Leaf and Loam

Poems by nature, for nature; about nature.

the lament of the cactus

the lament of the cactus i see, soft tears of creamy white, trembling from the leaf tips; pooling for the evening. witnessed, within the cusp of my...

rebuilt by serpents

rebuilt by serpents magpie, take my heart. raven, take my liver. crow, take my gaze. as Samhain bends before me, change curls like a river, moving...

heavier now

heavier now the green, has accepted its fold into a yellowed end; tawny decay, aflame at the edges. unstoppable. night reels heavier now, smudging...


pisces the cold of February, lazy-lidded and chill to the lip kiss, causes me to lose myself, in a pretence of Scandinavia. i don’t know where i am...


lineal that which we do, has gone before; we do it raucous, yet tender, and at times, unsure. sometimes, sheer and unruffled; other times, terrified...

Trwyn Du

Trwyn Du everything ancient, is held here. the stirring of seaward stones within the bog-black skerry song of night, moon-fringed; then silvered...

we don't need an autopsy to know that we're drowning

we don’t need an autopsy to know that we’re drowning beyond sight our waste bulges brick tunnels jam in the darkness all that we have left behind and...
Gold cherry

with claws and beak

with claws and beak traffic spoons itself onto concrete before the mist has chance to warm up trains make leaning angles before animal snuffles...

reset barn

reset barn i need a reset barn a space of timber leaf and loam corded with shade and supple sorrowed solitude a waiting place more heart than home...

the last of the commoners

the last of the commoners the new forest let you in around 1650 let you begin birthing calf-life into the mossy dawn pannage pigs snouting the loam...


there has been a spider for days now

blue white blue

blue white blue there is a gentle hopeful place between the stars and night i used to gulp there propping up the milky way with timeless talk the...

a minute darker

a minute darker the year swings, branch hung and loose limbed becoming something; abandoning something tonight, the horizon rears and scalps the dark...

for Klavdiya Plotnikova

for Klavdiya Plotnikova your native tongue approached extinction yet ardent for the running juice of red berries when whispered over withered herbs...

i open my curtains at night, for the stars

i open my curtains at night, for the stars this searing saturation of summer light corrodes concentration conquers promise shrieks into every nerve...

what we talk about when we talk about fire

what we talk about when we talk about fire we made flame twelve-strong and true it pulled the night down tight, a blanket for all we made harmony in...
Gold cherry
Poem of the week

where emily walked

where emily walked the cholera cobbles clamour less, than then infants make stronger adult shapes, resilience fragile and untested words no longer...

the cosmic egg

the cosmic egg within the twilight tonight, between the eyelids of dusk and dawn, comes the equinox:


samhain deep, deeper down the soul spirals quiet, still sure folding to the earth this year is dark and done paused, renewal waits bright gilding the...

the view from above

the view from above such peace such slowness as the herd moves untroubled from the past of yesterday to the future of tomorrow the now of today is...

the birch catkins of beltane

the birch catkins of beltane soft keys of secrecy slip strung on the wind cavort for the rising sun as rinsed and rain danced they yearn for the...