Journal 2

Jan. 8, 06

There is something about an elephant's light brown eyes that is very uplifting. There is a nobility there that no chains can subdue, that no logging trucks can crush.


My life is pending.


This morning in my junk e-mail, I found a letter from a girl I wrote on, a site for people with unusual sexuality. She's a fellow SOU student...


What should I do?


Today was the day my half-and-half expired.


About two pm yesterday, I bought a 40 of Steel Reserve, potent malt beer. I drank it and then got my friend Pat to come over and take us out to a bar...


I'm posting mainly to tell you about some of my reflections on the recent Aussie Open tennis final. I've been a long-time and devoted Lleyton Hewitt...


I've been sober and drug-free for eleven days now. That excludes caffeine, which I've only kind of moderated. Today, I went to a coffeehouse to have...


I'm finally beat.


Thank God there's some place I can go to write. It ocurred to me just now, looking in the mirror, that I have spent most of my life victimized to the...


I'm the man who sold the world.


Tonight, I bought a large bottle of Heineken with one dollar given by my brother, forty cents from my mom, a pile of pennies mixed with half-burnt...


Last night, I drank seven beers, Blue Boar Ale, and cannot say I regret the decision. I'm in the process of moving out of my apartment, which is...


I am still in Baja, Mexico. I went snorkeling con mis padres. On my first trip out, I didn't see a whole lot. But the second time, I went farther out...


I have the flu but took a couple tabs of Nyquill so I may be able to get to sleep. I'm in a good mood because my half-brother, who receives a check...


I am watching the Ethan Hawke "Hamlet" and am finding it rather interesting. While I would not call it an excellent "Hamlet," it has some definite...


It's an interesting time for a journal entry. After three years in University in Ashland, I'm staying with my parents again in the rough town of...


Tommorow is the first day of the rest of my life and I have a chance to make this true.


I'm writing this in my last half-hour of work at NEW, a satellite TV tech support company that employs some 2,400 people in Klamath Falls, the small...


I got up this morning after a beautiful sleep. I had to choose between more sleep and looking over the cover of my book. I like to act quickly so I...


I'm in a weird space right now. I'm at this tech support job and I'm very frustrated. I have a job interview tommorow to be a newspaper reporter...


Mischeif's Last Summer


I feel weak lately. There's a mirror next to the dog mattress where I sleep. More and more these days, I contemplate my face. Genius doesn't show on...


Here are a few facts about my recent life. I graduated from college at the end of winter term with a degree in English. I owe the university a few...


First making it clear that I would never commit or commision any act of violence, I would like to register my bitter dislike for the following and...


I still have ten fingers, ten toes, and enough coordination to type this. I have a can of Coke in the freezer and I'm waiting for it to cool off. I'm considering going to teach kids English in South Korea. I don't even know what age kids I'd be teaching and I'm not sure I can picture myself actually carrying it out. But whatever I do now, it'll be hacking it. My mom's mid-twenties room-mate is in the kitchen making a vegetable smoothie; My mom and her have been on a five-day fast, all the while living hectic, modern lives. They've been taking all these pills, too. It seems to me that if one is going to fast, one should be in a situation where she can do only a moderate amount of work.

A Day In the Mind of Sean L Nelson

This started out as an ordinary journal entry and has turned in to the finest piece of writing that I have ever created, not that this says an incredible deal.

A Few Green Thoughts

Recent centuries have seen remarkable events occur on this third rock from the sun, events which superficially center around our species and which have left the Earth organism severely out of balance.

a letter to a friend

Note: As a teenager, I wrote a column for the city newspaper. Matt Hall, a reporter, managed my work and gave me guidance. We also played some fierce...

A Non-Poem

a poem- (to phrase it weakly, as my muse is, as I, sickly) may be a bohemian exudation, a war-like insinuation, a contemplated, learned elaboration, or one of a thousand other Orphic manifestations--

A Poem In a Bottle

an actual letter I just sent that shows my life from a different perspective(forget Chant.)

an Ode to "Terror"

Long have I fought against you, Lord Terror, but i am weary: your minions are everywhere As a small child they pinned me to hard chair and tortured me with facts and formulas as a youth, i heard your message from the church pulpit

an Ode to a Morning Lark

dedicated to my longtime, elder comrade Aaron Ashurst Seated here at this coffee-house booth. healthy confident couple next one over. a tiny girl with shiny strawberry hair. Such a wondrous manifestation of Gaiia's patient, vital forces of revival!!

an Ode to Dr. Ali

as long as Earth has people like him, the green glow of her continents shall never grow dim.

At Hermano's Mexican Dream Theater

At Herman's Dream Theatre (for madmen only,) they eat juicy garbage grinders or colorful Spanish lobsters, (depending on the light of the moon.) There's loud smacking, electrified fur, proud laughing,

Blowin' In the Wind

(dedicated to Bob Dylan) Possibilities POSSIBILITIES floating around me in the wind like so many maple leaves Possibilities, graceful possibilities profitable possibilities, ethical possibilities,

Chopping Wood

dedicated with love to my Dad Eric Nelson the Warmly dressed provider (cold azule sky above) taking a broad, relaxed stance (watched by adoring eyes of mutts) his hands solidly spread (before and after Augustus and Auschwitz)


Beautiful be Arlo Guthrie's "Alice's Restaurant!" (but death is in the wind for me) Beautiful be buffalo snorting and cavorting around ol faithful! (but death is in the wind for me) Beautiful be dainty white cups of Indonesian espresso!