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Jupiter Moon

Open-mic poet, loam walker, leaf gazer, snail-paced-at-getting-published novelist and eternal optimist. Debut publication painting for lemonade now available here: www.cerasuspoetry.com 

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we got old so quickly

we got old so quickly the clanging snare of punk sideswipes riflemen in gaiters as caverns of spoken gold echo with ladder rungs numb feet vodka...
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retirement anything green and alive has been ripped out torn up scorched down and paved in mowing the lawn is now something you watch the neighbours...

the birch catkins of beltane

the birch catkins of beltane soft keys of secrecy slip strung on the wind cavort for the rising sun as rinsed and rain danced they yearn for the...

the view from above

the view from above such peace such slowness as the herd moves untroubled from the past of yesterday to the future of tomorrow the now of today is...
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Poem of the week

we made this

we made this wrapped beneath tepid blankets of post unopened scarcity stalking the gate we are all gone starlets remembered only in our eight-month...


2 of my comments have received 3 Great Feedback votes

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Wow - these seems popular.

Posted on Thu, 13 Nov 2014

Wow - these seems popular. Thank you all for your comments. There is sadness in this poem; sadness in the surrender. But, that's the thing about surrender, you can change it. You can work hard to not wave the white flag. 

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Love this - perhaps it could

Posted on Sun, 18 Apr 2021

Love this - perhaps it could replace the daily news? Smart, clever and funny. 

'We can meet people (no more than six)
for social intercourse but not dirty tricks'

Glorious Luigi.  

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Posted in After the Storm