A love of Lions (Part Two)

The Lioness and the Lion. Dusk came around and they sat up camp near a cluster of Umbrella trees. Sam, Beth and two native hired hands, talked by the...

A love of Lions (Part One)

The thoughts of life. Beth Kainen sat in a Red Bird Cafe booth across from her office building and saw him through the reflection of her face on the...

Downshire Diary – (41) Laundry Day (Part 02)

The reason he walked into the room she was in wearing only a towel was because Charlotte was sleeping in the spare room which also housed the laundry basket and the reason he entered without knocking was that he didn’t know Charlotte was there.

Downshire Diary – (41) Laundry Day (Part 01)

It was a perfect early spring morning in the village and the breeze stirred the tree tops and the birds sang to the sun. And the birds weren’t the only early risers, Charlotte Kay was lying in bed, warm and cosy beneath the duvet, as the birds twittered in the trees and the early morning light tried to penetrate into her bed room.

Yvonne Makin’s House of Fun – (20) Tease Me Please Me (Part 08)

Rob leapt up from his prone position in chase but she had a head start on him. However as she went through the door to the stairwell she lost traction on the tiled floor in her stockinged feet, which gave him sufficient time to close the distance. Helen was giggling as she began to scramble up the stairs crab like and she squealed as he grabbed her left leg by the knee and halted her progress.

Life and Times of a Priestess: Ch.8: Winter In The Occupied City (Part 3: Winter Festival )

The Prancirian soldiers leave the Priestesses alone during their festival and the male prisoners will be allowed to return to their city. More about the politics between the Vanmarian nations as they attempt to carve up the Empire of the Goddess.

Tales from the Finchbottom Vale – (41) You can take it with you (Part 12)

Harry and Nerissa were both up and about early the next morning all though in truth they hadn’t really gone to bed. However both of them had made independent decisions on their futures. The quandary was, had they both made the same one.

Yvonne Makin’s House of Fun – (20) Tease Me Please Me (Part 07)

“Hi babe” he said with surprise “Did you miss me?” she said as she stepped towards him and he stood up to meet her and they kissed, her coat was damp, so he took it off her shoulders as she slipped her woolly-socked feet out of her Ugg boots. “Of course I did” he replied, “I missed you so much”

Tales from the Finchbottom Vale – (41) You can take it with you (Part 11)

Harry and Nerissa sat in silence on the terrace of the Medusa Taverna after the startling revelation that they were each other’s “perfect other half” and as they sat in silence a confused turmoil raged inside them and thoughts raced in and out of focus.


A simple Mod teen romance. Image Wikipedia creative commons.