Welcome To Gnarled Town

To The Noble Mind

The dream is dead. The King of Rome shall not live. I shall never hear the media crunch of the first step upon Mars. I shall never taste the caviar...

10 Obscure Lives

the often lush but still blossoming student of life who, sprawled on the grass by a rushing creek in a serene forest park, would drift away into Buddha, Confucius, or Durant

A Deed Without A Name

When a youthful dagger falls upon wizened Duncan, When a Portland beggar licks clam chowder from the asphalt, When the primeval iguana lashes out his tongue and seizes a sun-dazed butterfly, When a thoughtless parrot fish, with a beautiful maroon beak, hacks a coral meal from the reef, When blood has liquor and liquor has blood and teeth, When the Castillian architect dreams in pressure and support beams, When Trader Dick slashes prices on tuna, When the million-dollar putt falls prey to a gnat, Tell me, friend, what do you call that?

A Shoe Story

I've worn brand new yellow shoes as my Polish great grandmother pulled me along, Velcro sandals on far off sands, vomit splattered Airwalks in...

A Tiny Poem

This poem means very little. The market is looking bullish. The troops are winning in Iraq but many lack spiritual fulfillment.

A Tree Grows In Hades

There's a sea of super-suns for as far as the eye can see. The flesh of all humanity is a shrimp lying on a carrot in a bowl of stew in an infinite...

A Vision From Bull Rock

Seek and you shall find; knock and the door shall be opened to you; pray and tranquillity will be granted you.

Apocalypse Whenever

Above the ground, there's molten lava. Miles beneath, you'll find icy diamonds.


There's nothing quite like concrete: miracle of abstract chemistry, canvas of gasoline rainbows, foundation of the information economy, the cyanide...