Yutka's poems

I went away

Hi nasty sweetheart, not a day without a prayer for your death. I guess that you, by now, have a great time, when I, locked in my flat, can only watch tv. Dumped is the word, I smell. For a whole week


I’m just a little singer


With a final drive words open and split when they sap the long winding path to the heart. She'd purge her sins and fix them in daisy chains, whereas his wild roses would fade aspiring


You and me, we both are born tight-rope walkers balancing the act of living precariously. We are trained to look upwards towards the blue sky and the airiness of being. One glance downwards could annihilate and


For he knew soon the waiting was over.

A Hospital Story

She took a large sheet of white paper and on this she made the world a hospital with rows of beds and corridors and she painted two nurses running between the patients and a doctor in a floppy white coat

A son is home for Christmas

He came down for Christmas eagerly awaited by both, dumb to each other for years but resounding for him, their very own City boy. They swaddled him in praise, stroked his ego, him, love-soaked, befuddled,

A Wishing Well

I dreamt of you as a wishing well that dried, not one with an old bucket and a crumbling wall, more like that fountain that you find in Rome but saw it empty, derelict, exposed,

A year flown out

Do you not sense the autumn wind that falls across your grave in sighs, bereft of breath, to mourn a second time your death? Will winter's freeze break up my frozen heart to smithereens with its sharp biting chill?

After he has given me grief

After he has given me grief that ran rampant, ran a rage I need mending, borrowing something something muted, something to settle blame on. I'll go to the lake, listen to the strong wind,

After Mandela

“After his death” he says, “the prophecy will come true, Slaughter of all whites within seven weeks.”

Against the low-hung skies

Dust on the surface - colourless the thought, no more for eyes ' sound which like deeper ears hears us who cannot rise, alone the inner voice out in the open, charcoal of despair, deep lines it scrawls

All the files

Give me all the files to your heart so I can use my spy ware skill's, scan your system with the tools of my intuition to get all the tell-tale signs after items processed, the results of infections found.

All things are spirit

Wind connects to Spirit, to the Universe all that is love, whole, for as the wind blows and no one knows where it came from or where it goes, so is Spirit, force of the Universe

And so we lived

And so we lived and took in signs and grew. And so we died, before we even knew. The little time we had, we hardly tasted. The years that came and went were mostly wasted.

And when apart

an old fashioned love song

Are you as light as the dead now?

All time is a dimension

As the transient wind

As the transient wind, as the escaping smoke, when many stay content I must rise into other fateful destinies, spill myself out when the ghost of the transitory goes right through us anxious receivers,

At last

At last I knew what the oak tree knows. My blood ran slower, my hair fell lankier and as the flowers in my basket withered, happiness spilled out, fell from my eyes like acorns. My hunger ebbed away, my throat tightened,

Athena, Goddess

Athena , goddess, spread your mind and throw your wisdom over me! Look at me with your painted eyes and bless my soul eternally! I run from Momus,...

Autumn Song

Ah, those emerald ephemeral days, they pass with seasons! The early autumn months where greens have reason to convert to gold. A trace of blood imbues the speckled scene with thought like dabbled shades of sadness,

Behind Bars

He sent shudders out around them. His face was wrinkled and thin. His nose had a pink and white stripe, and his arms hit the bars with a swipe to reach out of the gaps with his hands, that were hairy and long, and he showed

Being nude was rude

A little crumb here and there he picked up wherever he found hope. He swore to cope, not getting under heaps of rotting luck, or being sucked into...


The clasp of winter turns you cold, now tucks you under sheets of ice. The King of Freeze, glassy and old, now holds you captive to his vice. He ripped the colours you once wore, the pink of heaven, applegold.

Check mating

what lay in waiting. Love, they understood

Cloud chase

I am plunged , head on, into the void until only a wisp of the moon remains. Wrapped up to the chin in my duvet, I fly except for one eye that I left in a flurry. I lift the other one towards the black. My ears


He stands a shaggy patchwork quilt on short feathery legs, his voice hoarse and cocky. At dawn my cockerel recites his poems brings up his feather-brained genius, and asserts noisily his importance


If your phone was somebody's life line and you'd be walking and slip in a puddle... If your phone fell out of your pocket into the water, if it became wet and out of use and you had

Countless clues

(The way I write my poems)


Look out road signs hide deeper meanings the white shark like a flash shows milky teeth then silence glass in your hair on your breasts in your shoes

Crow Land

Crow Land Cool air at dawn makes sound travel further, from the dawn chorus to a blackbird’s call, when the crows fly in, growing ink splotches blotting out the patchy rice paper sky.


Death, Creeping ivy spreading across crumbling stone walls over faint engraved script, beneath blackbirds picking in the chill of landscape, the bell ringing snowdrops,

Death in slow voices

1 New moon, face-down, drowning or crescent: an arthritic knotted finger, furiously wagging or full: a scream for the sun's remote fire , Munch's envy in limbo. 2 in the dead of the night I wake in a nightmare

Death in the Afternoon

Death in the Afternoon - 15 ml Pernod - Fill glass(es) Champagne - 1 cube(s) Sugar Place sugar cube in glass, add Pernod, crushed ice, a slice of lemon High-spirited, each time we come

Death of a Doll

He carries the china doll into the bottom of the garden, his way rightly-guided, digs out a shallow grave as it has been decided. He swaddles her in emotions makes her blue eyes open,

Death of a father

...he thought there still was plenty of time....

Death of a gardener

He beat death often, once he flew across the Southern Sea, he ditched his plane came up unhurt, not even scars, but in suspense if he’d survive the war, or if death catches him unripe,

Death Wish

(to the Great Unraveller)

Light on adultery

We are not falling in love, for love is an addition to light that falls out of the shadows, the way a song is descending with high and low tunes or water colours seeping into a moist paper landscape

You have only a few weeks to live

.....You expect an explanation. A flashback: a looming separation....

I'll float upon the blue

And carefree fish lead me to muted ways

Once when I’m dead

I’d like to be a lamp


Mornings he is full of beans, eats egg and porridge for breakfast, sings a song, brushes off her jealousy, fools around with the cat, so that the postman who calls,

Song of the frog princess

...where I kiss you as frog and you call me a tease


I sometimes will ask the night to shut out the world or prevent the arrival of dawn, as I don’t want morning to come, for nothing decides it, not the moon, not the sun.

The love nest

Joy came to him far from memories, where sea gulls, lost in flight, crossed the dusk between wind and rain, the rocks and the sand and the loneliness of the cliffs.

Weather pattern

..their temperature rises and they easily become locked in a repeating pattern..

Hopi Prophecies or when the blue star Kachina dances in the plaza

Fight mind against matter, when Saquasohuh The Blue Star Kachina dances in the plaza and removes his mask! The children were laughing, when the great flood receded.


you will be separated from the magnolia tree and the song birds from your house and the hands that make it inhabitable from the stubborn habits open the eyes and close them

Pensioned off (revised)

In the morning I put on my coat I snap out of my habit of yoghurt and fruit and take to the sea in my boat, have sushi for breakfast and catch my sardines in a net,

Yellow bird language

I want to be understood, teach them my signs and learn their language

DriveTech UK

Queuing at the barracks to have our driving skills checked, we make a group of miserable looking people dressed in khakis, browns and blacks, some of the elder women with jewellery

From the Ashes

from ashes rose the bird

The lovers

This is not what they mean when they say "die for love", or "burnt by fire," more stem a rising flood that reaches high up to the chin, but does not let one die or drown desire.

I have led him

I have led him when the day was at its blackest, with clouds tight fisted, no sun to speak of, and took him to the place, where the light went out, holding him by his arm, all the way.

They cannot make it alone

"Love ya lots babe, ur da best"

Prince of the Skies

Horst Rippert, a German fighter ace just learned that one of his 28 wartime kills was his favourite author

Unopened letters

Some mornings come in hazy light; sun rays that flutter between the curtains and the dusty oak beams, run along the ceiling digging my eyes of blue sleepiness

There are escape roads

and show you where to run from the water

Unread roses

...and I nurse my bruises, violet moons.

Dog whisperer

sometimes you’re stared at on end, your guests don’t move, don’t bark

Wild sheep chase

The world has shrunk in me and around.


My body moved on screen, his lay in stillness in his maternal room in needless wait, my almost child, near as he was in utero , a flotsam that will go to waste with hopes and dreams,


Keen-sensed and agile sun-worshiper of the rocky deserts, patient dweller of glittering sands whizzing across stone. For green in luscious shades

Pablo Neruda

...together with the Medusa, figurehead of a whaling ship baring her breasts in a long lasting message...

I hunt silence

I found this place by drawing a house, two windows with a front door between them and moved in.

The Preacher

Words come easily to his smiling lips. His handsome face is so very attractive with the blue flash in his eyes. But when he knelt, said he was filled with the Holy Ghost,

Out beyond its depth

Next to the railway line, this house, resentful of being looked at, painfully holds itself up straight, ashamed of its gawky gables and blind windows, embarrassed

Loneliness is a language

What could I do or say? Would pain smooth out under my perfect words? Would it even listen? Winds soothe and refresh. Green shades in the land please the eye, and sitting by the water


Unresolved lie the things of the heart, locked rooms, where keys have been lost, or windows closed to the air of spring or books left out in a foreign tongue.

Guardian angels

Guardians of the tree of life or winged goddesses of Egypt, from Sumeria to Babylon and beyond you are known moving between heaven and earth, fusers of dimensions, who instruct,

Deep within

You squat when you're squatting in an empty house, to check its electrics, for that's how it shows what it's worth, and trace the currents that flow through its wires, to proof

Rik Clay, killed

Your voice touched us, Rik Clay. You opened the doors to deeper understanding. Your thoughts overlapped and crystallized reality. As with loud speakers you reached far out into consciousness.

Inner Praxis

free are those who grow in the perception of self

The Last Meal

They came together, anxious and unsure of Him, who stood in darkness and decided to go and leave them, in his aim to cure his fear of death. For death he had provided.

pink rose glasses

she gathers dreams from her deep mind

For all those years

In search for her I walked right through her ghost feeling the cold around the kitchen table, where for all those years she read the bible, talked at length


but you say you trust yourself with what's rubbish....

The Other Land

he searches for words to tell me....

The blue and long lost

teenager years that pined for love and lust

Die Langsamkeit des Sterbens or the death of the poet Rainer Maria Rilke

Rainer Maria Rilke, one of the most famous 20th century poets in the world died in 1926 after a long illness.His poems are translated in more than 100 languages...

Lost Relations

patterns of life transmute...


You search a world that is nowhere but deep within, constantly flowing.. With time disappears the exterior. Where once had been places and houses, now have risen clear visions of thought


The house in Jericho, where all the white roses embraced around the window panes, while from the inside wafts of baking stirred and laughter rose and fell into the night.

You closed the door (A Villanelle)

I closed the door and all the lights went dead I opened it again and saw the sun (I think by then you ran within my head) The wind collected all my dreams in red

Her eyes

Not for crying, her eyes wide open in anger for maximum effect hazel in its depth and green melting into gold. I wonder, why, at this time I cannot see her beauty

The Tom cat

I love how he lives life to the full, his solitary high on a wall, his coercion of balancing on his hind legs to reach even further, the way he is strutting as only he can strut-

Rescue team

Planned for days, they turned up in their kit, with only a few hours sleep, their dogs pulling on leads, their tools ready and eyeing the rubble as far as they could see, a world in ruins.


It is the year twenty-eleven. Some are still alive but nature put the candle out in the land of the Rising Sun. My thoughts go to Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima and Ibaraki,
Poem of the week

Letter from Sendai

(after a letter a young English woman wrote from Sendai) Things here in Sendai are surreal. My shack is worthy of its name we all share water, food, kerosene. We sleep lined up in one room,

The Monster

As if a monster unbolted a secret door and ripped the earth into shreds just under the ocean he has opened an abyss along the seabed, a bleeding wound of seeping muck, vaporizing

Fukushima power

Air-borne and invisible, sky-choker, cloud-blaster, his mood unpredictable, his longevity tried and judged, he has no measure of application, but black powers feeding off his core.

Observations of an old lady

For many years I got used to old age by watching her when walking to the shops, past my front window like a great big bag of ripe bananas in her yellow frock:

Show me

Walking with you and him in the enchanted garden, the wind blew your hair through our guessing silence and the sunflowers turned their faces skywards as if to ask for forgiveness.


yes, we have learned about pain


Where to find the soft cushions of solace? Not in the wintry days that started so confidently with untimely buds forming and now the spring frozen worlds. I wanted butterflies

Lost source

I am not dead. I fell asleep. I walked through shadows and valleys. I reached the sea and swam along strange creatures in undersea alleys, until a breeze blew me ashore

Dreams will say nothing

Dreams will say nothing and I tell you so. Dreams are far stars and nothing more. If they could tell a meaning, you would know. If we should cry when love rips out a core,

Encounter with my dead father

I am holding my father’s hand so white And in silence we walk up the whispering track. Dark figures with helmets lie on the side. Blue shapes of...
Gold cherry

when love and wisdom met

The night wakes me, hands me her moonlight. I dress in dreams, follow her call through the dark And crouch down by the horizon. Her amber eyes are...

I still feel you

I still feel you in the summer meadows we walked, and in thoughts that shape prayers without words. I watched you staggering, panting, exulting. You...

Water slows the troubled heart

Water slows the troubled heart Hidden the midnight moon Lost in a veil of darkness Travelling through the cities of time In silence and blue that...

Old age and crocodiles

Mornings spent lazily lying below a mist of speckled sun. Its rays are reaching from between the curtains up to the dusty beams , let glorious...

World of words

I It was at dawn, one day in May; dark birds in the low light crossed wing-beating in the breath of a new day. You counted the precious moments, when...

In between

In Between I stand within time zones the one with its technical data and metallic intelligence, its movements like silent clatter in isolation,...

Find me the feelings

Find me the feelings and nothing less, for emotions give the mind what it needs and cannot be without. This honey melting in my soul is all it wants...

Dead young soldiers

Lonely, under darkest earth, in the softest weaving night are the long lost boys still dreaming of a God who did not hear them, of dead eyes in...

Upside down world

Where justice walks sedated and the cries of the children are no longer heard. Where the air has lost its purity and we breathe in and out Gamma rays...

“As a watch in the night” (Psalm90,4-6)

As if a trespasser arrived at a room without sound, with no moaning, but its absence, the vague feeling of someone sleeping, or people suddenly stop...


sky-born we looked at the world, you and I, at the same time each glance was a renewal, but now, after time passed, we fell into a loss of dream, you...

Song from the ashes

Sand-shift of hours, persistently dissolving, the little gems, granite-reality, the immovable block, where times turn like weather vanes. Life blows...

Cot Death

I have lived it over and over again, the same moment, the same slightly, indifferently flickering sunrays over the curtains, dancing up to the...

Weeping Willow

(in memory of Sylvia Plath) I know my branches, I feel with my trunk deep down into the warm moisture known since birth. It is the wind playing,...


I play your anger back to me at night, those words you said, with or without intent. For passion meets in love and hate, not white but grey in shades...

Scatter the ashes

I am unstoppable, in a burst of light I am forced out to be put in place. The wind speaks its language, old idioms never to touch, but their contours...
Gold cherry

Ode to a sexy pancake

Cinnamon-faced you swim In organic butter. Your batter stiffened with a little milk, finally leads to a creamy consistency. O you yellow beauty with...

I understand sadness

Years pass as solidly as stones on an ancient path. I understand sadness, it is the sky we live under… Cancer cells multiplying in the darkness of...

Zombies for Christmas

My grandson paints zombies for Christmas. When I ask him why He says zombies are cool. Zombies aren’t dead but they should be. They attack even...

the way I leave

The way I leave I’ll do it secretly without a tear that binds me to the flesh, without a scream, that binds me to the mind but like the ghosts, that...

When I searched for it

When I searched for it If I used the forbidden eye to bring back the old wooden bridge over the slow streaming brook, the gnarled carvings of names...


Everything is vulnerable at nightfall. All rooms in the empty house are blurred by the penetrating darkness. Inside the bedroom the bed Is still...

Thought only



I see you softly gliding down, drained words escape your mouth, rising mother-of-pearl bubbles, I watch as behind glass, noting how they are...

just you and me

I live in uncertain times got stuck in a hazy light and hold my breath to prevent myself from reaching for the invisible books no one knows anymore...


See-through wings, past waving grasses seeking out red lips - Paper-folded rose surpasses those narcotic trips… Orchard-legged, heavy-handed I...

Joy of missing out

I don’t need to go out doing things, as the pace of it puts demands on me I will not meet. I do not read the book everyone talks about. I do not...

Rain-drenched girl

Rain-drenched girl I have always loved the rain when your curly hair is sparkling, halo-like, studded with jewels in a grey, mysterious world. Moist...

Last erotic encounter

True to yourself you must be careful and admit it, fully aware of your own insignificance. You must suppress, without a wagging finger, that...


In the coldest winter for years heaps of snow in hours, white glittering crowns crouch over trees, fence posts. A diamante headgear decorates the...

He was always there

He was always there His friendship could not be bought, as little as you can buy fresh air. He survived everything like a tree over the years He...

Since his death

since his death silence is deafening screams at me do I have to live in the void? breathe in a vacuum? all corners bump me windows darken walking is...


G reen waters lapping in eternal sound engulfed a bay of moonlit tranquil shore. A soft warm wind scattered the scudding clouds, turned playfully and...

Moon child

I was living in deep darkness during my teenage years, with my soul in chaos in a newly formed ocean of mud, the light hidden behind clouds. I had...
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Song of the Water Spirit

Not the raging sea or a turbid heart- I give you a shimmering river where reeds ooze bells of rain, their crystals promise light, heal your hands...

Picnic at the White Horse

Cut into the smooth hillside turf a big-eyed beast stretches across, elongated and abstract, a modern design, fertility symbol, or a sacred icon? We...
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The Sheep Farmer

Where the cocked-tailed wren is darting across the sally tree in the breeze, where winter colours come suddenly in slanted light he falls in love...


Who are you, inconceivable delight? How do you find me unexpectedly and strike my inner core intensively revolving in a world that has lost sight?...
Gold cherry


After dinner we sip Baileys’, you tell me the latest news about the Corona Virus infection worldwide and our lost paradise planet earth, each new...


In Milano water gushes from the wedding-cake fountain by the gate of Castello Sforzesco minarets sparkle in the sunshine he ambushed me there in my...


You judged me quickly as I stood, my shoulders bent, my head held low, my face entrenched in dappled shade. You looked at me with angry eyes as I...


They’ve taken my lungs down to the lab left the rest of me in an isolation bed even the fear I’m bleeding left stains in my head what drugs will they...


She sat with others drinking cups of tea. It felt at first, as if she held her beaker a little differently, a little weaker. And once she smiled, but...

Greek music fires the heart

A dance with shadows twists and turns, rises and falls and is always acting in unison. It moves in ancient rhythms firing the heart and opens and...

Death came to Madrid "De Madrid al cielo, y, en el cielo, una ventanilla para ver Madrid”

Today, a scent of spring, a pulse of blossoms, as if the sun and blue skies gathered head to gain and flood a dropped crime rate, silence- A burst of...

Thicker than water

Moving house, packing things from the loft I find a picture, wood-framed, snug beneath the dust of years. Under the light and polished glass pencil-...
Gold cherry


Uptown, shortly after the last turnoff, in fields of uncut grasses, dry and torn, a group of teasels next to the Cycle Park. It is late autumn. No...
Gold cherry

Flesh in the juices of autumn

Forgive the apples for sweetness when you wait for fire but I come as the wind. We both take to forbidden fruit, quarter our kisses, we share the...


This is the night the moths wake up and flutter stunned around the porch light trembling with silence only there is no silence, only a grasping of...


Listen to the wind when it chases through cities and open land with unheard messages wander unhindered, let your hair flutter like the migrating...
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In the moonlight

When I gazed at the stars seeking answers in their radiance moonlight poured out over your face your sad eyes your trembling lips Compassion springs...

Water Burial

The morning after, a dark night had passed along with lack of sleep and worry. The ocean called; it’s long scream broke the dawn. Along the shore the...


in your absence I welcome the pale thoughts of your body lying on the dewy grass grasping the pleasure of earth with both hands you smeared the...

Little Prince of the Skies

(Horst Rippert, a German fighter, had just learned that one of his 28 kills in wartime was his favourite author.) Strange how he arrived at the truth...
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in your absence I welcome pale thoughts of your body lying on dewy grass grasping the pleasure of earth with both hands you smeared the sweetness of...

In search of Paradise

Below the stars, all was created in night-black dampness, out of rains fermented in the chalice of volcanoes where fires sprang up, unabated. Light-...

The Beast of A I

Its living statue stands high above the waves in the beautiful light of curved matter it equips the bare skin of the planets with its own substance...


Land went asleep, her hills and valleys lit by early twilight moon. Her misty breath rose with owl’s call into the shape of clouds that raised Sky’s...
Gold cherry

another kind of melody

I spend the night with the silence, cool my fevered thoughts about my life. Smoothing the pain, recalling joy I listen to the inward hesitation of...

Novice to Death

The churchyard hems the novice in. The earth is cool, the grave is deep. Is she asleep or listening? The wooden casket feels her pain now quiet but...

Infernal Combustion

They told me that my daughter kept a young lover in the loft, gagged and bound willingly, on a bare mattress, waiting in the nude, on stand by for...

UNRAVELLING (for all those who are thinking to start a new life)

Thinking about unravelling my old life is the hardest. All those broken knots and promises thread-bare! Row after row must go, heartbroken oh so...

Last Morning

You did not know the beginning. Sleep drunk you staggered. I tugged at your crumpled pyjamas, shoved you to come and look. I dragged you barefoot...


Born from the ocean, out of foam she rose: the loveliest face, her hair orange and lime, as fragrant as the sea winds that expose endless perfection...


I know about drowning. Not the emotional lyrical death some poets glorify, but of acrid salt water like memories, and cold as marble coffins, where...

I was young then

I was young then, unloaded, eager to face the world. He was much older, eroded, a bit wrinkly on his forehead... But oh, so wise! A wizard in...

gar bled

She wastes ex pense, he is reluctant taking a gamble in lust, she lusts the action he is fastidious with finger and thumb he’s eager and perjured,...

Babylon quotes

Summer is a cruel season, clashing between order and chaos, threatening our world across dimensions, with battling sectarian storms and hurricane...

Reading on a rainy evening

The hours went. Since I was sitting still, I listened to the rain’s uneven sounds, as if it answered to the wind’s remark. My book was dark. It’s...

Do not shed tears

(Villanelle) Do not shed tears when dreams have not come true. And don’t regret those moments that are lost. Regret stops heart from knowing what to...


Samuele is a composer from Milano, whose bells and cymbals carry delights from the Orient. A saxophone’s malleable core sound flows into Alph the...

We stand at a loss

Loosened in winds, how returns are always in vain ... Something rescinds, as if by a leaving train we stand at a loss. Nothing leads back across our...


“No one is more a slave than he who thinks himself free of being one”J.W.von Goethe Count us over and over, cut us into so many shapes at any time,...

the seagull

It was only part white; the seagull that swooped down on us nearly brushing us with its wings, but in my head I saw this ghost of a bird, shadowless...


Another year a ring grown by a tree who silently without forboding circles with earth creatures too do not feel circling circled by years strong-...

Yellow dull winter days

They have come fast, yellow dull winter days, short on the tablecloths of snow, stain suddenly the copper-coloured earth. Few rusty shingle roofs...

Halloween Dance

Halloween dance (inspired by Oscar Wilde’s poem The Harlot’s house) In the moonlit street Halloween's embrace, Dancing footsteps set the pace. From a...