Summer Night City (Summer 2008)

In this new set of mine, I will include
the poetry I write this summer, starting in June
and ending when the sun decides to take away
her warmth and light and laughter from my summer days.

Poem of the week

Autumn Grieves

Melancholy, for Autumn...


Yes, it's on the 'Growing up' theme, but not a sneaky second competition entry - just had to get a few more home truths out after reading Doeslittle's powerful entry!

At the Tithe barn (Inspiration Point) 14th October 2008

Inspiration Point and perfect sunny Sunday curiously coincide...


Barcelona (5th August 2008, 1.15am) My head is spinning, are my eyes sparkling on fire? - too much Sangria and a heart dancing on a livewire to the Mediterranean sounds of La Rambla by night;

Brighton Beach 1.00am

Brighton Beach, 1.00am (6th July 2008, 10.00pm) She takes me by the arm, stumbling in broken flip-flops, swaying in the breeze, slightly pissed, laughing. Red wine in church;


Competition Entry!

Cigarette Girl

Cigarette Girl (17th June 2008, 11.06am) I can see your naked hand on the surface of the table, tapping a silent rhythm as we talk about nothing in particular; my eyes catch on your

The Last Summer Night

The Last Summer Night (6th June 2008, 9.17am) This is the Last Summer Night that I will spend dancing in tents under stars flooded with the scent of crushed grass,

Inside Outside

Poem in response to Tony's suggestion in Inspiration Point, since I submitted both my competition entries yesterday...

Throw me a bone

Throw me a bone (10th June 2008, 10.23pm) Can you hear me in the silences in the house where you live, alone? Does my laughter abound, that loud, homecoming sound, behind the traffic

Musically Useless (For Caldwell)

You writing my story has prompted me to try and write it too!

Romance is Homophonic

Romance is Homophonic (12th June 2008, 10.28am) Let’s holiday in Wales, not whales like Jonah; I’m not sure whether I confuse you but the weather

Your Last Weekend

Your Last Weekend (15th June, 2008, 11.31pm) Your last weekend, student loans running out, you invited me up to party with the Uni crowd; we cracked open the wine and ate party food

Love Letter to No-one

Love Letter to No-one (17th June 2008, 12.04pm) I do not yet know the course of our love, but I know it won’t be smooth; we shall spend caterpillar hours wriggling on duvets, that


Silence? (20th June 2008, 11.08am) The silence echoes with the sound of whispers; faintly, the sound of music drifts across the desks and giggles held deep under escape from breaths;

Vodka Girl

Vodka Girl (30th June 2008, 12.51pm) Glass half raised, she pauses to laugh and I capture her distorted face in the flash-whitened photograph; we measure our inebriation

In Her Defence

In Her Defence (10th July 2008, 10.16am) The boundaries are blurred, the confessions are tainted, the truth is lies, and lies mutated; the words disturb her; she hesitates in her reading,

Poet's Progress

Poet’s Progress (10th July 2008, 1.28pm) The page is full, the lines completed, black where there should be white, words jostling each other for space, unable to breathe free and move;

Tuesday Blues

Tuesday Blues (22nd July 2008, 12.17pm) The view outside is misted, veiled as eyes through tulle; my heart, clouded and full, gazes out across the city, unsure of her next move.

The Schoolgirls

The Schoolgirls (9th October 2008, 10.02am) We got sent to the science technicians to Have our illegal nail-polish removed. We pulled the petals off the daisies to