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My stories have been read 10107 times and 4 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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I enjoy reading and writing for fun. My other interests include blues guitar, local history, painting, art appreciation and tea rooms. My background is in the sociology of mental health care.
My tragic-comic novel 'Looking Through the Windows of Madness' can be downloaded free from Smashwords, Bookrix and other sites, (under the pen name Leo Vine-Knight).

My stories

Golden Memories: Sundries

No real theme to these recollections, but then that's often how memory seems to work, with strange tangential connections and unexpected associations...


Just an isolated experience to recount. But was it? I was in a large charity shop looking at stuff when I found myself ambling slowly past an orange...

Two Old Men and A Baby Belling Cooker

Oh, come on in my mate Marnie. Would you like a nice jam sarnie? Then we can get down to some full blown blarney. Like that time we met Reg Varney...

The Return of Sport

Oh no! I do declare! That accusation is most unfair! It's perfectly true that my bottom was bare, And Mrs. Smyth-Higgins gave me a chilling glare,...

Country Life

I do like rambles, Especially picking brambles. But it can be mud and scrambles. In which case it's just a shambles, So I'm off tut pub instead (...