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I have 259 stories published in 2 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 208728 times and 61 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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Scharlie Meeuws


My stories

Old age and crocodiles

Mornings spent lazily lying below a mist of speckled sun. Its rays are reaching from between the curtains up to the dusty beams , let glorious...

Water slows the troubled heart

Water slows the troubled heart Hidden the midnight moon Lost in a veil of darkness Travelling through the cities of time In silence and blue that...

I still feel you

I still feel you in the summer meadows we walked, and in thoughts that shape prayers without words. I watched you staggering, panting, exulting. You...
Gold cherry

when love and wisdom met

The night wakes me, hands me her moonlight. I dress in dreams, follow her call through the dark And crouch down by the horizon. Her amber eyes are...

Encounter with my dead father

I am holding my father’s hand so white And in silence we walk up the whispering track. Dark figures with helmets lie on the side. Blue shapes of...