Soldiers At War

Mothers Of War

Motherly love is so powerful it can make even the hardest heart change .

A Medic With Mission

In wartime we hear an inner call that brings new strength and love into a vocation .

After The Blame

The story of two Polish people who are survivors of a world war come to Australia to make a new life but find it difficult to escape memories and make themselves a fresh start in life .

Death Under The Hood

In Northern Ireland on going Turf Wars highlight mans inhumanity to man .

Surviving The Never Ending War

For some of us who have been throug it , the war never ends even after the last post has been sounded

Where Have The Altar Boys Gone ?

Who and where are all those who really died in the Northern Ireland conflict ?

Left For Dead

In war time just who do we call the enemy . Sometimes we need to decide this for ourselves .

Escape From Interrogation

Sometimes in war miracles can happen ,like surviving torture .

Poetry Of A Prisoner

Every prisoner looks at some kind of escape .

The Reconciliation

Hurts are harboured until a time when they set to sea and capsized .

The Bravery Of My Father

We thought we were right and they thought they were right , my Father walked the thin line in between .

The Poet Squadron

In the middle of battle , at home in the clouds , the poet squadron burnt a picture in the sky .

Jacks All Right

Sometimes all's not fair in love and war .

Villa Latino

A lucky man escapes with his life and also finds love .

Safe Exit

The story of a man who is faced with inner conflict and indecision .

Jewish Joe

I lived with a man called Jewish Joe for a while .He told me small parts of what went on in his life and how different situations that happened pushed him over the edge .

The Scrounger

Joe worked underground during the war selling stuff on the black market .

The Ideal War

The Ideal War By Paul McCann It was a difficult and dark time in Academia when the Corporate Core took control of their Liberty and lifestyle. At...

The Peacekeeper

The Peacekeeper By Paul McCann It was in the dead of night when the first air strike began . No one had expected it so soon . On the ground below...

Escape From Interrogation

Skint was a helicopter pilot in the war . One of the things he liked to do was cutting back the thick jungle canopy , to provide the infantry on the...

Roo’s On The Veranda

Howard and Mae were only married two years when the war came. They had been blessed with a little boy they had named Darwin. The call went out for...

Left For Dead

The great depression had finally lifted and things were picking up. A baby boom brought with it the demand for bigger houses. People with trades...

Christmas On A Bridge

It was very late in the evening on Christmas Eve and an exchange of human lives was being made on an old wooden bridge that was thrown over the Deep...

May Mornings

May Mornings By Paul McCann One morning in May the blue sky had left Belfast and grey clouds hung themselves to an empty sky . The rain poured down...

The Dust Of No Return

. The Dust Of No Return By Paul McCann. After the war was over, I returned to Australia and wed, with severance pay to kick start, we looked to be...

Soldiers Strong

. Soldiers Strong by Paul McCann . A soldier's role is very dramatic, everyday it's more enigmatic. It was time to do what a man must do, and there...