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Open-mic poet, loam walker, leaf gazer, snail-paced-at-getting-published novelist and eternal optimist. Debut publication painting for lemonade now available here: www.cerasuspoetry.com 

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this is how love is made

this is how love is made the next one, the one I marry, will have eyes of silver moon threads, we’ll wrap ourselves tight in memories made of hot...

in guano

in guano arriving aromas of all the world paint travel onto wistful winds human nostalgia chargrilled on hot coals as tiny skyward fingers follow...
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diminuendo it takes her longer to laugh, a slow-fuse mulling between the words going in and the mirth coming out she straightens so many things,...

the cosmic egg

the cosmic egg within the twilight tonight, between the eyelids of dusk and dawn, comes the equinox:
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where emily walked

where emily walked the cholera cobbles clamour less, than then infants make stronger adult shapes, resilience fragile and untested words no longer...


1 of my comments has received 2 Great Feedback votes

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Wow - these seems popular.

Posted on Thu, 13 Nov 2014

Wow - these seems popular. Thank you all for your comments. There is sadness in this poem; sadness in the surrender. But, that's the thing about surrender, you can change it. You can work hard to not wave the white flag. 

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