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There's a rainbow in my soul
And the rainbow never ends

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Noble Friend

The righteous will grow as a great cedar in the promised land planted by flowing waters, deeply rooted as a mighty oak May God grant you good health...

be strong brave and bold

May you be blessed find grace and peace Please the Lord and find favour in His eyes May God be merciful, show mercy to others Be a man kind, generous...

rainbow nights

sparkling starlight in you eyes moonshine silver kissed glittering magic sands run night visions and forgotten tales vague as in a glass in a dream...


she’s a breath of air she’s a moonlit night she’s a midnight dance she’s a kiss of light! her voice is music her touch is care her spirit sanctity...

flowing love fever

let my dreams flow flow round-and-round warmly dearest tightly darling maiden dream flowing around your dreams my arms in love warmly safely tenderly...


279 of my comments have received 283 Great Feedback votes

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A holy time of the year

Posted on Sun, 24 Mar 2024

A holy time of the year, and sombre, time for reflection and gratitude and compassion. I have the Mel Gibson film "Passion of the Christ" here on Dvd I haven't seen it yet will watch it within a day or two. I hear it is really very heavy but they...

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Posted in Five days before he was crucified

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wonderful! lovely work!

Posted on Wed, 24 Aug 2022

Lovely Jenny, wonderful! I always feel so empty and bored with my life compared to how full and beautiful your days are, well that's why reading your work is such a pleasure. And for many of us too! Although I do think I have a very rich inner...

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Posted in What I Love

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Posted on Mon, 19 Oct 2020

Good humour you can almost see the chase! Nolan

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Posted in Chasing a Mosquito

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gentle modest dignity

Posted on Sun, 19 Jul 2020

Sparrows are the most beautiful of birds, in their common, gentle modest dignity &&

Always warm and kind, loving, cheerful and playful. See you then Richard!

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Posted in Here Birdie

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Mangosotho Gatsha Buthelezi

Posted on Mon, 16 Dec 2019

At this time we should also remember the great Zulu leader, late Prince Buthelezi

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Posted in Our President

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Fresh shore breezes “

Posted on Thu, 09 May 2024

This is really a good poem Rhiannon a really really good poem! “ .. with the daily rising and falling of the tides; spring flowers flourish,

You outdid yourself this time you must have been there where you wrote it, by the sea,...

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Posted in Shores ever changing, new, fresh

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A discarded ring

Posted on Thu, 02 May 2024

"A discarded ring", "A burnt, scorned Bible" very sad Rhiannon yes. That's what is becoming of society there is talk of not getting married just a kind of renewable licence agreement. The internet is destroying the fabric of society.


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Posted in Memorials of a hedonistic society

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The Three Crowns

Posted on Wed, 01 May 2024

My brother has three crowns and two cowlicks looks wild when his hair grows a bit. Never heard of an asylum cut unless like mohican maybe kind of punk. In the mental homes etc there usually is a guy cutting everyones hair for a rand or so a...

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Posted in Insane Asylum Cut Again

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Posted on Sun, 28 Apr 2024

"should my tears forever flow, should my zeal no respite know" no it is mercy, faith and mercy.

Best! have a good day! & Nolan

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Posted in Not ‘Jesus and …’

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king of kings

Posted on Sun, 21 Apr 2024

Lovely words, beautiful English beautiful verse "To Him be all praise and glory majesty, dominion, power.."

King of Kings and Lord of Lords

Have a great week & Nolan

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Posted in Wonderful King