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There's a rainbow in my soul
And the rainbow never ends

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strong of faith

the lord bless and show mercy be your comfort and refuge may he keep you from harm in need bring trust bring hope provide in loving abundance may all...

persevering faith enduring love

And Jacob served seven years for Rachel; for the love he had to her. honey sweet brown eyes embrace my riches my hope my treasure how warm how soft...

dread the storm born

breath of love mystery of faith clouds as wings carry a child expecting laden weeps for life sobbing water heavy burden ominous building up in anger...

spear of light

first bolt living lightning flows trembles thunder shiver shudder wet cold fever gives life to alive deed of creation forever moment unending blast...

dismal ceremony

elements in balance shadow falls wedding feast wind marries cloud misty robe grey dress dark veil you may kiss kiss a fire savage fearful beauty...


64 of my comments have received 64 Great Feedback votes

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too beautiful

Posted on Wed, 12 Jun 2019

Beautiful. Too beautiful. Much too beautiful.


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Posted in The Ocean

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Posted on Sat, 08 Jun 2019

Sad. Very sensitive.

& Cheers Richard

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Posted in Never Alone

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late-night show?

Posted on Mon, 03 Jun 2019

It doesn't make much sense to me Richard, all I can think is the after-midnight show. Heavy going. Anyway it's good.

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Posted in Last Night

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Posted on Sat, 01 Jun 2019

This is very good Richard. Well written. There is gold rush here in SA at the moment, pieces of gold as big as bricks they say. People travel from far but of course it's pyrite it's fools gold it's worthless. Still, the hopefuls come.


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Posted in Gold

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Posted on Thu, 16 May 2019

Your typesetting ends up very small on my screen I can hardly read it. It's Ok. Good, but where does the "Sixty Year Search" come in? Are you telling of how terribly elusive happiness is? Or/and of the afterlife?

Nolan &

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Posted in The Sixty Year Search

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Posted on Sat, 11 May 2019

One of my friends still in school also quoted Nietsze: "What doesn't kill me makes me stronger". His dad burst out laughing and pulled of the road and he kept on laughing for a half-an-hour.

Good work. Mumbling thin poems. All the same,...

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Posted in That which does not kill us

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dictators and evil

Posted on Tue, 26 Feb 2019

Very interesting. It's incredible how much pain and hardship and suffering an individual can cause, in your words "a monster created by the devil."

The opposite is true also, we are blessed with great men like Nelson Mandela, Washington,...

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Posted in Siege Of Leningrad

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Posted on Fri, 08 Feb 2019

I've heard of this and do they have composite flowers? It looks that way from the photo. Where does the name come from? Dandy-lions!?

See you Luigi keep well! &

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Posted in Dandelions

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Posted on Wed, 06 Feb 2019

Sounds great! Have you been in Zanzibar? It sounds like the paradise they say it is.

Nolan &

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Posted in ZANZIBAR

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not fair

Posted on Tue, 29 Jan 2019

It's not fair.

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Posted in Brooksy