How many of us can say That our hearts overflow

The Love Addict

Sometimes you have no choice but to love yourself

Sid And Nancy

Sid and Nancy (dedicated to my husband who is great Sex Pistols fan) Sid is an apostrophe of a man: Wedged between characters, Waiting to be fixed ,...

Downshire Diary – (44) Sweet Sixteen and Never Been Kissed (Part 03)

It was a beautiful July day and Lorraine was approaching the end of Old Farm Lane, which led to the back of her house, when she saw Gary coming the other way.

The Princess of Odd Numbers

It’s getting dark. The cypresses, slender, respectful genuflect to the sunset, a horse’s eye in all its majesty. In their junctures, iced from winter...

Downshire Diary – (44) Sweet Sixteen and Never Been Kissed (Part 02)

Unlike the ultra-self-confident Louise, her best friend Lorraine was painfully shy. Lou was self-assured and pretty and she knew it whereas Loz was not only shy but socially awkward and full of self-doubt, although she was just as pretty as her friend but had no idea of the fact.

Love Will Last Forever

Love Will last Forever by Paul McCann Walking away without knowing Where on earth I would be going On the road I turned and paradise was lost and...

Downshire Diary – (44) Sweet Sixteen and Never Been Kissed (Part 01)

The village of Clarence is in the Finchbottom Vale, which was nestled comfortably between the Ancient Dancingdean Forest to the south and the rolling Pepperstock Hills in the north, those who are lucky enough to live there think of it as the rose between two thorns.

When The Time Is Right

When The Time Is Right by Paul McCann When your heart is something hard inside your chest and you’re thinking of the one you love the best and in a...