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I enjoy reading and writing for fun. My other interests include blues guitar, local history, painting, art appreciation and tea rooms. My background is in the sociology of mental health care.
My tragic-comic novel 'Looking Through the Windows of Madness' can be downloaded free from Obooko and other sites, (under the pen name Leo Vine-Knight).

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Updates and Exotic Fruitcakes

What would we do without neighbours? It could be like the smiley people on certain adverts, who studiously ignore each others annoying habits, big...


These young folk are all bling and vapes. We made do with three bruised grapes. A mile to school we did traipse But still time for jolly japes.

The Garden of Eden

I was in the garden, which was rank and stank. Shifted a rock and then a plank. Stood on a dog turd, up to my shank. Returned to the house, blankety...

Storm Noddy

I'm strangely attracted to biased news and infantile adverts, probably because they and their subject matter easily confirm my misanthropic world...

Room for Triplets in a Large Population? (17 across)

Ah! Jim Golightley I assume. I'll dust your rump with my new broom. You'll recall my sister? Came the voice of doom.