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This is something that affects me, particularly the sound of people eating - though there are other sounds. It's not the volume, it's the sound itself and the almost inability to control the irrational anger it gives rise to. Until a few years ago I used to think everyone felt the same. I don't know whether that makes it any easier to put up with. At least giving it a name helps I suppose.


“This will separate the men from the boys”

Weekly Holiday

[Continuing the hymn-for-Sundays series] All long for a day free to fill with nothing – or whims of their will, – so often depressing, the emptiness pressing – God’s precepts can satisfy …


Today, Monday 5th April 2019A.D. I was at work this morning and something didn’t feel right. The person who is usually there on Monday wasn’t in, I...

Happy Easter.

Last week at work we were all asked to, “Write down what Easter means to you.” A co-worker who is also an artist, would then draw it onto the huge...

The Cave Chapter 5

The Cave Chapter 5 Shawn sighed as he came out into the large cavernous opening. “I’m going to sit down for a moment,” he said, grabbing a bench...

The Universe From A to Z

I like the dictionary ordering words from A to Z. I have always been fascinated with the Universe so I set myself a task to use the alphabet as the structure for my poem. Zyzzyva is a ind of weevil..I thought it less corny than 'zebra'

Confused Thinking

[Continuing the hymn-for-Sundays series] Satan clouds their thinking – so becoming blind: cannot see things clearly, sluggishness of mind. Tricked...