Peripheral Vision #1

"...He felt compelled to be with other human beings. He wanted to even just be in close proximity to the “normal” that others seemed to fall into so easily..."


of all its artifacts-- the souvenirs from Niagara pictures of Cape Breton and Prairies so flat Saskatchewan way. Where did the years go as I look at...

Moon in Capricorn

what sign is your moon in?

1970s Photograph

I was clearing my attic on a wet Sunday morning It was dark outside and in I opened an old weather battered leather satchel Beneath a light so dim I...

Grace Part Twenty One.

The years went by then September 11th happened! That day changed by life forever! I decided on this date forever, I’d always wear black to remember...


from days far before the scent of fond memory shakes its hardy wooden frame ingloriously in the wind baked by the sun – shuttered from rain where a...

Writer’s Block

Last night I took my rejection letters and formed a noose. One by one I nailed each slender slip to the wall to make that eternal circle. Those...

Life and Times of a Priestess: Ch.9 : Concessions (Part 2: Gerald)

The Officer in charge of the Dormitory debates light heartedly with Danella and brings a request from General Ravelleon to meet him again.


It first began as a rumour, I heard that we’d be getting back pay for all the sleep ins that we’d done up to the last six years! It turned out it...