Tell me I'm a poet and I'll kiss you on a Monday. We’ll wake up, make love, go to town, we know we’ll have a fun day. Tell me that you love me and I'...


I will never forget the day we parted I coughed you farted I almost fell Sometimes I wonder if I ever loved you But then I remember that smell I wish...

Downshire Diary – (40) In an English Country Garden (Part 07)

Once Glyn realised that Sam and Ruth were not husband and wife but were brother and sister he was desperate to find Ruth and try to redeem the situation. The last time they spoke he was quite brusque because he thought she was a married woman. They were supposed to be having dinner together but he brushed her off and he was afraid he may have burned his bridges with her.


What my colleagues love about me, that my quest in Life, must be, to find, the smallest, tiniest, two inches wide, drip proof and three inches high,...

Downshire Diary – (40) In an English Country Garden (Part 06)

On Friday morning Glyn Tucker was on duty at the Holiday Club and was there about half an hour before Sam dropped Olivia and Cecily off and he spent the whole morning looking forward to seeing Ruth again, when he was taking her out for dinner that evening.

Secret Party Crashers

Recollect my friend, meeting up on a Saturday night outside Bristol Hippodrome. It was 1972 I'd just turned eighteen, me in my brown suede, knee high...

Downshire Diary – (40) In an English Country Garden (Part 05)

At the end of the day, with everything from the old house moved Glyn took Danny to the Mulberry Tree for a pint but it was really busy by the time they got there so apart from admiring her legs and exchanging a smile or two it was a fruitless visit.

Downshire Diary – (40) In an English Country Garden (Part 04)

Although he didn’t technically start at the school until September he volunteered to help out for two or three days a week as and when he was needed and that evening he was back at the Mulberry Tree. He decided to go in earlier in the evening in the hope that it wasn’t too busy and he might get to engage Ruth in conversation and so he walked in and walked straight up to the bar and she wasn’t there because it was her night off. But he didn’t know that so he had a pint and went home.

Three Colleens From Eire

Three Colleens from Eire By Paul McCann Three colleens from Eire . Three colleens so fair, There was Moira and Mary and Isla so fair The beauty of...

Downshire Diary – (40) In an English Country Garden (Part 03)

His last day at his old school was the 19 th July and on the 20 th Glyn Tucker moved to Brocklington, and he quickly settled into village life and on his first day he took a walk to the local hostelry to have a pint of Mornington Ale at the Mulberry Tree and that was when he saw her.