All of me

This love does more than pound upon my heart; this love resides; resounds in every part. Infact, I feel it most within my lungs; love's longing sighs...

When You Came My Way

When You Came My Way by Paul McCann . . Just like the falling rain, you came again and again Just like...


Winters wrath near sweeps me off my feet As snow and ice join the skin stinging sleet

The Tornado Sojourns (2) – Chapter 11 – A to Z

Merri entered the atmosphere of Achrem with her piloting and Shiyne in the co-pilot seat and she used the Tornado’s four vertical take-off jumper engines and landed softly on the landing field outside the town of Odekka and there were already several other ships, of all shapes and sizes, parked on the field.
Gold cherry
Poem of the week

Buttershaw, South Bradford

Buttershaw, her love spreads. On summer days, melted and translucent, she's a glistened river. Her grace, a keenness for peace, can hush restless...

Choice Tales from the Vale – (190) The Maverick Solicitor’s Dilemma

Hollins, Cooper and Baker were the firm of Purplemere Solicitors handling Paul Lipscombe’s divorce and it was during a meeting with Lindsay Baker that they first made a “connection”.

The Tornado Sojourns (2) – Chapter 10 – A Friend in Need

After Oshwin Lemik and the Skeet Brothers spent the evening at his favourite bar reliving past glories and remembering fallen comrades, where a considerable amount of alcohol was consumed, they couldn’t remember how to get back to the ship.

Completely In Love With You

Completely In Love With You by Paul McCann v=nHtZo16Lx8Q& . Use me , don’t abuse me I’m not...

Unspoken Echoes

Unspoken Echoes By Paul McCann . It’s a lifetimes adventure Exploring forests and sea , Whispering to the wind like children so innocently . Silence...


She feels like chicken tonight With Marmite toast A welcome break From green roast A pound on the hip You need to lose Squeeze your achnes And...