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Storyteeter JupiterMoon41 week 1 day ago
Storybethany JupiterMoon01 month 1 week ago
Storywaltz with me dressed in christmas lights JupiterMoon11 month 4 weeks ago
Storydiminuendo JupiterMoon73 months 3 days ago
Storythis is how love is made JupiterMoon03 months 1 week ago
Storyin guano JupiterMoon03 months 1 week ago
Storythe cosmic egg JupiterMoon26 months 1 week ago
Story1984 was more than just orwell JupiterMoon76 months 3 weeks ago
Storywhere emily walked JupiterMoon67 months 2 weeks ago
Storywhen i am gone JupiterMoon111 months 3 weeks ago
Storyseptember makes dark JupiterMoon121 year 1 month ago
Storywhat we talk about when we talk about fire JupiterMoon21 year 1 month ago
Storysemblance JupiterMoon11 year 1 month ago
Storyfor Klavdiya Plotnikova JupiterMoon01 year 2 months ago
Storyi open my curtains at night, for the stars JupiterMoon01 year 2 months ago
Storynever had sex with dylan JupiterMoon31 year 3 months ago
Storya minute darker JupiterMoon01 year 3 months ago
Storyme six, you still seven JupiterMoon61 year 3 months ago
Storythis weather station JupiterMoon31 year 6 months ago
StoryAll Washed Up forest_for_ever91 year 6 months ago
Storymissing: presumed poet JupiterMoon11 year 6 months ago
Storydon't die (inside) JupiterMoon31 year 6 months ago
Storyrose quartz snake oil JupiterMoon01 year 7 months ago
Storyplenty more dead fish in the sea JupiterMoon41 year 7 months ago
Storyimbolc JupiterMoon51 year 7 months ago

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teeter steel-toed foundations deep dug into crusted shores middle-class plastic drift pushes in layered like ageless skin cold hefty monoliths cloud...


bethany last night, i dreamt that the ex before the last ex had left a large box on my doorstep true to her callous form there were no words of...

waltz with me dressed in christmas lights

waltz with me dressed in christmas lights a soft sentiment found on a screen the clever words of another immediately it formed as a wish prised out...

this is how love is made

this is how love is made the next one, the one I marry, will have eyes of silver moon threads, we’ll wrap ourselves tight in memories made of hot...

in guano

in guano arriving aromas of all the world paint travel onto wistful winds human nostalgia chargrilled on hot coals as tiny skyward fingers follow...


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Wow - these seems popular.

Posted on Thu, 13 Nov 2014

Wow - these seems popular. Thank you all for your comments. There is sadness in this poem; sadness in the surrender. But, that's the thing about surrender, you can change it. You can work hard to not wave the white flag. 

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