Someone Died Today

I have a dark side and this is a part of my coping with the selfish thoughts that surrounded me that day.

The art of keeping going

Thursday 14 June 2018. Could be worse (14 June 1918, Northern France).

Carousel of Chaos

Around and around they go, Large and small suitcases, backpacks, pull-alongs, four-wheel drives. And other less common pieces of kit, A musical...

Duneden Days

Duneden Days - By Paul McCann I can hear the sound of the laughter , like distant echoes here long after , those childhood days were a wonderland...

A letter to my Mother

The grass in our garden is almost one foot high. When I lie in it and look upwards I feel like a small creature in a vast forest; and I feel safe –...

Glow of Light on a Half-Filled Glass

Paborama speaks to a local boy who writes extensively for stage, screen and radio.... Do you recall that ‘wee bit of wind’ we had back at the end of...

The Agreement

I woke up early today. I don’t get up early when on vacation. But this is no ordinary Vacation. I’m not even supposed to be here. None of my family...

Rome the first time.

It was through eyes heavy with fever that I first saw Rome. It was winter, a particularly hard winter, and the overnight train down from Geneva had...

A Very Risky Venture with a Best Friend

A few years ago my wife bought me a taster course at the British Racing School based at Newmarket. I still believe that this was a highly veiled...

Childhood Easters

A very short piece on childhood Easters for this Easter Sunday morning When I was very young I found the concept of Easter very difficult to...