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My stories have been read 6535 times and 4 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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I enjoy reading and writing for fun. My other interests include blues guitar, local history, painting, art appreciation and tea rooms. My background is in the sociology of mental health care.
My tragic-comic novel 'Looking Through the Windows of Madness' can be downloaded free from Smashwords, Bookrix and other sites, (under the pen name Leo Vine-Knight).

My stories

A Bee in her Bonnet

Ouch! Ouch! I've just been stung. If I find that varmint, it'll be hung. Well, you wouldn't wear a hat. Told me I was just a nagging prat. Better if...

A Quotation

"When a whole society has been turned into a hospital ward, it is a sad and meaningless life for a hypochondriac." Wild Oscar

The Sexist Farmer is Challenged

Be off now wench and clean that loo! Oh, I'm only too happy, your bidding to do. I use your toothbrush for the stringy goo. Anything to please the...

The Oracle

The mountain range seemed as far away as ever. A dozen native bearers had died in the jungle, victims of disease, snake bites and eating too many...


Alex and Amber sat in the Palm Court Hotel waiting for the waitress. The place was heaving with post-lockdown celebrants, hoovering up large...