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My stories have been read 27989 times and 10 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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I enjoy reading and writing for fun. My other interests include blues guitar, local history, painting, art appreciation and tea rooms. My background is in the sociology of mental health care.
My tragic-comic novel 'Looking Through the Windows of Madness' can be downloaded free from Obooko and other sites, (under the pen name Leo Vine-Knight).

My stories

Stream of Consciousness in the River of Time

Casting my net in the street, I first spotted a clan of pavement blockers. These are people who spread themselves across the public path as though...


If life is time, The clock doth chime. The greasy pole we all climb. And charades of importance, we all mime. But the eye in the sky, Only cares for...

Snotman in Trouble: Part Two

Snotman rocked to and fro, eyes blinded and breathing laboured under a blanket of bubbling excrement. He waited for the inevitable coup de gras; a...

Snotman is a Jolly Decent Type

By the second half of the 21st Century, society had developed a new class structure. 'Martyrs' were those who were virtuously helpless, unproductive...

What Seems Like a Long Time Ago

The start of a new, familiar day..... https://www.abctales.com/story/leo-vine-knight/windows-madness