Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (84) May and December (Part 01)

The lightning struck, intensely bright, followed in almost the same instance, by the thunderclap directly overhead so loud that it shook the car and then the rain began and fell heavily in large drops beating a frantic tune on the car roof.


"So, you can have a liver transplant, a kidney transplant, a lung transplant, a double lung transplant, pancreas, intestine and many more including a...

Uncanny Love Tales – (04) Elphin Girl

If you looked closely at Angela Buckland you couldn’t help but see why she was one of the most popular girls at school, in fact a cursory glance would suffice, her Elphin face had a shape and symmetry that was easy on the eye and her figure was to die for.

Uncanny Love Tales – (06) Hidden in Tweed

Peter Nesbitt was staying in Braithwaite at the Coledale Inn for a few days, it was his brother Johnnies idea, a short break in the Lake District, a change of pace and some R&R, unfortunately Johnnie’s idea of rest and relaxation was the consumption of copious quantities of Jennings Ale.

Flower Guy

Twenty years ago I persevered through one of my favorite rituals, the annual Valentine’s Day masculinity panic. As of 2:50 PM on that fabled...

Downshire Diary – (87) In the Club

Brian Myers was a thrice married and thrice divorced retired gentleman of leisure, 55 years of age and everything still in full working order, and he divided his time equally between the Lily Green Hollows Golf Club and the Sharpington Head Yacht Club.

Bombus Terrestris in Winter

Is there a more charming sight to behold when Northerly wind blows? A bumblebee lingering like a flustered groom... unsettled waiting for his...

A Lesson In Life. Part Two.

On Sunday 9th February, my Son Daniel, told me, “My friend Jason took ill suddenly and is now in a coma.” I didn’t know this lad, but I said to...

Downshire Diary – (86) Are You Wearing Stockings?

Carl Daniels was in Beiderbecke’s, a moody Jazz Club in a seedy corner of Finchbottom. It was just approaching 11 pm when he arrived and he already had several drinks under his belt and he had just ordered another drink at the bar when he spied her in the gloom, and their eyes met across the room.

Tales from the Finchbottom Vale – (84) You’re a Philistine

Downshire Constabulary Detective Constable’s Simon Guiver and Nicola Ellenden worked for the Northchapel CID and had worked together on many occasions in the past and they got on well.