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Born from the ocean, out of foam she rose: the loveliest face, her hair orange and lime, as fragrant as the sea winds that expose endless perfection...

Last Morning

You did not know the beginning. Sleep drunk you staggered. I tugged at your crumpled pyjamas, shoved you to come and look. I dragged you barefoot...

UNRAVELLING (for all those who are thinking to start a new life)

Thinking about unravelling my old life is the hardest. All those broken knots and promises thread-bare! Row after row must go, heartbroken oh so...

Infernal Combustion

They told me that my daughter kept a young lover in the loft, gagged and bound willingly, on a bare mattress, waiting in the nude, on stand by for...

Novice to Death

The churchyard hems the novice in. The earth is cool, the grave is deep. Is she asleep or listening? The wooden casket feels her pain now quiet but...


7 of my comments have received 7 Great Feedback votes

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thank you for this truly

Posted on Wed, 30 Sep 2020

thank you for this truly outstanding poem, with its many different piuctures to illuminate thought, I very  much enjoyed it

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Absolutrly loved your poem,

Posted on Fri, 14 Aug 2020

Absolutrly loved your poem, intriguing powerful language, that leads to many layers of a mysterious night hunter

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Posted in The Departure of Nightjars

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a ray of hope for our

Posted on Tue, 21 Jul 2020

a ray of hope for our deprived earth, dandelions, lions in the plantlife, full of vigour, perseverance and with "lion's teeth", therefore the name, a reference to the tooth-like serrations on their leaves...they will still be there after we are...

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Posted in remembering dandelions (again)

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The story becomes touchingly

Posted on Thu, 04 Apr 2019

The story becomes touchingly alive in your poem. I lived with you, her, through the various stages and felt deep emotion reading about pain, sorrow and lastly forgiveness and coming to terms with life.

love to you from Yutka

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Posted in The mask melting at 98

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As I love Paris I enjoyed every bit of your brilliantly told sto

Posted on Wed, 20 Feb 2019

As I love Paris I enjoyed every bit of your brilliantly told story, you brought Paris alive in detailed and vivid descriptions and enticed with the emotional dimensions of a relationship. I especially loved the  ending which pointed towards life’...

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Posted in La Femme d'argent

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Thank you, you just got what

Posted on Mon, 12 Nov 2018

Thank you, you just got what I meant....not many will do...I just bought vol 2 of her letters published this year, 1025 pages...and read them all.

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Posted in Weeping Willow

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It is an art

Posted on Sat, 08 Aug 2015

It is an art to make rubbish look exquisite and beautiful! You certainly have mastered it.

yutka :)

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