May 8th 1945

May 8th 1945 the nation filled the streets waving flags in celebration - at last the bloody war was won brass bands belted God Save The King, while...

Uncanny Tales – (35) The Girl in The Black Dress

It was the midsummers Eve Ball and Luke Martin was enjoying an illicit cigar on the East Terrace of the great hall, and the reason he chose that particular place to smoke was because it was the furthest from the ballroom and therefore the furthest away from his wife’s disapproving eye but that wasn’t the only reason he always sought out that spot.
Gold cherry
Poem of the week


I saw you yesterday On the green You sat talking easily Your deep lazy laugh Carrying over the grass You didn’t mean To look up And see me. But when...

Uncanny Tales – (34) Late for Work

I don’t like tardiness and in particular I don’t like being late for work, but sometimes it just can’t be helped, but there was one particular morning this last winter when events overtook me and I was late for work.

My Anthem.

Around March and April this year a lot of us, didn’t know how it was going to end. The fear of tomorrow, let alone the following week was uncertain,...

Just 10p

Today at work, I walked to the local shop to buy milk, I bought a large bag of Hula Hoops for £1, I love nibbling on them during work, I first...

Somewhere Faraway

Down narrow footpaths, ruffled feathered birds leave behind flint covered trails and brushwood, they choose to venture for a time inquisitive desires...

Living Love

. Living Love By Paul McCann’ You can’t see what I see so I’m told , so show me some of the secrets that you hold I’m only asking you to light the...

Uncanny Tales – (33) A Man to Be Trusted

“Take care of her?” said Winifred Hawkes-Holland as he opened the driver’s car door. “Will do boss” Harry replied giving his passenger a wry smile as he got behind the wheel. “I’m not a child,” Clare shouted petulantly out of the open window “and I don’t need babysitting”


Gone is that joyful day When we stood before God