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I have 262 stories published in 2 collections on the site.
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Rescue Under a moon swollen with light and floating out of orbit, the rampant unicorn continued chasing the man, trying to devour him. In his escape...

the way I leave

The way I leave I’ll do it secretly without a tear that binds me to the flesh, without a scream, that binds me to the mind but like the ghosts, that...

Zombies for Christmas

My grandson paints zombies for Christmas. When I ask him why He says zombies are cool. Zombies aren’t dead but they should be. They attack even...

I understand sadness

Years pass as solidly as stones on an ancient path. I understand sadness, it is the sky we live under… Cancer cells multiplying in the darkness of...
Gold cherry

Ode to a sexy pancake

Cinnamon-faced you swim In organic butter. Your batter stiffened with a little milk, finally leads to a creamy consistency. O you yellow beauty with...