Something for the Weekend (May 2008)

Because today is Friday?

Pinhole Photographer (for Justin)

Pinhole Photographer (22nd September 2008, 3.51pm) Slow light across a lazy sky; I sit and wait; Time’s a fly biting at my skin; impatient I ain’t; I’m the original fisherman, the end...

Circular musing...


The greatest sin; more spiritual stuff?

At the War Memorial

At the War Memorial (21st May 2008, 11.28pm) I fall on the hallowed grass I push my back into the stone I squint, bright-eyed, into sunlight I drown in a sea of memories

Bent will

A kind of mantra for the love seeker (because I might well be a kind of romantic, after all!)

Boredom (for Doeslittle)

Here you go, Doeslittle!

Can you hear me?

Can you hear me? (13th may 2008, 11.22am) Can you hear me through your raised fists, Double-glazed eyes and emotion-fuelled lips? Can you hear me as you rain down on me?

Cracks and Leaps

Cracks and Leaps (5th June, 2008, 9.18am) The fire cracks and leaps, joking around, aiming to please; throw another log on, watch her spit, cough, and then consume the very core of it

Going down

Starting off a new set with something for the weekend!


My-thology (13th may 2008, 11.32am) This is the way down to Hades Let me lead you to my river Show you how to make it flow Dip your fingers in, watch your heel though

Something for the Weekend

Something for the Weekend (13th May 2008, 11.45am) Dress up, I’ll take it off you Wear that, I’ll rip it from you Wear nothing complex, you’re no fun Don’t start easy Tease me

Truth hurts

Truth hurts (13th May 2008, 4.31pm) Truth scratches blindly at the surfaces; Your edges bleed as if to let her through. Keep your mouth sewn shut, don’t make a move;

Safe, smug little world

Inspired by 'Shallow Graves' by Doeslittle, which blew me away yesterday.

Designed to shock

My poetic mind is in a dark place of late; you have been warned!


For the stressed, the wound up, the Friday feelers...

Touch me


None to title this

Wordsmith at work

No happy endings, only damaged goods and heart rendings

No happy endings, only damaged goods and heart rendings (19th May 2008, 10.20pm) Watch me sleep, listen as I breathe For the last time, next to you, my soul keeps you close

Digging up humans

Morbid metaphor from a twisted poet?

In the bedroom

In the bedroom (20th May 2008, 11.59pm) In the bedroom, you lie frozen like a sort of primitive statue. I can’t tell if you’re badly carved or simply broken,

Louder than

Louder than (20th May 2008, 12.56pm) Louder than silence Louder than your cold stares Louder than the weight of your disapproval I am Heavy Fat with shame Pregnant and proud of it

Whose War Why What For

Inspired by Ewan!

Goodbye Alibi Goodbye

Goodbye, Alibi, Goodbye (26th May 2008, 12.37am) What do you seek with those open eyes? Cut your hair wear a disguise; Halfway round the world you fly; Kiss me quick, I‘ll be your alibi.

Sins on my knees

Isn't the 18 teaser enough?


More spiritual stuff...may offend.

On the matter of Timing

What if, if only...


For the ABC writers and critics, those who take the time to leave comments.

Liar Liar

Liar Liar (3rd June 2008, 10.14pm) If you speak to me, I will watch your lips moving and enjoy the shape they make as you lift and curve your lies disguised as words of apology;


Uncivilised (6th June 2008, 9.53am) I stare out across the vast wasteland, boundaries beyond the realms of consciousness, acres of whiteness and intolerance;

Witch Bitch

Witch Bitch (8th June 2008, 4.40pm) The punctuation and spelling witch sits, twitching, staring at the screen which is bewitching,

The Gossip Mongerers

The Gossip Mongerers (10th June 2008, 12.11pm) You say something; I’ll let a bit slip; we’ll hint and circumlocute without actually spilling the beans, because our beans are magic ones.


Selfishness (12th June 2008, 8.26am) It’s six a.m.; you’ve just come to bed; my alarm is showing me the yellow card as you reach out an arm pull me back into the warm;


Leech (18th June 2008, 11.01pm) One way street, one track mind, take not give: Leech; that is what you are; I love you, but you’ve been a git so far in this relationship; three years,


Unlistener (20th June 2008, 9.33am) I am exhausted, unable to comprehend the basis of your argument; I am worn out by my attempts to explain myself to an unlistener, twisting my words


Ex-stranged (26th June 2008, 10.30am) As I look at you, I cannot imagine doing those things we used to behind closed doors; the urge is gone to rid you of your clothes


Receiver (26th June 2008, 12.34pm) Your eyes, fragile blue, wilting over a frozen smile, lips locked in anger, unable to alter. You can’t, quite, bring yourself to move,

Down Brissol Way

Down Brissol Way (28th June 2008, 4.34pm) Where’s that to, Miss? I’ve never bin outside a five mile radius of where I was borned;

Receiver Take 2

Receiver (26th June 2008, 12.34pm, 30th June 11.42am) Your eyes fragile blue wilting over a frozen smile, lips locked in anger unable to alter; You can’t quite bring

I can hear the sun playing outside

I can hear the sun playing outside (9th October 2008, 2.35pm) I can hear the sun playing outside on the tarmaccaddam, or perhaps it is the children; I can hear the grass shouting