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My stories

Words like stones and no need for songs

Speaking to Ata’halne was like throwing stones into a boggy old water hole. Without resonance they were gulped down and gobbled up by the stale water...

Dreams will say nothing

Dreams will say nothing and I tell you so. Dreams are far stars and nothing more. If they could tell a meaning, you would know. If we should cry when love rips out a core,

Lost source

I am not dead. I fell asleep. I walked through shadows and valleys. I reached the sea and swam along strange creatures in undersea alleys, until a breeze blew me ashore

All things are spirit

Wind connects to Spirit, to the Universe all that is love, whole, for as the wind blows and no one knows where it came from or where it goes, so is Spirit, force of the Universe

The Story Eliza told Otto on their wedding night.

You asked me to tell you how love came into being. Here it is, the little story. For a long time I have thought about it on long winter nights, how everything started and how everything unfolded.