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I have 2348 stories published in 19 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 997494 times and 40 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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Paul McCann

I like writing songs and won first prize in the Billboard music song awards in 2008 for a song I co-wrote with Robert and Wendy O'Hearn .
The song is called Lost Sons Of Erin and is on a CD called Sonicarious by Robert O'Hearn .
I present and produce a radio program each week .
I have worked in aged care and community health since 2005 .
Soccer ,Writing Songs , Playing my guitar , Going to church , photography , Art ,Writing Plays and short stories ,

My stories

Angel Of Mine

. Angel Of Mine By Paul McCann Angel of mine I need some good news to lift me from the way I feel cause lately it’s all bad news and I need some time...

Slamming It Down

. Slamming It Down By Paul McCann I was walking down the street , with my finger up my nose, I was telling everybody. hey this is how it goes. Gimmie...

The Hitman - Chapter 7

. THE HITMAN Chapter Seven Paying The Dues Forty thousand feet above the sea Harry sat in the seat of a jet bound for America . He felt like a bullet...

She's Crushing My Heart

She's Crushing My Heart By Paul McCann She’s got her eyes on him and there’s nothing I can do, every time he is there I’ve lost only love I knew ...

Jumping The Barriers

Jumping The Barriers by Paul McCann . Locked out from getting a break and not receiving support or encouragement has never decreased my hunger to...