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I enjoy reading and writing for fun. My other interests include blues guitar, local history, painting, art appreciation and tea rooms. My background is in the sociology of mental health care.
My tragic-comic novel 'Looking Through the Windows of Madness' can be downloaded free from Obooko and other sites, (under the pen name Leo Vine-Knight).

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Our little Noah is nearly one year old. He's a lovely boy, as good as gold. Very active now, and getting bold. He's doing well, apart from the...

Recycling Without the Helmet

It seems years ago since I went to a jumble sale or car boot, and that's not surprising because it's actually been decades. But I remember them well...

Life in a Nutshell

At the start it's daunting. A certain amount of taunting. Then years and years of flaunting. Juxterposed with jaunting. Shame it ends with haunting.

Green at the Gills

I've always loved the bumble bee. I'll stop the car to hug a tree. Never sprayed a bush with my pee. Even prefer to drink green tea. Don't always...

Is DIY a New Mental Health Issue?

When I was at school, DIY was a colloquial term for masterbation. It still is I think, when it consumes the rest of your life and the peace of others...