Mind Stew (2009)

The ones that escape...in between novelling.

Mistress Untamed

Just a quick disclaimer: this is NOT autobiographical!

A Twisted Tale

Funny fairytale frolics, inspired by Bradene's 'Twisted' and the snow!!!

Alphabet of Ending Love (Inspiration Point)

The end was hard. Very hard. Extremely hard. Does it work?

And yet...

And yet… (10th June 2009, 10.09am) you’ve gone dark, absolved any guilt in radio blackness, blocking the airwaves with apathy. I was content with nothing;


Edited, thanks to the commenters!


NOT POETRY!! FOR ONCE!! An extract from the (current) novel I am 'trying' to write...any thoughts welcome!


Becoming (11th January 2009, 9.08pm) Pain like fire, through veins, burns strong and wild as I twist the mortal coil one final, forbidden turn. Swift goodbye. Fire like ice, cracks veins;

Bound (Inspiration Point)

Inspiration point, a darker take...in response to Doeslittle! (I shall not be out-darkened!) x Not sure if it warrants 'erotica' and '18' but I thought it best to err on the side of caution!

Carousel (IP:30)

Love like snowstorms Caught in glass globes, You blow circles, dizzying. I mount your carousel. You buck and twist as I grip your golden pole, Watch the world swirl, swing.

Chaosity Kills

I owe this one to Lily Allen and her new song 'The Fear', whose lovely rhythm I have attempted to emulate!

Confession (Exam Tension)

Confession (Exam Tension) (14th January, 2009, 10.18am) In my hand, I hold no stamp of greatness, Just my purple marking pen; I sit in the exam room, nervous for them,

Cowboy Killer

Cowboy Killer (6th January, 2009, 2.24pm) He strode in like a cold wind blowing through my mind, words slung from his hips like guns, bullets ready for firing; deadly, silver-tongued ones.

Critical Understanding

Critical Understanding (31st January, 2009, 11.21pm) Line up the imperfect lines of poetry against the towering wall of commentary as the critics load, lock, raise their weaponry.

Other People's Children

Oh yes, a little Miss Witch rant!

Google Worship (inspiration point)

Google Worship (12th January, 2009, 9.52am) There Is No God Greater Than The Great God Google... Every day I pray that You will show me the way

Life in Motion

Life in Motion (13th January, 2009, 12.02pm) The world is dark I sit and sigh The world is bright I shade my eyes In moonlight shudder In sunlight burn The cycles come I never learn


My words, rare prose from the frustrated poet!


Lifeline (14th January, 2009, 10.05am) Look at me, See what I’m making: Love for you, Here for the taking But emotions blind, Construct lies from truth, Turn my independence


Another mindspill of short prose from the poet....

Desperate Times Cannot Be Measured

That angels are not the result of artifice, But rather the product of desperation.

Escape Root

Escape Root (22nd January, 2009, 2.25pm) Today is sponsored by overtired SAD and the high squeals of the black-clad birds of prey; I pray on my own time,

Whose Ark?

Inspired by a Postsecret card.

Keeping up Appearances

Inspiration Point...spider and a red dress....


An insight....!!! Tearing hair out? Me? Never!

Poets: A Call to War!

Jenny Rants. Order restored to mind. It may be Pants! Please don't be kind...


Sad-ism (31st January, 2009, 10.15pm) Dry your tears on your arm. The wetness burns your naked sleeve; this need to make you cry has been growing inside like a weed.


Snowstory (3rd February, 2009, 10.49am) Graceless, not a vision in white, clad in suitably unsexy clothes, I skid, slip, splay across the snow like Bambi, minus the cute element.


Snowplication (3rd February, 2009, 11.59am) I open my mouth to receive their snowflake communion on my tongue; an offering from greater, older Gods than the one I have been shown;


A RANT in response to recent slights and oddness...hilarious!

Unhinged Melody

Unhinged Melody (22nd February 2009, 9.18am) I sit here and watch outside your house, From two doors down, across the road, Waiting for you to get up and leave for work,

If I were a girl...

Inspired by, of all things, Beyonce and that rubbish film I paid good money to see last week...

Gorge myself on you

Ooooh, a bit of naughtiness!!!

Rock River Rock (IP)

Rock, River, Rock (1st March, 2009, 12.08pm) Rock, river, rock; sway me in your arms like a babe with a smile; slow-grow in me a penchant for your deep, green charms.

Poet's Plea

Oh hell, comment away, I think I might stop... scream once, tear my hair out, hold up my hands - honesty is the biggest crime, is it not?

Sprung! (Inspiration Point)

The innocence *cough* of Spring!

Wordsmith's Prayer

No idea where this came from, just started going round my head this morning as I was eating breakfast!

High on Snow (Inspiration Point)

High on Snow (IP) (13th March, 2009, 20.49pm) Edgeless precipice; you look down, precarious, high on snow. I watch you. Naïve, I stumble in the light, troughed in some unbefitting,

Love me do (Incendiary)

Bit late for last week's IP, had to come out at some point! I've had enough of trying to be polite!

Here (IP)

Edited, punctuated, named, any better? Too much punctuation?


First poem in a long time!