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I have 1243 stories published in 10 collections on the site.
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Sean Lawlor Nelson


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Regarding North Korea

As the debacles of Vietnam and the 2nd Gulf War make clear to the thinking American, patriotic service can be rendered to the nation by influencing...

On American Medicine: A Case for Care

Today, we face a connundrum regarding American health care, particularly where it intersects with the world of government and politics. Many of us...

On Political Duality in Modern America

Before I write the meat of this essay, let me emphasize that I am just one imperfect citizen, not entirely inexperienced in political affairs, but...

the question of Euthanasia

IF I have to die, I'd let it be known that I would much prefer civilized Euthanasia to a street hit. In truth, I'm contemplating these matters after...

Russian Disclosure

I used to belong to a poetry society called 'The Woodland Poets Community' (just on-line... but we were a close group nonetheless.) Gradually our...