The Ugly Truth (2011)

Poetry that hurts.


Too early for Valentine's...

Bend and Bleed

Bend and Bleed (5th January, 2011) It might be too late for apologies and gives, not takes; truth disguised by my vowels and your consonants, these bones of mine you bend and break.


Salt (3rd January, 2010, 1.05aam) You linger where you’re not welcome, hovering at the edge of my conscience, prodding my memory when I forget you; could you bear to disappear?

Don't sweat the small stuff

Really a performance poem.. now all I need is somewhere to perform it! J x
Gold cherry

People Don't Change

People don’t change (1st February, 2011) I watch you try to rearrange your spots, leopard-skin shining in the light of mustered illusion. You hold an unsure
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Taxi Ride

This just came out. A response to a local tragedy. Bit close, this one.

Let's get critical

Response to a certain comment! *wicked smile*

Rain Blood

Rain Blood (4th April, 2011) This is the kitchen of memories; broken china pieces under bare feet of crying babies. Don’t sweep before you grieve; the door swings open like

Paper Proof

Paper Proof (4th April, 2011) Raw pain like an itch I can’t reach, so close, on the inside; it’s where I breathe, deep; it’s where my heart beats. These words are not for your ears

Let's Start Again

Competition Entry


Words (26th August, 2011) I can’t promise you anything but words: Of those, I have an endless supply; They come, they press, they beg to be Upon my screen, out of my mind.

Wise Whys

Wise Whys (4th Oct, 2011) I don’t have your address to write you a letter; If I had done, would it have made things better? You won’t leave me alone, like a dog with a bone;


Freedom (4th November, 2011). We brought our placards and our peaceful words; We brought our passion, hoped that we’d get heard; We brought our strength, our dignity, our righteous heads
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The Gap

The Gap (8th November, 2011) The silence that interrupts a conversation; where the pins drop, no-one knows, but we have all felt that strange sensation, that frozen moment of

Unbelievable Plea!

Unbelievable Plea! (8th November,2011) Dear all that read and write on ABC, (So many already been good to me!) There’s two days left in which to get my book

Want and Need

Want and Need (24th November, 2011) The weight of your silence makes me feel old: lead weight replacing a promise of gold. Resurrect your idol just where she fell,