Childrens Christmas Stories

The Year They Kidnapped Christmas

Santa gets kidnapped by some greddy men and held for ransom but its all turns out well in the end .

A Christmas Journey

Story of one boy wanting to save Christmas from the doom and gloom .

A Christmas Journey

Johnny is surrounded by gloom and doom and decides to look for some hope at Christmas time .

Ardy And The Christmas Fairy

A story of the turn around from bad to good in the image of a small boy.

Bo-Bo's Christmas Gift

The greatest gift's are those from the heart and in this story Bo-Bo and some orphans bring the gift of Christmas to prisioners inside a jail .

Christmas In The Outback

aIn a strange set of circumstances a swagman brings the real Christmas message to a small group .

Christmas On A Bridge

In this story prisoners and victims of of war walk across a bridge and find the meaning of Christmas on the way .

Christmas Treasures

Two Children find some very special treasures to share at Christmas .

The Secret Of Rudolf

For all those who believe in Christmas magic ,wonderful things can happen .

The Wee Ones Very First Christmas

This tale tells of the very first Christmas through the eyes of The Wee Ones

Santa And The Goodie Gangsters

Santa And The Goodie Gangsters By Paul McCann It was twelve days before Christmas and Santa look a likes...

Santa’s Empathy

Santa’s Empathy By Paul McCann . . It was the night before Christmas and Santa was getting...

The Town Christmas Chastised

The Town Christmas Chastised By Paul McCann Most people are happy at Christmas and wait all year for it to come around. The message of Christmas is...

Safe In Santa's Sleigh

Safe In Santa’s Sleigh By Paul Mc Cann In the streets of Kailytown snow lay crisp and white . It crunched under the feet of the last minute shoppers...

A Christmas To Remember

A Christmas To Remember - A Short Story By Paul McCann . Rita , Nenita, Rosita and Sangita were all good friends in there early childhood . In their...