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On American Medicine: A Case for Care

Today, we face a connundrum regarding American health care, particularly where it intersects with the world of government and politics. Many of us...

On Political Duality in Modern America

Before I write the meat of this essay, let me emphasize that I am just one imperfect citizen, not entirely inexperienced in political affairs, but...

the question of Euthanasia

IF I have to die, I'd let it be known that I would much prefer civilized Euthanasia to a street hit. In truth, I'm contemplating these matters after...

Russian Disclosure

I used to belong to a poetry society called 'The Woodland Poets Community' (just on-line... but we were a close group nonetheless.) Gradually our...

Why the Democratic Party has a Future to Believe In, Pt. 1

As a life-long independent Democrat from a family of politically involved Democrats going back a couple generations to Congressman Henry Leonard of...