was the only toll free highway from the city to the airport . It had three...

The Plague Of Beevile

The Plague Of Beevile By Paul McCann In an old timber shack, by the railway track, in town of Beevile, lived Jigger Mc Teague , the hermit with no...

The Tree Of Life

The Tree Of Life By Paul McCann The year was 2070 and inside Sanctuary City the celebrations for Earth Memorial Day were taking place . People were...

Kistum's Companion

Kistum’s Companion - Short Story by Paul McCann .A misty moon crept its way across the sky and glistened over Golma Now and then an eerie half-light...

The Tunes Of Toloc

The Tunes Of Toloc By Paul McCann One bright sunny morning beside Toloc Forest , the cows that stood in the glade chewed and Mooed away until Wirera...

The Boy With The Pigs Face

The Boy With The Pigs Face By Paul McCann One cold winters night in a prison cell a wheelchair was rolled out into the corridor . The woman who sat...

Secrets Of The Marsh

Secret Of The Marsh By Paul McCann The sound of snapping and snarling echoed through the clear morning air. Suddenly beneath a blanket of mist a...

Future Life And The Adam Theory

Future Life And The Adam Theory By Paul McCann The dark cloak of night threw itself across the sky as I sat on the rooftop watching the missiles that...

The Day Of The Syborg

The Day Of The Syborg By Paul McCann Once upon a distant time intelligent men designed a superior robot called the Syborg that began working for...


Spidorcan By Paul Mc Cann The snow thickly covered the hillside like a white carpet . High above the Hosters Farm a full moon glistened and flickered...

Dimensional Shades

Dimensional Shades By Paul Mc Cann Our ship was making its way through the earths atmosphere . We were actually landing before we had originally...

Friends Of Truth

Friends Of Truth short story by Paul McCann . It was late in the evening in the early spring and people were out walking together enjoying the long...

Weird Mr White’s Not Right

Mr White was a reject of society . He never chose to be but mental illness made sure that he was not made welcome in the community . He lived alone...

Sailing Beyond New Horizons

Sailing Beyond New Horizons By Paul Mc Cann It was a quiet evening when he walked into the bar in Sailorstown . He looked lost and sat by the bar ...

Riddle Of The Swanship

Riddle Of The Swanship By Paul Mc Cann On the other side of Popple Mountain lay the crystal clear lake that surrounded the village of Firesvale . The...

Lady Of The Longships

Apart from being fierce warriors the Vikings where the very first master boat builders on the face of the Earth . Once they had designed the...

Mira’s Reign Over Tara

A heavy stone was placed over the grave where the King had been buried . Mira and a few other warriors cast their swords into the soil and walked...

The Visit

The Visit By Paul McCann The trees brushed up against the windows of the cottage and the rain battered the shutters from their hinges. The thatched...

The Eve Of The Hallow

The Eve Of The Hallow A short story by Paul McCann . Back in a place where crows picked maize from the fields and crops grew among the blackstones on...

Our Generous God

Miracles are the invisible presence of God with us . Faith is our link to understanding .

The Grave Digger

. The Grave Digger by Paul McCann There was trouble on the street , a crowd had gathered for the second night in a row. Some stones were thrown then...

The Mountain Monastery

. The Mountain Monastery By Paul McCann Sam loved riding bicycles with his friends Dick , Gerry and Bobby . They liked the mountain roads as they...

The Weighbridge

. The Weighbridge by Paul McCann It was a cold winters night and the fog came down and the traffic on the freeway was moved slowly past the...

Freeway To The Stars

. Freeway To The Stars By Paul McCann There a some people who have no interest at all in the stars or what is happening in the firmament above...

. Unknown Weapons

. Unknown Weapons by Paul McCann . The world we live in has become monitored from space by cameras and other scanning technology so that nothing can...

The Visit To Ascetinia

The Visit To Ascetinia A short story by Paul McCann For most of his life Mackbah Cahoun had tried to help others but when he was in real need of help...

Doctor Dynamic And The Green Reptilians

Doctor Dynamic The Green Reptilians By Paul McCann Darby Donovan first discovered a new species of insect life that had mutated after a number of...

Pioneers Of A Nuclear Winter

Pioneers Of A Nuclear Winter By Paul McCann Ten years they said we would be locked away until the nuclear winter would pass but we . We had been...

The Chosen One

The Chosen One By Paul McCann Frankie Green was a gifted gardener . They said he could grow crops on concrete if he wanted . Nicknamed Yankee Green...

The Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son

The Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son By Paul McCann In a Nepalese village a baby boy was born to a Sherpa called Kamal who was a seventh son of another...

The Scarecrow Of Barrenfield

The Scarecrow Of Barrenfield by Paul McCann The town of Barrenfield was just a very recent place that sprung up in the Vale of Black Bracken that was...

The Revenge Of The Stolen Children

Revenge Of The Stolen Children - A short story By Paul McCann In the darkness of the night they came in trucks to take away children from their poor...

The Storyteller And The Gypsy King

. The Storyteller And The Gypsy King by Paul McCann Sean McKay was a gifted story teller and it was said people who heard him fell into a trance with...