Yutka's stories

My Grandmother

Our life passes in transformation (R.M.Rilke 1875-1926)

Big Daddy

But the little dog does not give up. His terrier instinct gets the better of him.

Bridge with God

My mother takes gambles with angels. If her Patience is solved, she knows she will be protected and safely climb the high step to her terrace to get some fresh air.

The Story Eliza told Otto on their wedding night.

You asked me to tell you how love came into being. Here it is, the little story. For a long time I have thought about it on long winter nights, how everything started and how everything unfolded.

Words like stones and no need for songs

Speaking to Ata’halne was like throwing stones into a boggy old water hole. Without resonance they were gulped down and gobbled up by the stale water...


Rescue Under a moon swollen with light and floating out of orbit, the rampant unicorn continued chasing the man, trying to devour him. In his escape...

The Third One

I admit, a third person is probably unnecessary to any evolving story, sometimes he is also a hindrance. Back then, he climbed into the train...

House sitting

House sitting I cannot be bothered to spend a long time packing. Just throwing a few things in, my Victoria Secret underwear, the black sequined bra...