A collection of poems on many things that inspire me


There are many people in the world with a talent for writing, I would like people to see my work, and comment on it.


'I always enjoy reading your lovely poems from the heart.' This seems like a collection of magical verse. Keep on writing and singing about your life and love!






A poem about the life of a pond.

Missing You

A written piece of love...death and the Summer lands.

Poor Mary

A sad tale about the murder of Mary Kelly a prostitute in the 1800s.

Getting it Right

Not sure if this poem will make any sense to the reader. I was a bit baffled by it myself. It just came to me.

Migration of the Swan

She tips her head upwards towards the open sky...

Under A Blood Moon

Dusky maiden under blood moon, hearing your whisper radiate...

Daddy's Gone

A poem for a soldier and his wife and family.

Hip to the Beat

They were drenched in rock and roll, let the beat go on...submerged in the juices of the crisp vibrations...

A Moment to Cherish

Wish I could bottle moments like this.

Stuck On You

They were survivors, riding the waves of life.

"Fairies Three" ( On International Fairy Day )

This is a reminder that today is *International Fairy Day* My contribution:-


Bridget Jones in a sleezy night club, doing a favour for a friend.

A daughter's Lament

A Halloween tale


The fear within oneself.

A Hendrix State of Mind

Inspired by listening to Hendrix, Electric Lady Land.

A Lovers Tale

Nothing special, I just have to keep writing.

A Man Who Had A Dream

A tribute to Ray Manzarek who died 20th May 2013.


A memory of a beautiful lady, who captivated so many people.


A tale of a forlorn mermaid.

A Moment to Ponder

A meditative moment.


A mothers wish for her child.


A situation I found myself in last week.

A New Eden

Why don't you be honest tell me what you really think.


just an experiment.


thought this poem up in about ten minutes, just to say thanks to Jimi for his music.


A tale of a Maiden fair!

A Retired Old Gentleman

A story of a retired old gentleman.


How the earth sickened.


This happened on a beach in St Pete's Florida, I shall never forget it.

A Symbol of Hope

A Symbol of Hope.

A West Country Poem

This is a fictitious poem about some West Country people who talk in a Pam Ayres accent.

A Witches Lament to the Earth

A Witches Lament to the Mother Earth.


A mans yearning for adventure.

After the Storm

Sky turns an inclement murky grey, a look of anger sickly black

An Angel Message

An Angel Message.


Time for me to paint, spent about a week on this painting.

Beneath a Purple Sky

When sunset reaches deep within, sweet music drifts like a gentle breeze,


When love hurts.

Birds in their nest on a stormy night

A Poem inspired by the wind and rain we had last night. Looking out the window watching the trees swaying I just could'nt help thinking about the birds.


These things happen.


A memory of my childhood.

Continual Torment

A hundred years filled these old walls, deserted rooms mock as negligence rears its ugly head,

Conversations With Myself

Just a conversation reassuring myself.


Paradise is a different place for each one of us, this is mine.

Craggy Bays Through Mists of Time

Drifting across the moors, wandering - seeking shelter,


Just daydreaming.

Dear Dad

Never forgotten memories.

Love's Gone

Smoky blue eyes she wore that day, knowing it would blow me away,

Pause For Thought!

A poem for International Fairy Day. 24th June 2013.

Rainy Days

Whispers of time... echo along pavements, drawing those it touches,

Sleepless Nights ( I P )

To journey to my other world where passions ebb and flow like waves...

The Artists' Muse

Choosing to become sedentary laying alone my mind wanders...

The Majestic Swan King

A poem about King Ludwig 2nd of Bavaria

Seeking the Spirit

Morning sky washes over us, filling our souls with euphoria, raising arms we seek inner peace, mountains at our backs, sea at our feet,

Life At The Top

An account of what its like to become famous and rich, when the only thing that matters is your music and your fans and trying to stay on top.

The Month of June

A story of lost love and the beginning of a new life on my Island of my dreams.

When your young

An insight into a teenager's life, trying to cope with school and being part of a gang.

My Vampire

Yes another Vampire Poem, but it just had to be written.

My Garden Memories of my late friend Sue

My Garden memories of my late friend Sue. We would sit and talk of what we would do, here in my garden I now think of you.

Down Here in Somerset

A poem about a fictitious farmer who lives in good old Zummerzet, otherwise known as Somerset. with his wife and kids and animals. I know it does not always rhym, but hey!

I Remember Then

Remembering a time of Peace and Love!

The Lottery Win

The pitfalls of winning the lottery.

The Magic of the Wood

In yonder wood, unseen fairies live.

My Pal

A poem of friendship.


Does anyone else out there believe in E.S.P.?


My Magic Favourite time of the year.


A poem about the apple


When a gypsies love dies.


A piece that I wrote very spontaneously, after hearing of the death of Sir Norman Wisdom.


My Poem on my feelings of home, for National Poetry Day.


A poem I wrote about my perfect day, working in the garden.


A tale of a woodcutter and a medicine woman.


A Sparrow Hawk feeding from my kithcen Window, in the garden on Saturday evening.


A journey into the Ocean deep.


What Christmas means to me.


A short poem.


Thinking about those good old mountain dreams.


A poem about my thoughts.


In memory of my late mum, who took her own life.


A poem of Spring.


What would the world be like if:-


A scene from my garden.


A body of beauties on a Hot Summer's night.


I had to learn The Hard Way.


A young girls dream.

Seafaring Phantom

A ghostly figure is seen.

Party On Folks! ( I. P. )

Lets all have a party folks!


The Market attraction.

If by Chance!

Chance meetings!

Inland Waterways

A trip on a barge.

Lazy Perfect Sunday

A perfect way to spend a Sunday!


A poem for all those Free Spirits out there!


A poem of fire and passion.


Standing staring at vacant space amid the mixed memories.

ONE VOICE ( I . P. )

Inspiring, uplifting harmonies.

Rhapsody in Blue

My experience of a piece of art.

Here Comes the Sun!

A quick poem to celebrate the Sun!


A day in my life!

Ultimate Rush

Waiting for the big one!

Wide-Eyed and Alive

feelings of elation.

Thankyou To Those Who Have Supported My Work!

It's been One Year to this day, that I have been with abc tales.

Reflective Thoughts!

Images of a Sunday.

Let him Shine this Man of Words!

A tribute to the Great Man himself Jim Morrison! Who died forty years ago today.

The Bohemian's Reply

A letter from a Bohemian to his secret admirer.

The Land that is Mine

I'm elusive and strange... showers splash over me as I take on an ever changing form

The Nether World Awaits

Just something I decided I wanted to write about.

Lady of the Woods

A Gift to us The Silver Birch.

Felicity not Frank!

A Father deep in thought!

Romance Anonimo

Inspired by a piece of music called Romance Anonimo.

Divine Union

When I was young I had a dream.

The Fairies Will Fly Tonight

In the deepest depths of the Forest there was much darkness.

Victimized ( I.P. )

The strangest place I've ever been.

Learning To Fly

When I fly with you, we soar on fairy dust through the night sky.

No Ordinary Day 1977

Our trip to Yugoslavia captured this moment in time.

Seasons Change

Softly as dawn breaks by lakeside ripples mist,


Once a boy...now a man.

Ocean Of Dreams

While you lay sleeping in our bed of dreams

Jungle Cat Alphabet

Just an attempt at this alphabet writing.

Fire...Earth...Air & Water in October

Come join us, with powerful arms massage those oils release the balms

No more Tomorrows

A piece of lost love.

When Tears turn to Dust

I have few stories I could tell of life - pain a living hell

Rocket Man ( I. P. )

just a little I.P.

Wisdom of the Spirit

A poem of Spiritual Love


Her little Children cry Mother's frozen in time, the light drifts in through a window of remembered love,

Waiting to Exhale

Entering, automatic almost Robotic, my wheels a mind of their own...

Everlasting Dream

I gaze up into the night sky wondering if other worlds exist...

The Muse

Urban Individuals, embrace the Mystical lyrics of their music, darkness bonds them together,

Enchanted One

A poem of Enchantment

When a King passed away

His corpse lay buried in decay, remains of a King who died on that day,

Through the Oak

A rustling sound through ancient Oak foretold of what would be, ruffled leaves...dappled on a Summer's breeze,

Slave to Love

The wind blows your name... alone to resist is not feasible,

The Chinese Dragon

A poem to celebrate the Chinese New year

Song of the Willow

Helice flirtatious as the Willow, you hang suspended...your limbs bow down as in a divine dream,

The Secrets of Connla's Well

To wait and linger long...the daily pause of waiting salmon.

It's all too Beautiful ( I P )

The dawn of a new day, we embrace and absorb the sights and sounds...

Winter's Forgotten

Never will they reconcile themselves to the doorway of loneliness...

Heart Shaped Kisses

Slowly beckoning a wounded light... working its way down the corridors of the make believe,

Man and his Faithful Friend

A tribute to the powerful, but gentle husky.

I Wish to Linger Long

The day's summer shadows guide my fortuitous way; sunbeams sparkle like a million jewels,

Sweet Solitude

Silver lady of the night, surrounded by your servants bright,

Living with Wolves

In the recess of my mind, where all former memories disperse then melt away...

Mountain Spirit

We spoke for only a short while as we trudged the rocky trail... with its deep treacherous canyons,


A poem to my late Mum on Mothers Day.

The Trauma of Nam

A poem about my feelings on the Vietnam war, after watching a documentary.

Morning has Broken

First light mist clears - a blanket of green bathed in morning dew beneath my feet...

Ethereal Deception

A woman of power, who uses her charms to seduce men.

Winter's Kiss

When Autumn surrenders to Winter

Honey Bee

A meadow of wild flowers seduces her senses...resistance impossible,

Little One

A poem about the real Olympics, where all deserve a gold medal.

Master Piece

Each stroke with love kissed moonlit bay,

His last Verse

Grains of words disorientated... unruly, though sharp the precipice, meagre scholars, a doctrine engrained,

State of Mind

It didn't matter that the walls cracked, weaving their inticate patterns like webs,

Episyrphus Balteatus

One day they flew in like locusts, appearing across the land,

Seeking her Utopia

Like a whirlwind she dances with great merriment, her hair with amber glow cascades taking flight,

Eden of Dreams

To scale rainbows rising to their peaks, paradise sits on parallel worlds... carried by gentle streams of the visionary mind...

Spirit of the Shaman A Waterfall of Dreams

Nestled beneath a harvest moon, our waterfall of dreams shall sing,

Hanging out with our Feathered Friends

On a branch robin perches, I can tell he's on guard duty,

Left in the Shadows

Running down the years...the road not always clear, delayed by chance memories...forgotten signs held dear,

Mother Nature's Plan

Sun sinks low under a November sky...as a dusky mantle silhouettes the drowsy close of day;

The Artist and the Fishermen

Cascading colours drift on canvas, a firmament of yellow, orange and gold, for the sky with its passion glows as it welcomes a new dawn,

Song of the Big Belly Oak

Slipping from beneath the sheets of antiquity, Wiltshire swaddled - steeped in ancient might, always has been master of its own destiny.

Elemental ( I P )

It was in the day...that the Sun God sent his messenger Dragos, with wings of mayhem, to journey into the ether.

Power To Recall

From out the mire of dreams I crawl, nightmares left now obscured,

After The Rain

Whispers... down the path, gorging on sweet rewards of our labours... fingers stained... glimpsing blackberry, childhood memories... juicy ripeness...

Where Darkness Once Was

Cold – frozen caresses penetrate my wounds, as the swell now lessens I struggle... my insecure wounded visions leave me afraid – trembling body...

The Day You Came Into My Life

I've been desperate to get a poem on abc tales today, ever since I found out it was National Poetry Day, but couldn't come up with one, so I decided...

Lost Souls

I wept in the ruins of unheard whispers, as savage gales swept across vacant landscape, challenging the hesitant observers, woefully...the death...

Focus on the Unknown

Wild primroses blossom...dancing in pale moonlight; angel of the garden the grass your stage, you would flutter like the butterfly, I too danced...

A Momentary Lapse of Reason

Touch my soul make me whole, drifts the Sun to trip upon; beyond colours... dark clouds burst fourth; between each spellbound space...drips crystal...


To perch beside withered stone, where grazed knees once plunged from limbs...as high as rooftops now marked an epitaph, Ergo I write of childhood; as...

Winter Wine

I stand alone... drinking in the season, touched by Mother nature's Summer shadows... now long gone in the blinking of an eye, remembering the breeze...

Secrets of the Past

~~In dark...mysterious discovered chambers, earliest beings figured out their aim was; to draw – paint what they saw, now this is what we recall;...

Steady Flow

Moving through a Kaleidoscopic dream; trying to catch the colours as they drift, impossible to seize...teasing a pensive mind, a steady motion...

The Heat of the Desert I.P.

In the coolness of the night, millions of jewelled stars sparkle; embroidered on a blackened canvas, but when comes the rising rays of light...images...

Song of the Time for Netty

Oh sing me a song of those Summers long, we danced in the forest till our day was done. Chorus: With rhythm and rhyme sing the song of the time, of...

In the Stillness of the Night

When darkness approaches there's songs to be sung; of moonlight and kisses and a heart beating strong, my haven the earth the place I call home, as...

Ring of Bright Water

Trails of allegiance and treachery, a pathway both scathing and appealing; like a lovers first kiss brings to life veiled secrets...both mystical and...

Call Of The River

In Loving Childhood memories of Tales of the River Bank. Beyond the bustling crowded streets where childhood memories are fulfilled, from gathering...

Creature Comforts

Within the lick of passing glow, leaping with determination; chasing moths vision ablaze, as wings flutter without purpose. A mischievous nature led...

Setting The Scene

Shades of Autumn will soon take centre stage, opening curtains on a rustic hue of brown – orange – red and yellow, each character dressed in their...

Refreshing As Early Morning Dew

Peaceful and quiet as the deepest depths of night, when wild musing encompasses my soul; I plunge letting go... meander deep into curving furrows,...

Embracing Solitude

Let me linger here a while a lakeside of dreams to savour, as glimpsing misty mantle an elusive secret, complicated...flowing as memories wash over...

Destination Unknown

Grasping fine strands of art is such a joyous encounter; not knowing if what we embrace is our true destiny or a brief moment, Who knows the order of...

Fragile Words

Tap the door to the back of my mind, awaken my spirit with a healing touch, rumour has it there's time to linger long as I lavish in the fruits of my...

Snow Flakes

As I gaze on Winter's magic, imagining the Snow God shaving his bushy white beard, flakes plummet like a cascading waterfall, flirting with branches...

Cool For Kittens in Spring

In our neighbourhood so feline time to gaze at Spring sunshine, for as on my journey I must go with gently swaying to and fro, comfy sitting here in...

Fear Inside

I don't wish to hear the whispers of melancholy, my mind musty from too much gabble, curtains twitching snooty looks; gazing at this monstrosity that...


Blessed with child a flower she blossoms; her arms outstretched reaching to be desired, trying to balance her life her once burlesque figure, those...

Loss Of Face

Don't burden me with pearly tears, those endless nights of endurance, when skin touched skin... flap jacking, as sweet honey kisses mingle with our...

Poor Old Charley

Charley Farley sat on the khazi smoking on his pipe, when all of a sudden out of the blue; he had such a fright, in the depths of night a moth caught...

In Tune

As morning breaks on a new day dawning, rain pours cradling puddles in open cracks; dew forming on blades of lush grass...while spider spins a song...

Sunny Welsh Morning In June

Light memories often trickle down through the years, yet now reminiscences plummet; cascading... a rainbow of colours filtering every corner of my...

St Ives Bay

Trace my steps along St Ives cobbles, ice cream parlour's by the bowlfuls... along seafront there's gift shops many that's where I'd spend my every...


Fingers lightly touching melting into fleshy skin, an adventurer exploring locating warmth within, every corner of this essence going deeper to the...

A Moonlight Ramble

Wandering into Raven forest I came upon a trail...where moonlight casts shadows, silver light threading a delicate path...reflections of a goddess in...

What Do I Know

What do I know in a world without you? We'll go on forever...you know that it's true, life brings us problems, We Can Work It Out! The two of us...

No Longer Alone

Ah Me !Ah My! Grandpa yearns for days gone by...now he's pushing seventy two there's much we have to help him do, Dad said that it would be just, if...

A Poem For Dulcie

Her every promise a family fulfilled, grasping for that touch of bliss, where hopes and dreams are bestowed with a tender kiss. An Indian Summer came...

An Ocean of Respect

I go to a place where sun dips its beams onto surface of ocean water, creating ripples of light, while all around there's an audible sound of pebbles...

Innocence Lost

Solitary Mother gazes out across grim terrain, a landmark languishing; tolerance no longer abiding, exhausted she's perplexed... as midday sun rages...


Now Christmas is here try to think calmly whether on your own or with your family, taking time out is quite an art, but celebrate with love in your...

Winter Storm Awakening

Trees perform a merry dance ushered by the blustery gales; conducted by billowing dark clouds that mantle weakened Winter rays... though haggard...

Death of a Music Hero

This is a rewrite of a piece I wrote quite a few years ago. Such wonderful lines from some brilliant music of his. I decided to put it back up in...

Last Cry of the Fox

Came from the backwoods unable to back-pedal, no retreating to a world once known...whimpers for her infants as only the moon hears their cold cries...


Feeling the drift of the day as stormy weather sends gales to inspire my visions of creativity; pondering on a desire to dip into my thoughts,...

Between Heaven and Hell

Mama ain't bridged no gaps between heaven and hell, given up the fight, Papa wounded by butchery in a bloodstained land; vowed to locate some safe...

World of Tears

I felt so sad when I got home yesterday, sitting on the bus minding my own business, when out of the blue the lady next to me said; “I envy dead...

Big Top

When I was just a small child my heart was with the circus, my favorite acts were clowns with their silly – crazy antics, a zany fool approached our...

Garden of Dreams

Understanding how undemanding rugged roads we traveled in youth, those bracing winds carried us down to the awe-inspiring ocean, distant fields where...


If! I traveled around many countries; I'd always come back again; returning to my English homeland where my heart forever reigns, it's because our...

Focus on the Flow

Climbing invisible iridescent rainbows my thoughts unhindered, paradise sits where waterfalls of troubles cascade down canvas; worlds apart created...


MUM! Even though you're no longer here there's always room in my thoughts for you, that ever caring person you were so patient and kind, when I...

Man of Iron

From out of the earth was forged a blade like no other, born of many forms: steeped in mystery, fusing metal to metal; molten energy with velocity of...

Mountain Spectre

Alone – I wend my way along crooked trails, sustaining sanity as showers are relinquished from murky sunless gloom – halting me in my squalid...


Teach me how to grow organic inside as metabolism is eager to hurry-scurry... spine stands tall, blood life coursing each pulse nurtures this wanting...

When All Is Said And Done

Now I'm in my declining years feeling so lucky looking back, for even in my gloomiest hour a ripple of light shone through, So! Why would I wish to...

I Can Only Wonder

Clouds float across the midnight sky as I lie here tucked up in my cozy sleeping bag...full moon appears to whisper her secrets of nature's silent...

Do You Remember

Do you remember the serene pace of life enjoying every day in our Florida paradise? Feelings of rejuvenation as we wandered miles and miles of soft...

Summer Sunday

Beams of light quiver through Summer leaves lulling a Sunday afternoon into stolen moments, I surrender to the peace diverted only by the soft cooing...

Caravan of Delights

Awoke this morning to your musings in tunes that melted this heart of mine; your wisdom kept its promise of shared hopes and whimsical dreams,...

Our Finest Hour

Don't be afraid of your quest to seek us out... we wait with anticipation; refuse to be timid; remember the pleasure stepping from lonely shadows.....

Under A Waterfall

Stunning Waterfall send a torrent cascading to wash this body clean, caressing these voluptuous breasts carousing every growing passion, my deep...

It Ain't Crude

What a liberating feeling doing housework in the nude, there's nobody about so I wouldn't call it crude, my primitive words an expression of the heat...

No Tropical Wonderland

Watching spiders eagerly scurry, garden full of nature's agile life; they don't see me... food's their only worry. Me! A cast off of Spring drowning...

Smooth Sounds Of Summer

She sits alone on her old garden chair, musical notes clinging to gentle breezes, sound waves drifting taking her back, lingering like honeysuckle...


Doubts: Sterile clues lead me to wondering why I have no real knowledge – the map of life is clearly dangerous, too weary to take that chance so will...

Moment In Time

Florida 1990 Fragile breezes dance across my face as Ocean waves shimmy a light belly dance, gyrating these shores where many have wandered leaving...

Last Drops of Elixir

Summer's Allure becoming sparse, our daily spoonful of elixir slowly dwindles to welcome a Winter Moon, soon amber glow of fires will snake through...


Sallow skin ravaged by hunger gripped by callous sinful hands, raven approaches with dismal reminder of this desolate waste, escape blew me across...


Nature's Gifts of nuts a plenty, step by step with grunt and squeal, little snouts snatch up a banquet feast this pannage season till bellies swell,...


Little fingers guess no more, lightly tap in numbers touch and scroll, we all have our freedom cry, peace and love are no lie. Change the story free...

Morning Afflatus Reflected On My Window

Dazzle of twinkling rays penetrate imagination, chinks in half opened Venetians... a reminder of Sunlight filtering through dappled leaves, for a...

Autumn Colours

With rapid speed in Nature's Merry dance, russet colored swirls of leaves chase through Autumnal bluster – as shadows cast from street lights in...

Gifts Of My Childhood

In deep recesses of my mind running down nostalgic pavements scrawled with forgotten squares and numbers hopscotch played until we dropped, with...


This is a rewrite of a piece I wrote many years ago. It's scary this stressed out complex life that took Nina to the top, when reaching number one...

Remember When

Remember that time at the beach when we settled on pebbles with expectancy, huddled together in warm hoodies dawn not yet arrived? we had fun...

Little Girl's Dream

I feel the essence of this Christmas Eve filling my senses with fragrant warmth, submerged in a little girls glee at the thought of her smile, before...


Inspired by Steely Dan's record track – Bodhisattva I want to be reborn again, swaddled in everlasting Bodhisattva, awakening Nirvana, breathing in...

Waiting For Beauty To Arrive

Beauty's not waiting to go under anesthetic being a slave to needle or knife, making drastic changes to your body sometimes leads to strife, learn to...

Cats Scratch Surface On Rhythm Night

Wandering streets littered with neon signs from another time, descending steps that have no place for the average Joe, no bowler hats or ties in this...

Letting Go

Loathing to stand before a bonfire of lost memories, choking tears back as I stare into merging flames; so hard to let go, like watching an old...

Dear Friend

Fond memories of an old friend. An old forgotten poem. I is a Cider Drinker down yer in Zummerzet, living in the West Cuntree do wish 'ee' all the...


We shot through space resembling bullets from a gun – flew across the milky way as stars exploded all around, souls spirited away, slipping into slow...

Things You Keep

Gran used to tell me: significance gave value to a biscuit tin full of old family photos, lost memories some now hazy, as time moves on ragged at the...

Full Of Trix

I petted a cairn terrier today which reminded me of you, felt warmth of your memory in it's wet lick upon my hand, how you loved chasing shoreline...

Secrets They Keep

Poor little brother sleeps in a corner on the floor, gets woken on a balmy night when he hears his pa pa roar, wiping eyes and sitting up shakes with...

Mention Of Your Name

Mum! At forefront of my mind, fighting for light, a blazon of memories emanate, combing strands of recollections, plaiting each thread of thought, a...

By Design

They who were hooked on skin, those willing souls awakening a challenge regardless of pain, upon a dare reaching for greater ideas where art slumbers...

Dawning Glory

Reminded me of last years sunshine, days sown in packets of seeds with love, strange how even the smallest of wonders can conjure up long, hot...

More Hands Make For Lighter Work

Those times they were hard back then never had no tractor to work the ground; digging out peat with bare hands, fuel for the fire our only desire,...

Cheese And Honey Sandwiches

Just a little bit of fun I had with the I P. When pregnant be prepared to arrange for your taste buds to slightly change, not that I fancied...

Wisdom Of Her Spirit

How softly moved this woman's resilience, not even that intense flaming sphere extinguished her desire for knowledge – drifting from one station to...

Brief Moment To Dream

Welcome are dreams, their profound symbols submerging then soar like an ocean of waves, breath of life – rising to surface of subconscious,...

Light As Misty Rain

This poem was inspired by an unforgettable and award winning video from Iceland, conceived by and supervised by the musical group:- Sigur Ros / Svefn...

Not Going With The Flow

Just a quick bit of fun with the I P. To have a change they say can feel as good as a rest, so an idea came to me I'd put it to the test, this task I...

Going Through The Change

While working in Farepak factory hot flushes would come over me, then with no way for me to escape it left me in this embarrassing state, hampers...

Waiting For The Flash

I wasn't sure if a photo could express Ekphrastic poetry, but decided to have a go and see if it worked. Childhood is such a mystery to me,...

Shades Of Meaning

Her desirability increases, yet – drowning in shades as light dwindles shadowing her deep, seductive nature, body shifting – as if moonlight takes...

At This Time

Picture by pixabay free images. Dear Mother Earth, at this time I ask for your support and guidance throughout the next ninety six hours, be with me...

Look At Me

Picture from Pixabay free images. Look at me, occasionally there's instantaneous beauty to the eye, then every once in a while my disposition causes...

Golden Tomorrows

Picture from Pixabay free. Approaching my sixth week of recovery, I'm excited for those brand new tomorrows free of pain, to walk in parks, woodlands...

Awaken The Miracle Of Creativity

Picture from Pixabay free September ignites tales of wonder as mind stumbles from one embryonic idea to another, junctions inhibiting train of...

Dressed In Autumn's Colors

Inspired poem by this Autumn scene from Pixabay free. Paint me a scene where I can ramble cruise down river on leisurely barge, gazing at all the...

Right And Wrong

A Rant For National Poetry Day Fixated on words of careless madness stirring up frenzy vague and unhealthy, emotionless, headstrong voices leading,...

Girl In A Picture

Picture from pixabay free Through brushwood sits enigmatic girl, behind shadowed Autumnal leaves, nestled...soft, pensive contours gesturing a child...


image by pixabay free to use. In the Summertime me and my brother Jake can think of nothing better than to fly up – up and away in our red and green...


Image from pixabay free His eyes wander not surprising this gathering increasing, apologizes for his intrusion, still no eye to eye contact, his...

Rhyme Of A Young White Witch

Picture by pixabay free Young girl remembers way back when her mother died when she was ten... then forced into some foster home with sadness she...

Once We Shone

Photo from pixabay free Holding your letters each one a gift, remembering you took away my darkest fears, we'd trip on wine, laughed till tears...

Call Of The Wild

pixabay free image Howl of wolves shoots across tips of mountain ridges, their echoes both near and far, gesturing their tribes on this vast open...

Perceived Misconception

Hard to recall exactly those slithering ghosts snaking silently, whilst trying to process each new dawning of a younger me... especially that...

Christmas Past And Present

Picture by Pixabay free Candles radiated warmth in my heart, fairy lights twinkled at start of twilight, reminding me of Christmas's gone before...

Thursday's Stroll

Pixabay free image 04/01/2018. Storm Eleanor. While out walking strong winds blowing feeling like October's gales, dead leaves dancing jumping,...

Moon Flower

Pixabay free image Bitter Winter lingers taking center stage, undaunted by birth of Spring, passive roots sleep now find comfort in rest, solace...

Undying Beauty

Half light signals first flush of dawn unable to move in hospital ward, perfect sunrise shines as canvas of color brings tears to my eyes, sweeping...


Record of Storm Georgina Wednesday 24 th January 2018 Tempest riding on untamed clouds blown to visit shores, traversing land like a runaway fugitive...

Blink Of An Eye

My own photo Up high in grayish white atmosphere, clouds mass like an arctic wasteland, snow falls soft as guardian angel's touch, steady rhythm,...


Imagine! Pressing down on your past, squeezing every last conquered quest, network of life becomes like cells of the brain, packed tightly into neat...

Bicycle Ride For Two

You're my freethinking companion on our bicycle made for two, with zeal you oil breaks and chains while I read manual, attraction came so easy you...


pixabay free images. Autumn's Crone holds her own with eyes of emerald green, she's walked among fields of corn lightly stroked each sheaf with love...

Swindon My Town

Wrapped in many layers, freezing temperatures don't bother this uncomplicated busker, singing like Bob Dylan amid-st pigeons flight, been well over...

Weather For Brass Monkeys

Picture by pixabay free images 1 st March 2018 Temperature fit for snowmen, as bitter rawness envelopes my every muscle clenching tight, anticipating...

Once Upon Again And Again...

Photo is my own. Left here in darkness tarnished over time, gloomy existence a sacrilege, is this the legacy of hard work? To be fractured held as...

Secret Party Crashers

Recollect my friend, meeting up on a Saturday night outside Bristol Hippodrome. It was 1972 I'd just turned eighteen, me in my brown suede, knee high...


Notice shades pink in Spring, flush of buds sweet are those petals, filling air with color, first taste of season, giddy bees appear, buzz overcome...

Think Positively

image by pixabay free Thriving under Summer sun supporting each and everyone, resembling germination of companion planting, so we too develop...

Hearing Merlin

Unhurried, Celtic legends wash up on Merlin's bay, cove of mystery lingers here, magic mixed with deep emotions stirring in vastness of sea with...

Being Human

Life can be a Struggle Like Creatures Under Extinction Fighting To survive, It's crystal clear to me Equal to leafy green, When rain of tropical...

Missing You

Emotive thoughts of loved ones embodied in us all, we'll talk about our losses until out of words I'm sure, sitting here in silence till weakness...

In To The Deep

Skeleton shapes majestic combing down below, cling to bedrock ocean under coverlet of blue, jointed stems gripping coral, schools of color shimmy a...

Rhythm Power

Get to Club Eighteen hitting music scene, pumping out D J Power begins at the eleventh hour, feeling all them thumping beats with rhythm fever body...

Just We Two

Tuesday 15 th May 2018. Walk along the Ridge Way by Fox Hill. Peeping Sun was faint above clouds, as birds chirped on the breeze, hearing them sing,...

Schools Out

In city parks, Tranquility breached Only by Resonance Of metropolis life, Students once Besieged, Minds gripped – determined, Fresh faces Gathering,...

Barbury Castle

Tuesday 12 th June 2018. Silence lasting No schedules, Submissive To wild Gathering Of sheep, Where Mice in Meadows Of green Hideaway From Kestrel...

Sultry Days And Nights

In coolness Of night I sit alone With eyes Shut tight, Imagine Submerging In pool of Sparkling Cool water, Palms cup Each clear, Sun drenched...

Seduced By September

Image by pixabay free images. August finally closes door spindly legs crawl across floor, with no camouflage to cover his tracks this waste ground...
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Autumn Leaves Must Fall

Watch tremble of Autumn leaves a carnival of colour, feeding, nourishing; a rich buffet replenishing roots, wind takes the blessings of the tree,...

Florida Beach

Where your waves gave welcome your surf revived upon this shore, putting stressful minds at ease then it was so hard to believe, as edgy hands cup...


Yellow: Sunshine smiles I want to create With vibrancy on This beautiful day, Golden: Harmony of treasures To lift spirit higher As winter nears...

Atmospheric Impressions

Lazily gazing Up at shape Shifting images Passing overhead, But for slight breeze they Float almost motionless, Feathery lion dancing on back Of...

In That Moment

In that moment Closed my eyes Heard sound like Water cascading, But...it was just Rustling leaves high up in copse Of Ridges tall trees, Then with an...

Winter's Nod

I welcome Winter's nod of chill When around fire we snuggle, With time to rest...no guilt to feel As early darkness leaves hearts aglow, Memories...

Manchester Lad

As wheels of life Keep turning... Remembering That treasured day, Fresh faced was I Back then Monopolized by Love and laughter, I wonder! Did That...

By Candle's Glow

It's that time of year when spells are weaved on those tiny faces, In every town and city, a smile that portrays the coming weeks and days are full...

Free Spirits

How easy Eccentricity Was when Young, Those all Consuming Eyes of elders devoured us, Ecstasy ran Through our veins... Not the drug you see, But a...

Sweet Hummingbird

Observing sweet Beauty on youtube Powers thoughts To such elegant muse, Fashioned with those Fluttering wings that Tremor of colour So esteemed,...

'Tis The Season

Christmas unfolds like a melodramatic play... showy on the outside yet inside overdone, feasting begins seeking pleasure; over indulging, older you...

Now They Are One

Bliss: she responds to her kiss falling into vast oceans of passion, dwelling in harbour that's their haven...tossed boats undulating on rippling...

First Contact

Attention! New arrivals coming to earth every second of each day, having no knowledge of our language or customs, oblivious to why they're here,...

Chasing Memories

I'm smiling like one of those Carousel horses enjoying the Endless ride, while looking Back on moments in my life. Don't mind chasing memories... In...

It's A Kind Of Magic

There's magic to be had everywhere it can travel invisibly through the air, high up in those towering mountains to depths of deepest wide blue oceans...


Don't speak until now of pretend fairies among tangled weeds... or artificial girl who swings endlessly on chilly breeze, do I care that whimsical...

From West To North And Then Some

She! Who was a teenager back in 72 recalls the filthy specks of dust soiling her skin, discharged from Smelting works grime so grim, carbon hanging...

From West To North And Then Some...

She! Who was a teenager back in 72 recalls filthy specks of dust soiling her skin discharged from Smelting Works grime so grim, carbon hanging over...

Scarcely Visible

That night at home Creativity got the best of me, Free to evolve accompanied by Peace of evening's silence Inspired a seed of thought, Entwined with...

Earthly Paradise

Never mind chilly snow and ice, my thoughts take me to a tropical paradise, Where waterfall! An oasis seeks to refresh in pools of enchantment,...

Need To Survive

Beneath the Glitz And glam Is a world Where poverty And crime Walk hand In hand, Where Forced Copulation Screams out In the Night... But nobody Comes...

Valentine Charm The Muse

Those Pr-Raphaelites Knew of physical love How to win a heart, To pursue with words Those tears of emotion Then happily spoken, Followed with quill...

Embracing The Storm

Summer storm clouds appear to weep their sobbing bouncing off leaves of trees, globules released from dark sky splashing into puddles like many...

Where Do Secrets Go?

Close my eyes...Shh! Secrets hide inside, diminishing silently staring back at me, then – into the abyss many piled so high, lost in darkness long...

Precious Nature

Think within myself awaken creations eyes capture springs message... energy of colour as harmony blossoms savour blooms before petals scatter, enrich...

Women's Day

Women out there with message of voice today it's time to show, sing and rejoice, let's display for this is our one special day of our hopes, we can...

Shared Pleasures In Spring

Do we hold onto visions of constraint? No! Let senses fly elusive, our psychic yearns for freedom to explore, then with eyes shut tight...hands...

Passion In Red

Sexy, passionate red gives light to those spicy ladies of the night, subliminal crimson mantilla lace lifts her spirits to another place, cherry wax...

When Time Stood Still

We go to our secret place where day and night have no meaning, lock time away in a room of our minds hide key for safe keeping, relax in serenity of...

Like To Remember

Those yawning summers our parents once knew, left us youngsters with easy energy that was boundless, chasing silent butterflies though diminutive, we...

Ocean Scene

Jagged rocks gaze out to sea as monster wave claws its way, imitating huge polar bear easily dipping, rising sinking... needs to eat up miles of sand...

Cone Of Enlightenment

Pine cones scattered waiting motionless, delicate living things, nature's minuscule diving boards that have no springs, upturned becomes shelter for...


Reflecting with sincere compassion on those crippled...unable to leave their house, they gaze out of window watching world pass by. Take heart, be...

Setting Sun

This golden glow Shines silently... Night will soon Spread through Shedding light From darkness, Capture such Essence as Beams Roll out Glowing...

Stairway To Heaven

Early years give meaning to passions related desires of possible chance... feeling light as downy feathers, enthusiasm hovering – prowling like...

Head Full Of Dreams

Every writer has a gem they wish to share coming out of visions exposing their flair, some are like diamonds glimmer and shine few are full of...

Miss You

It was Easter on a very hot weekend in 2019. My partner's pottering around in the greenhouse tending to his radishes and corn that are looking grand...

Cyclone Fani

May 3 rd 2019. How cruel life Proceeds as Fate deals that Mighty blow, Homelands Washed away On tides of Uncertainty, We'll watch with Heavy hearts...


Naked trees in winter seem to stupor, pulse of roots growing ever deeper... absorbing goodness from the earth new life suckles under snow and ice,...

It's Only Words

Words don't come easy, I could sit waiting for a signal to snake its way into my mind, coated from discussions or illusions...but reluctant to stay,...

Somewhere Lake

Martha was a woman who adored the lakes and forests and all the wild creatures, she also loved to sit at side of lake and watch fishermen, studying...

Sensual World

Love will never melancholy pale, sweet though not sugar coated as music floats about your room chasing candlelight then dispersing, heavy drapes at...

Paint The Sky With Stars

I was just thinking about you dad it's been fifteen years to this day when I lingered beside your bed watched you take your last breath, though the...

So To Drift

Seems so long ago now, parched as we were in Scorching heat - followed coastal path of Seclusion, quenching thirst I cupped my hands, Reached down to...

Ghost Riders

It seems so long ago a tuneful legend was hidden, but not lost. We took pleasure in telling tales of wild nature and galloping hooves, a figure so...

Through Eagle Eyes

Limitations are those we create from fears, strength in faith of mind needs patient ears, guide this soul across tallest mountain peaks, shower me...

The Butterfly-Maiden - Rewrite

This is a resurrected poem from 2011. I wanted to put something on for International fairy day, 24 th June 2019. Slipping through rainbow coloured...

Brainstorming Moments Like This

Just for a short while when shrinking under heat of raging sun, to see snow would be a great relief, contrasted with last dregs of autumn rain, just...

Rhythm Of The Buskers

This a poem based on my respect for those buskers who spend many hours entertaining crowds. They are my heroes. In this muggy...humid heat playing...
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Poem of the week

Joy Of Writing

When imagination hungers many a tale evolves, expanding on some personal journey, if not lost in the twinkling of an eye. Occasionally ideas are...

Prints In Snow

Hushed was the silence those furry white limbs when first snow came and eyes were excited, to look back glimpse with doggy delight at those...

Autumn's Canvas

Seeking pleasure Autumnal spirit, Avant-garde Concept Manifesting Unconventionally With untamed Indulgence, As sunlight dims Mellow shades Nestle...

Autumn's Fall

Crowds no longer mass in parks when youngsters go back to school, all that will be left are crows hunting, trees standing with occasional squirrel,...


Love to trip those violet sounds...so much music transcending, chance of energy taking hold divine...thousand notes intermingle; stirring emotional...

Breathing In Life

Sunday 18 th August 2019. Sarah's birthday barbecue. Enjoying need For inspiration As hearing caw Of crows, Deep thoughts turn To northern winds,...

Therefore I Am

Eyes have thrilled Soothed my mind, Days now precious Overflowing with Pages once blank, In short...presently Filled to brim, those Plots of fiction...

With Obsidian Eyes

Gracious wings pass under shape shifting clouds, gliding on soothing current of zephyr air, pursuing verdant open expanse, as evening shadows sweep...

Let's Raise A Glass

Soon Autumn leaves will dance a waltz at nature's silent melody, I will raise a glass of wine and confess while clock is ticking, to celebrate...

Downfall Of Guinevere And Arthur

Standing in silence beneath an apple sky, emotions like ice cream clouds formed then melt away, hidden thoughts kept safely locked inside, remember...

Voice Of An Angel

This is a poem about a Dutch Soprano singer by the name of Amira Willighagen. You should check her out on Holland's Got Talent at nine years old...

Blessing Autumn

Yellow – gold – Orange – red, Falling to earth With clarity Of rest, Naked branches Are silhouetted Bandaged in bark, Some dead wood Cracks and snaps...

Remembering Bee Symbol Of Our Great Poets

Wednesday 2 nd October 2019. Working in the garden I gazed on one solitary late summer bee today, reminding me of soul's determination to hold on as...

Nostalgia At The Fair

A poetic letter never sent. Dear Brian, do you remember back in 1967 at the annual summer fair that came to our village green? Because I do...


In long forgotten graveyards earths darkness rests so still, no rainbows arch deep down where personal treasures can be found, those misty memories...

Meditate On The Chakras

I am left with light centred radiance like pure snow flakes compelled to ascend life force flimsy like feathers present at next level there to rest...
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Light Of Samhain

When golden leaves fall may each one be blessed, they've danced in summer breezes but consequently their song is almost over, as roses with...


Don't try to conjure the dead at Halloween it's not just good spirits that might be seen, invisible places where evil comes through means it could be...

Winter's Charm

frosty mornings thrill to a chill when icy cold and perfectly still, lake once rippled glistening rings frozen till ice thaw comes in spring, swift...

Safe Journey Blackbird

It's now early November and still late roses bloom, in between leaves holding onto life like they have no intention of going anywhere, so I scatter...

Yin And Yang Of Poseidon

Giddy with excitement oh vast oceans of energy, in twisted loop of eternal alertness weaving between starfish; drenching smooth, glossy pebbles as...


In loving memory of Sharon. Remind us to have positive memories, strengthen and support with sensitivity these two beloved sisters and daughters,...

Strands Of Thought

As I sit here on bright November afternoon, Warmth of sun Giving pleasure, As rays stream Through into Conservatory, Crystal hangs in Window ensuring...

Cycle Of Life

Muddy – marshy – murky forest floor, squidgy – earthy like browned off mashed potato squelching in November's rain, as storms drench dawn's secrets...

Written In The Stars

I remember one hot summer in distant past...making believe while lying on dry matted grass, beneath a sky that was so vast, feeling that my soul was...

Woman In The Mirror

I gaze at parallel image smiling back at me, those sparkling eyes full of age old wisdom, we are like two separate entities though entirely whole,...

Proud Nation

Once willingly we wandered those barren lands with self determination, respecting Mother Earth, only deriving what was needed in Spring time of our...


This is a poem written by an old pen pal of mine from 1995. I think his name was Chris, but cannot be sure as he always signed his letters with a C...

Dancing To A Different Tune

When friendships are lost is there a moment when distance hides behind moon clouding what we once knew? Or maybe an impulse of memories have become...
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Nearly Awake

I was close to embracing spring, its purity fresh faced like a maiden; nature's pink blossom radiating on her blushing, smiling cheeks, while showers...

To February With Love

February entwines with its beauty, wrapping around like an elusive gift, as pulsating breath draws in energy, treasured sharpness of cutting winter...

If Not For Love

Delicate and fragile our dreams have become Yet! You've always been there even during wildest storm, as sound of gales remind me of crashing waves...

Bombus Terrestris in Winter

Is there a more charming sight to behold when Northerly wind blows? A bumblebee lingering like a flustered groom... unsettled waiting for his...

Blustery Tempest

Skeleton greenhouse lies in pieces...glass come loose at hands of fierce beast, fragments combined with earth lie shattered at edge of last years...

Night Creatures

Imagine! If you will walls of rock Silhouettes roused from sleeping, Attentive, downward swooping, How curious strange screeching, Hanging in...


This gorgeous summer's day I should be off with my sisters, yet! in this moment I decline. I feel this kingdom my home where I've tasted success,...
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Butterfly Bridge

Tonight we'll cross butterfly bridge higher than the moon itself in spring, for it's where crocuses spreading out stand silently waiting for early...

Bathed In Dreams

Through night sleep where sky lends itself to pleasant scenes... just the idea of my humble bed acts like vehicle carrying me, where I feel secure...

Conceived In Isolation

Will sweet nectar of her garden be too much to resist? Hunger ancient and mysterious as liquid ambrosia given to gods. Filling time in cautious...

Easter Thoughts

Now! Still the air, revealing beauty of maiden petals, vases in airy rooms, rose hip kisses of open buds, bringing a welcome to the Easter home. In...

The Beat Goes On

Spin a dream catcher spider outside my window pane, take away my nightmares fill the air with pleasant dreams, for encounters while out walking...

Summer Madness

Beware! Summer madness of Amanita Muscaria, rising like a scarlet temptress she flourishes; white puffs flirt though deadly kisses disperse, leaving...

Sacred Bubble

Gather consistency of beams teased into crystals hanging reflective...see how they tremble as rainbows slink across sheltered walls, transmitting...

Hope In The Distance

Peering from behind lace curtains, maintaining steps into serenity, marooned here with canvas, brushes, paint, some attention to detail, excitement...

Fulmars Charm

This is a poem I wrote last year under the name of featheredwing. I wanted to share it here on abc tales. Up high on ridge This curious character...

Summer's Blessing

Does May tree hold that optimism, that gentle language of late spring? As people eagerly gathered beneath Hawthorn's bloom, I remember on village...

Racing Madness

Devouring empty roads lungs full of dirty smoke, taunting the innocent these crazy passions, why fuse rage and danger this impetuous craze? Like a...

Heartfelt Nostalgia

Poem about going through old diaries and photo albums. Basking in golden years, looking back... journey spreads a wealth of history, though memories...


The dizzy dancing way you feel like bubbles in champagne, must not be shaken! 'Still the sparkle,' for love can be too effervescent if not given time...

Expression Of Movement

Brain power breaching the fringes of logic, snail's shell carried on course of adventure, a probing seeker nomad of words, fluttering pages like an...


Measureless infinity sparks flashes scattered in darkness, spanning space and ripping through time, prodigious travelers with cosmic eyes flinch,...


My eyes follow you into rain feeling dry earth becoming moist, growth echoing below meadow sweet pulsing daisies and buttercups to rise, flutter leaf...

Ode To A Pink Lady

Pink Lady! Ye blush as I pass, On outside...skin appearing tough; But inside sweetness is confirmation Love has no wish for any other, Sharing this...

Abstract Train Of Thought

A piece of abstract poetry. Give way – twist inquisitive curiosity, focus trance this altered matter, calming streaming tensions, free squinting eyes...

Breaking News!

Just had a news bulletin in! It seems that we have gone out well beyond the great stratosphere of this our planet earth with a website by the name of...

Frequenters Of My Garden

For many a year watched crows fly against back drop white clouds...blue sky, They've had their share this my garden feast, hidden beneath blades...

Tapestry Of Words Right Here

Ocean gives land powerful rush deepening as years progress as I in storm feel refreshed, spending time reminiscing journeys left behind giving...

Bird Of Prey On A Solstice Day

Awaken in Early morning Mindfully restored, Presence seeking Gracious gentle flight, I stream across Golden glow Imagine pushing time – Remaining...

Forest Secrets

Meandering Forest banks Looping waves Of green those Silent ferns Lie serene, Even swelter Scorching sun Cannot rob cool Sense of calm, Across a path...

Uncertain Days

Uncertainty scares people what are we meant to do? Live our lives in safety or follow our own rule? Some think mask will save us while others have...

Art Inspired

This artist with nimble touch paints a pigment language, brush strokes in vivid richness blended...embellished essence, gentle curves passing,...


Just a patch of poppies grow beneath greying sky, pathos of life ebbing in the final battle cry, gentle flowers mark fragile life when from trenches...

Hungry For Cornwall

Sweet memories of 1960s, taste of strawberries topped with nuts and Cornish ice-cream, tracing teenage years those passages of time, mouth watering...

Clarity Of Gardens

I started a story taking time to clear mind along lines of Garden Clarity seemed fine, words they came I couldn't hold them back what I needed to say...

On Woodland Lake

Surface dreamers Lost in the moment! Passing time White drifters Those weavers Of homes, Nesting in Quiet reeds Vague as Celestial stars, Seeking...


This is an old poem I wrote back in the early 1980s. Why don't you be honest tell me what you're thinking, instead of humouring with shallow words of...

Words Of Comfort

Music to my ears haunting melody, guiding thoughts – sweeping passages, recesses of mind hungering words nestled in womb... faith captured then...

Soon Gone

Interpret as you will. Essence wrapped stars within honeyed peaks, helping trembling corn that ate breezes in a million ways, streaming paths...

So Must Night Descend Into Day

Overhead hazy brightness partially fulfilled, sails on leisurely breezes, hardly prismatic...only faint rays in pearls, sunrise dew drops detaching...

Time Was

I plucked a moment from younger days, pleasures twirling in an unseen eddy; arms outstretched before sloping to earth, laughing among blades of vivid...

Touch Of Class

Alabaster Smoothness Stirs senses, Deep calm Of touch As fingers Slide across Cold curves. Body would boast warm Sensuality If human, Subjected to...

From A Window

Smooth honey releases energy sweeter than lingering syrupy kisses, longing to feast on fruity delights... caring too much these delicate matters,...

Needing Hugs

When a mother's voice captures time special as an angel's kiss, gentle flutter of wings, quivering leaves in captured breeze, my innocence yearns to...

Forest Rhythm

Time elapses often so fast, forest creates its own rhythm, grasping invisible links unseen, underground darkness no twinkle of stars, just systems...
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Thinking Out Loud

I've read in ancient forest, sung to Autumn's fallen leaves that blew away with ease in October's breeze, I could recite Autumn by Keats with...

Half-Hidden But Significant

In youth I flew for today didn't matter, setting out on some bold journey like soft downy feathers ready to take flight, amusing ourselves,...


Real dandy in yellow shady titfer, loves attention from butterflies and bees, stands alone sometimes neath blades of green just waiting to be seen,...
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Peace In The Forest

Tuesday 1 st August 2020. A walk in Savernake Forest. Afternoon pleasures that merge, wandering along snaking paths where mystery and reality give...

Bygone Times

In distant past when spring slept through winter's chill, silent smoke emerged from chimneys spilling fumes into atmosphere, like serpents determined...

Preparation Moon Cycle

2 nd September 2020 Full Corn Moon. 1 st October 2020 Harvest Moon. 31 st Ocober 2020 Hunters Moon/ Blue Moon. Silver lady's grown grain wears her...

Somewhere Faraway

Down narrow footpaths, ruffled feathered birds leave behind flint covered trails and brushwood, they choose to venture for a time inquisitive desires...

In Quiet Moments

Late years can't take facing crouched snows, spirit hatched facility left heart to repose, softly somewhere safe, not like leaves buffeted feeling...

Worlds Apart

When I hear about people having to flee their country because of poverty, wars or cruelty, it makes me feel so sad, but lucky to live here in England...

Wisdom Of Life

How different the here and now, it's still me! But yesterdays mortality feels more starry. Todays concerns are far more silent, young examples of...

Escape Into Art

Paint me an ocean scene call it autumn by the sea, figures standing windswept on grassy cliff top feeling free, requesting invitation to welcome...

After Dark

Secrets of the night shared with you, something we both enjoy to do, warbling on for hours and hours like chiff chaffs in perfect togetherness, with...

Shadows Of The Past

Shadows creep where deep and lonely nights are housed, only wind breathes through cracks searching inky darkness, every creak expands imagination...

Equilibrium Of Brushstrokes

An artist paints in visions...to some eyes fleeting like leaves on a breeze, art work also portrays flesh out of positive energy, compelled by...

Aware Of Letting Go

Try to imagine sinking into a warm bath, full of rose petals and fragrant oils, that take you to another place. This thought inspired my poem. Voices...
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Poem of the week

Memories Of You I Keep

In memory of Seta, Honey and Misty, my three late cats who gave me so much pleasure during the 1990s. End of day became feline precious eyes gleaming...

Waiting For The Thaw

Sometimes I think I'll never write again...but then inspiration comes when I least expect it. Activating poetry is like waking from the thaw of...

Play School Windows

Nostalgic recollections fun house named Play School, teaching Sophie entertainment could be educational, glancing with Big Ted and little Ted through...

Deodar Tree

You are no Christmas Tree living peaceful and serene, have no care for weeping in your passion for giving, present of wood for shelter enduring...

Christmas Rhyme

Just a silly Christmas Rhyme at 2020's lock down time. Now we're staying in alone talking only on telephone, good wishes in Christmas cards now that...
Gold cherry

Symphony Of Emotions

When encountering sadness violins that rain down like a waterfall of tears cascading in sympathy, instinctively understanding this essence from...

Freeing My Spirit

Once I meditated on the American Indian way. This poem is dedicated to that peaceful time in my life. Storms send out their chant wrapping soul in...

Child Named Hope

What if we were hearing the child of hope? Would we listen to this new cry born out of love that touches our very soul, a force free, pure and...

Drifting On The Muse

Showery and cool the day, yet behind closed doors I weave a web of memories, that dance and quiver to unforgettable tunes lifting my spirit, brimming...

Big Belly Oak

Driving passed the Big Belly Oak on the edge of Savernake forest, between Marlborough and Hungerford, I couldn't help being inspired to write another.