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I have 1258 stories published in 10 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 1010298 times and 108 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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Sean Lawlor Nelson

American; 40; divorced with 3 kids; I've lived in Sweden and Thailand; and have devoted 40 years to the literary endeavor. I've been a part of this literary community forever; and won many cherry awards from our eminent editors. Thanks to my fellow literati in this community.

My stories

On Dehumanization

Dehumanization is a process by which a target group or individual is first portrayed as being sub-human or animalian. At this stage they are not so...

On Medical Reform in the U.S.A. and elsewhere

At birth, at death, and at various times throughout our lives, we rely upon the medical field. The medical calling is ideally a noble one, as it...

American Scream

I believe in America's vast potential and in our noble founding vision and documents. But, today, we are still a troubled nation: Many of our...

Policy Prescription for the U.S.A. (Concise)

1.) Foreign policy) Reduce military spending currently at astronomical levels. Transfer military manpower to the Peace Corps and domestic...

Upon the North Korean Conundrum

When Bill Clinton had the opportunity to take military intervention against North Korea, when the nuclear bomb had just been developed and the...