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Storystars over kennet JupiterMoon66 days 17 hours ago
Storyonly when JupiterMoon41 week 3 days ago
Storyhog plum and lobster JupiterMoon31 month 6 days ago
StoryOur Soil lenchenelf201 month 3 weeks ago
Storyspeed-dating for the vanished JupiterMoon31 month 3 weeks ago
Storywhat some may call... JupiterMoon82 months 1 day ago
Storyout of the loop JupiterMoon72 months 3 weeks ago
Storyfar dust JupiterMoon53 months 2 weeks ago
Storythe frog pond at equinox JupiterMoon91 year 1 week ago
Storysun bubbles JupiterMoon11 year 1 month ago
Storymeltwater JupiterMoon61 year 1 month ago
Storyseep JupiterMoon31 year 1 month ago
Storynothing more than saltwater JupiterMoon31 year 1 month ago
StoryThe Kindness JupiterMoon61 year 9 months ago
StoryThe Kindness - Chapter 1 cont'd... JupiterMoon31 year 9 months ago
Storywe the land JupiterMoon71 year 9 months ago
Storynot quite AA, but only 12 steps to the bar JupiterMoon92 years 2 months ago
Storyimbolc JupiterMoon52 years 2 months ago
Storyeden of the north JupiterMoon02 years 2 months ago
Storyand when we should have felt like strangers JupiterMoon122 years 3 months ago
Storynamaste JupiterMoon12 years 5 months ago
Storywe got old so quickly JupiterMoon22 years 6 months ago
Storyretirement JupiterMoon32 years 7 months ago
StoryAfter the Storm luigi_pagano82 years 11 months ago
Storythe birch catkins of beltane JupiterMoon32 years 12 months ago

My stories

Gold cherry

only when

only when poised at the edge of dimension, awaiting a safe day for first contact, they see – a hideous hardcore refusing to welcome children in boats...

hog plum and lobster

hog plum and lobster as the sun gears itself up for another day, young lives teeter toward ending bedrooms lit by greedy screens desperation, silent...
Gold cherry
Pick of the Month

stars over kennet

stars over kennet star lit stones wrap around me and i am held rapt for a pitch-black procession the memory of daylight sleeping beneath frosted ice...

speed-dating for the vanished

speed-dating for the vanished light streams from warm bars, smiles recoil from chandeliers i watch, hooded and rained on too close to the glass,...
Gold cherry

what some may call...

what some may call… hill swept, i pass the gate after a time-worn ascension as wind bends the ring of beeches i can see for miles, millennia even...


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Wow - these seems popular.

Posted on Thu, 13 Nov 2014

Wow - these seems popular. Thank you all for your comments. There is sadness in this poem; sadness in the surrender. But, that's the thing about surrender, you can change it. You can work hard to not wave the white flag. 

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Posted in not quite AA, but only 12 steps to the bar

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Wonderful. Simply beautiful,

Posted on Fri, 16 Feb 2024

Wonderful. Simply beautiful, with just enough of a whisper of stark to give it bite. Powerful and well deserved picks. 

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Posted in Our Soil

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Thank you for the golden

Posted on Fri, 10 Mar 2023

Thank you for the golden cherry and the kind comments everyone!

I would have loved to have joined in with the reading Insert... - but I'm seeing the Steve Hillage Band that night (a very good excuse, surely?) Next time... 

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Posted in meltwater

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Love this - perhaps it could

Posted on Sun, 18 Apr 2021

Love this - perhaps it could replace the daily news? Smart, clever and funny. 

'We can meet people (no more than six)
for social intercourse but not dirty tricks'

Glorious Luigi.  

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Posted in After the Storm