Out of my Head (Autumn 2008)

For the poems that need to be let out.

On the Insanity of Bureaucracy

Letting off steam - very riled. Pfft!

Bluebird (inspired by Yaerink1203)

Bluebird (13th November 2008, 01.21am) Like a myth, I sit at the base of your spine, guarding either side, hovering above your legendary buttocks.

Cut out my heart

New Writing Season Competition - Poetry

Impassioned Meant

A jolly good dig-out the soul, wrench, vent. Because I was infused with rage, and it spilled onto the page.

Storm River

Bit scary tonight, out here on the river!

No Other Guilt

No Other Guilt (11th November 2008, 2.16pm) Storm water swirls around my conscience; I bleed leaves, plastic bags, flotsam, jetsam: lessons; I’m beached here, stranded,

Three is the number

Ah, a mildly aggravated poet rants on behalf of ABCTales!

Tender Bruises (rewrite for bosch)

Is it any better? I've tried to give you something more to interact with.

‘Catch a falling star,' you say.

‘Catch a falling star,' you say. (6th Dec 2008, 6.38pm) Night is hesitant, waiting at the window beside your face, echoing your call to come and play; ‘Come out, come out,

The Valley of the Ace of Hearts

Inspiration Point - 15 minutes, aye aye!

Plastic Fantastic

It's not about Barbie!


Meteor-Write (11th Dec 2008, 9.10pm) Blaze, mistaken shooting star, through the layers of who we are; atmospheric, night-sky wrecker; tennis ball struck by Boris Becker

Plastic Fantastic - Take 2

With every line a strict 7 syllables, or 3 1/2 iambic feet, in the hope that it scans better now!!!

Don’t. Stop. Me. Now.

One of my (famous?) rants...forgive me?

Jennifer’s Crimbo Ditty (to be sung whilst inebriated)

A little something to get you all in the mood! (Because I'm feeling cheekily festive!)