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On Tax Revenue and the Government(American)

What I'm about to present is the perspective of a poor person hoping for aid from the government... which I feel as a citizen, and as the descendant...

Democracy's Renaissance and its Reaction

Michelle Obama and Prince Harry are two of my favorite people: both champions of actual democracy, multi-culturalism, and disability rights. We youth...

Abuse of Media Power and Its Dangers Today

The mainstream cable channels are pretty tough on Trump, as is The New York Times. Some times this is a positive balance of power, but when it comes...

An Appeal to America and Christendom

Greetings, I am writing today to implore your help, your justice, and your mercy... I am writing to the entire nation, not appealing to fear or guilt...

Help Me... Make Sense Out of This

Let's please take a review of both those things which are morally right and wrong, and also those that are advantageous to our economy and to our...