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I have 283 stories published in 4 collections on the site.
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Open-mic poet, writer and eternal optimist.

Book two of The Keepers of the Song series, The Sisterkin, now available: www.haveyougotthekindness.com

Debut publication painting for lemonade now available: www.cerasuspoetry.com 

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me six, you still seven

as the country shivered through another winter, not quite discontent – but undoubtedly bitter
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this weather station

this weather station positioned at a distance remote and true, this structure stands still recording changes in the air; the observed passing of time...

missing: presumed poet

toothed toast edges remain, cooled coffee has assembled serene pools in the sink each reflects a ceiling
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Poem of the week

don't die (inside)

don’t die (inside) don’t – be fooled into drinking that flat white

rose quartz snake oil

they arrive as a rainbow of vulnerability trembling tumbles from taxis