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Jennifer Pickup

Jennifer Pickup is a secondary school English teacher with a love of telling stories. She lives in Wiltshire with her Jack Russell Terror and when she isn't teaching she can be found dog-walking, horse-riding or glued to her Macbook, writing. A lot of her work can be found on - this writing community offered her valuable feedback and support over the years and was instrumental in getting her fist novel published through Unbound. Unbelievable is her first novel - - - and Unforgivable is the sequel - - for which she is currently seeking crowd-funding. Her muse has been devastatingly missing in action of late, but has returned...

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The Truth of Things

The Truth of Things 16/03/2019 How old were you when you first unearthed the truth of things, saw through the illusion youth creates, realised that...


Juggling (07.01.19) Flying firebrands, caught by practised hands; I watch the skill he wields - he understands where the spin will end, when it’s...

Resolution 01/01/19

Resolution 01/01/19 Pay no heed to the ticking of the clock, Fear not the endless march of nights and days, Forget what may or may not come to pass,...

Fix Me

Fix Me (09/03/2018) I have come as a sceptic, A long-term non-believer, I have always dismissed this, An unwilling receiver; I have come under duress...

Brave Face

Brave Face (19/02/2018) Belt up, enough’s enough, Got some lumps in your throat? That must be tough. Calm down, choke back the tears, Want the...


2 of my comments have received 2 Great Feedback votes

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Great poem, but I feel the

Posted on Wed, 16 Jun 2010

Great poem, but I feel the word 'invigorates' doesn't fit - it makes the line have too many syllables and throws the rhythm, which is otherwise pretty uniform, off. How about finding another word that means the same thing but has fewer syllables? J...Read full comment

Posted in Sun's role

1 Vote

Mad, exhausting,

Posted on Tue, 10 Mar 2009

Mad, exhausting, intense! You captured such a crazy feeling! Once again, just the 'it's' to point out, Yes, keep writing! J xRead full comment

Posted in Lost in New York - Pt II